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Fortification and Breeding Speeds

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  • Fortification and Breeding Speeds

    I find myself in a similar position to when I was learning the game. It's very easy to build, and build and grow the base and get the base too big for the dragons I have.

    I did finally turn it around and now have dragons stronger than my base.

    But chasing Sapphire dragons is a long haul, it can take three breeding events to get one dragon.
    While it only takes ten minutes in a fortification event to go up five or more levels.

    So the question to the community is, once we get bigger, I'm closing in on 190, does having a base too big for dragons have any drastic results?
    Should I just go as big as possible on the base to help make wars more difficult, or should I still be trying to find an even ground where dragons are stronger?

    My question to PG, why are you continuing to make it easy to build big but not have dragons breeding at the same sort of pace that we can grow our bases?

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    Ratio of Fortification vs Breeding should be made equal. Slowing down either way is gonna effect the overall growth.

    As SilentOne posted, Chance of Breeding should be improvised.


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      Hauh is still used on max bases. Enough said.


      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        It depends. But a skilled flyer can fly hau and set up bases for back up to clean. I've seen hau setup a base full of 50s for morphos to clean
        So even if you max your base, someone can still take it

      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        Right so the issue then becomes more of a what happens if my base is too big for my own dragons.
        Every time the base grows the XP from currently Max XP bases has a chance of dropping. So if you can't get a stronger dragon for 3 breeding events then you don't really want to be growing your base too big for three fortification and therefore breeding events either.

        It's just too unbalanced, and as I say below, I'm in that sweet spot right now where I shouldn't do one thing because I can't do the other.

      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        Im on the same boat here. Still stuck at Sapphire (half way thru my first garnet - Frostbiter - already)... I'm still debating whether to sit out until my dragons catch up or try to level up (decrease the chance of raiding higher bases than me without getting hit back ).

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      Yea its a painful imbalance but u can usually attack nearly 100lvls higher then u are, but in war the few people with Emeralds have to carry haaaard. I really hope they do more to alleviate the breed brick wall, im fine not being in the top tier just want to feel progression. I think the two tiers lower should get reduced after each new one. So after they Release Obsidian Garnet and Sapphire should go down by at least 30%. This lets the whales go ham and gives others a chance to even trail behind instead of quitting from frustration of being left completely in the bin.


      • Chromat1
        Chromat1 commented
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        TheRedDelilah BUT I WANT CHEAPER, not more dragons! I don't care about breeder dragons just really need to tier up to higher power level to help my team. Is there any faster way then AnA path to Emerald? I am about to breed Hau but could change if there is a faster way. Will returning Jull backbreed effect this?
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      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        I'm saying it does get cheaper in the long run, as they add more backbreeds.

        A breeding path can be very strong or it can be very cheap. It cannot be both. I have strong paths, and I have cheap paths.

      • SuperSax
        SuperSax commented
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        Isn´t "getting cheaper" relative?

        If it goes from 2.9M to 2.8M Tokens it got cheaper in relative Terms --> it still includes the whole set of dragons
        In absolut Terms I don´t have over 2M Tokens... thats what Chromat means by cheaper I guess?

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      Well what tier dragons do you have? You should have emeralds before you upgrade from 186 shouldn't you?

      Once you have emeralds, a bigger base is always better. If you only have garnets, don't get even further behind by over leveling.

      Tip for new people: keep your finger off the upgrade tower button until your dragons are almost all base capped for your max den level. If you are upgrading before you cap more than half of your dragons or if you are running into problems with your divines being capped because you haven't bred enough tier dragons, you have over leveled and should slow way down.


      • MikeGoN2GetU
        MikeGoN2GetU commented
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        I disagree, you can never build too fast. eventually your dragons will catch up. just keep breeding and building.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Yeah everyone is entitled to their own play style. I prefer to be able to easily defeat bases quite a bit higher than myself so if i get into RSS farming war with someone i come out on top and they stop. If you over level without having the proper tier dragons your divines will be capped at a lower than optimal level and you won't have the fire power to take on the bases you need to in war.

        Again this is coming from a newly level 134 player, so i don't know how it shakes out in the future but i think once you hit 186 then level starts to become a bit less meaningful.

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      Emeralds before 186 isn't realistic at all, it would basically mean you're spending heavily or don't build at all for over a year.

      The issue I see is another one. If you are not going for Apo and aim for Hau it will easily take you over half a year till you gather sapphire eggs for builder hut. Non spenders might as well take a year.

      Frankly speaking, that is quite an issue... leading to many inflated level 200 plus bases. Needless to say same goes to garnet eggs... same issue


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        I don't believe I have breeding path issues and I'm not base capped on any dragons. My event dragons are capped until I reach garnet.

        I have Scorchill, Sekhem and Anapa, so I can get Iteru to go for Hauheset, I can get Gorgonus or Apophet. That's not the issue either.
        In fact I really only have one option. I have to go for Apophet so that I can get spare Sapphire eggs in order to raise the builders hut so that I can upgrade farms and mills next event.

        My Den has one level to go before it is maxed, my storage continues to be a work in progress, all other base buildings are waiting for PG to release an upgrade.
        So at this point I either don't score points during future fortification events or I get too big because I only have my towers to build.

        Meanwhile I pretty much have nothing which I need to feed and am only training some so that I have something to feed if/when PG brings out another of those horrible feeding events.

        I guess you could say I'm right in that spot at the moment where there is little point playing the game because I have very little reason to build, and only egg token missions as a reason for flying.


        • Azure
          Azure commented
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          I followed a proper breeding path myself that had Sekhem and then Scorchil as breeding steps. Anapa wasn't needed as I was aiming for Hau.

          Circling back to get Anapa would set me back for one month if I push, two if I relax. Furthermore it would mean to skip one key hunter to avoid months with little to build.

          All of this just because Apo is the only option to gather the sapphire eggs needed for decent max tower level progression.

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        There are two different components to the game...

        - Dragon Level: This will determine what level bases you can successfully attack.
        - Base Level: This determines what level players see and attack your base, this also determines which level bases you can successfully get resources from.

        For the most part these are separate and don't significantly impact the other. However, it is pretty important when it comes to farming resources. As you continue to level your base, you must successfully attack higher level bases than your own in order to get any significant amount of resources. So if you continue to level your base beyond your dragons, you will soon find yourself in a position where you are unable to farm resources because the bases required to get resources are too high for you.

        As someone who continued to level beyond my dragons, I would strongly suggest keeping your base where it is for a while and focusing on leveling up your dragons before moving beyond it. At this point you really get no advantage to leveling up your base, and you can't possibly get high enough to actually prevent people from farming your base. I'm level 230 now with a good base layout, and I still get farmed regularly, just by higher players now. I'm finally high enough now that 150's can't really take me anymore, but that doesn't stop the 200's and 300's from hitting me regularly for RSS.

        And I am now in a position where in order for me to get any meaningful RSS I really need to be taking out level 300 bases which just isn't possible with Sapphire dragons. For the most part I simply don't steal RSS, I simply use my farms to generate most of my RSS.

        But at 190, I would suggest staying there (make sure you stay under 200). Focus on your dragons until you get high enough that you can start hitting level 300 bases, then you can work on leveling your base again.


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          Theres really no right answer, a lot is preference. A lot is how much are you willing to spend. Most people seem to agree that its more important to keep up on drags. I see a few ppl here saying theyre getting close to hauheset. Thats all the reason in the world to keep playing, its the best dragon in the game.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            I agree there is no right answer, but the imbalance between the speed we can build vs the time it takes to get a dragon is not a good aspect of the game.
            That's mostly the point I'm making, Event Dragons are reliant on participation in all events to get them. Being in a position where I'm seriously considering sitting out at least three fortification events is not a nice place to be.

          • Owlrager
            Owlrager commented
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            I agree with you there. Im in a similar spot with my alt, im behind on drags so not trying to build too much but it sucks not contributing points in fort events.

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          Only thing I can think of is spending all your wood/embers on totems once all of your base buildings are done. I was able to time 2 hut upgrades until the start of this event which allowed me to level each farm/mill 9 times for very little XP. Storage and Den were also in that mix. I still ended up gaining 9 levels once all that was done, but that was on purpose.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            Yes, but in order to upgrade farms and mills the builders hut needs 4 'spare' sapphire eggs. So once again, stuck until breeding is done.
            I've already done the totems thing, and since we now need the same currency for Flaks that's a bad suggestions.

            The whole situation comes down to ease of base building vs difficulty of gaining egg tokens. It's unbalanced, the only real solution is stop building and for that to be a smart approach within the game it means that there are bad mechanics to how it all works together. (Or doesn't work together efficiently)

          • Sabin76
            Sabin76 commented
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            Agreed. I didn't mean to suggest that wasting all of your embers on totems was a good idea, just that it was the only thing I could think of as far as scoring in the fort event without over-leveling.