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Merkt biggest joke of the season

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    Show us a video mister employee of how OP he is, or any of you so-called awesome flyers. Echo


    • ToNyRen
      ToNyRen commented
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      Not an awesome flier, I'm the average joe. But here's a video. Good or not, make your own judgements. In your team league it's probably Noctua, Ferga and hau.

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    I would like to see it too. Dont like him. Or am i just to dumb to handle his skills? lol


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      What skills? He's got a cooldown on Death Stare, this swipe spell is decent and his only shield only works on old school tower types that are rather rarely used these days. He struggles to to bases that Borgian can easily do at the same level, Kinnarus can solo, Zamarok can do easily as well. Sounds like an underpowered mythic to me.

      And he has no runes.


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        Well i spoke to a teammate of mine who have merkt at obsidian state.

        The thing is... Merkt is a offensive dragon... so his attacks are strong with the poison for example... ofc deathgaze too...
        Unluckily for him... Merkt has no summon dragon, or shield or healing ability.... Thats why he is compared to some others in a difficult shape...and taking damage even in xp bases.

        Beside that most people use elemental weapons... There are no real good projectiles weapons or weapons like a strong flak with a projectile effect, where the invert can rule the field better, but invert at least reflect blue mage towers and fire turrets beside the darkflak resist.

        As said... a pure offensive dragon with less protection ability . I think a white elemental mayhem would chance a lot of things in a different way... but actually that not with Merkt.
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        • Talarius
          Talarius commented
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          I hit key targets with Death Stare and then use the poison on the rest. Mid 40s he picks up some, but he lags behind the Legendaries, which is what is wrong with him IMO. Yes, he can evolve to Obsidian, and be underpowered there compared to other Obsidians as well.

          If I were attacking a base of cannons, archers and trebuchets, I could pwn it. But that's low level stuff. Most bases post 200 are loaded with fire and ice towers, dark flak, now fire flak and mages. Physical projectiles are rarely used if ever. So Invert isn't that useful on him.

        • EmrahT
          EmrahT commented
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          There are invert runes at market , and most people have a mythic rune and a gold invert gylph. So invert can hold over 4-5 seconds a protection against fire turrets and blue mages for example.
          Sadly i havent him to check myself, but of course he takes damage and arent easy to protect against it.
          Maybe a boost spell as vampire touch helps a bit .

        • Makotora
          Makotora commented
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          I wanted white elemental mayhem too and proposed it for Nyrdyr, although it hasn't been nominated
          If dragons and defenses got a bit rebalanced so that projectiles become more significant maybe there is more chance for Merkt.
          I won't have him anyway thoughšŸ¤£