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Proposal: Dragon Premium Account

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    I am in, as long as I can use my rubies to purchase this being grandfathered in.


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Hi A1R,

      You will not be able to be able to purchase this new premium account with rubies no matter your status with the elite package. This would be unfair to a portion of the playerbase and we feel that consistency is something that more people would appreciate rather than extending even further good offers to those with the ruby for elite privileges.

    • A1R
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      Aight. $4.99 works too 👊🏻

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    Just seeing this for the first time, I think Mech linked to it from a more recent thread.

    I like the idea's intent, which is to boost egg token payout, amongst other things, but I'm not sure I would go so far as to say it is worth the listed price.

    I recently (beginning of summer season) went F2P, minus the year of Elite I bought earlier this year, and I might be enticed to purchase this as well, if, as someone suggested a few pages back, you received a discount for purchasing both elite and premium together. I believe, not to bash on the players that can get elite with rubies, that any such discount should only apply if you buy both elite and premium at the same time, i.e. a packaged buy, which extends your elite account by x time and gives you x time of premium.

    I also do worry that this would slow any progress PG is making towards increasing egg token payouts. As I am just starting to breed Sapphires this weekend, I'm just starting to feel the egg token crunch, and it may just be enough to turn me off from the game completely as your progress is tied to either being able to complete token missions, whose payouts will leave you maybe breeding a dragon a month, if you are lucky, or spending a ton of money to play the gold chest lottery in hopes of getting egg tokens. Just my thoughts.


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      I like the intent as well, but not a fan of having yet another annual subscription to pay for. Personally I think the current annual subscription is expensive enough.


      • NinAK
        NinAK commented
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        I agree with this, the cost isn't worth the reward

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      Sounds great! Definitely something I would pay into...


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        When are they going to put you on the pay roll, Red? Seriously. Great idea.


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          Nice suggestion @TheRedDelilah ! Sign me up!


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            Can we get some feedback from the mods on this? Any chance of this or something like it being considered by PG?? PGJared EggToken ??
            It obviously has a lot of support from the player base and would be a new potential source of revenue.


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            I want to be able to fly my dragon immediately if I end attacks with full health! Premium account or not, the current status is bullshit.


            • LordKaiS
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              then work hard and get chests or forge.....your request is not moronic, but more of unreasonable. All games have cool down period. How the hell do you think the company makes money.

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            I'm glad that many opinions are pros for better elite account, and applause for Red and their team for efforts and ideas that they've put in. I also think this is one of the ways that could benefit both PG and the players. However, unfortunately for me, current proposed content is bit weak for me to pay additional monthly fee.

            I like the additional egg tokens and the faster incubation. But healing time and xp multipliers aren't really that appealing IMO. I'm a low spender only paying for elite account every month, but I have more than enough heal potions from chest drops. Also I don't do all the multiplier bonus runs every day, not because bonus is not enough, but because hitting a same farm over and over thirty times a day is simply boring.

            So I would like to propose two features to replace those.
            1. Ability to make food and lumber packs.

            Limit the ability to maximum 1000 x the player level per day. This shall reduce the stress of fortification event at the early stage or stress of training event. As for fortification event I don't think it will reduce PGs revenue much since the event is more constrained to how much speed ups you have and not the rss. However I must admit that it might decrease the revenue during training event.
            1. Ability to make glyphs from runes.
            I propose a mechanic that will generate a glyph from two same runes and appropriate amount of rune dust. For player you can generate little more useful glyphs from abundant extra runes that you own. This should not reduce the revenue of PG be honest glyphs are just kind of extra in the prizes, especially when you are only giving unnecessary ones like mystic, arcane, and healing strikers over and over. I don't think people are paying hard to get glyphs at current situation. This might even increase revenue for PG since there will be little more incentive to open silver chests. (Although the content of silver chest does need improvements before I will spend rubies to open them. Rarities are fine, but the spell types ...)


            • TheRedDelilah
              TheRedDelilah commented
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              I understand what you're saying, but I feel like those features should be available to the whole population or none of the population. This proposal is to enhance the gameplay, not give players something hard working free players cannot have.