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Proposal: Dragon Premium Account

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  • Proposal: Dragon Premium Account

    Dragon Premium Account



    MareZ , Spooky , Mechengg and I propose creating a new subscription for the mutual benefit of the playerbase and Pocket Gems. We call this Dragon Premium. Dragon Premium is a monthly subscription for players to give them four added benefits to help them progress and improve their dragons. Pocket Gems would gain a new reliable source of revenue and improved app engagement metrics, particularly app session intervals, screen views and reduced app churn (people leaving the app).

    • Enable Pocket Gems to monetize a strong community desire
    • Improve app engagement metrics and reduce app churn
    • Provide a stable revenue stream to Pocket Gems
    • Help active players progress by rewarding their activity
    • Provide a focus on dragon strength to help players of all levels grow


    This Dragon Premium has four bonuses for the same price as the current War Dragon’s Elite. While the current elite offers five bonuses (two builders, extra food, extra wood, extra XP, double tokens) for $4.99 (USD) a month, this premium would offer four bonuses that would stack with the current elite. These bonuses are as follows:
    • Daily multipliers +1
    • Token mission base value increased by 50%
    • Reduced heal times for dragons by 50%
    • Reduced incubation time by 20%

    The price for a Dragon Premium account is the same as War Dragon’s Elite: $1.99 per week, $4.99 per month, or $39.99 per year (USD). Please see below for a detailed description of each bonus, including how it benefits both players and Pocket Gems. Please keep in mind that any proposal must be mutually beneficial to succeed.

    Daily Multipliers
    The enhancement to the daily multipliers is to reward the players who log in every day to do this time consuming task. See below for how it works both currently, and prospectively under the proposal.

    Daily Multiplier Increase +1
    +Dragon Premium
    Non Expert Dragons
    5x | 4x | 3x
    6x | 5x | 4x
    Expert Dragons (+20% XP)
    6x | 4.8x | 3.6x
    7.2x | 6x | 4.8x

    The current system is not optimized for app engagement. The 3x multiplier in particular does not provide sufficient incentive to log in and complete for players who are short on time or resources. With the increase in value of these multipliers, players would be more incentivized to log in and do them ALL, thus increasing time spent on the game as well as consumable use (potions, boosts, spells) to ensure their multipliers were complete. Increased activity is good for the player base as a whole, the increased XP per multiplier run is good for the individual players, and the combination of desire to log in more and do more in game is good for PG as it improves app session intervals, gets players (especially newer ones) “hooked” on the game and provides increased opportunity for players to make in-app purchases as consumables need to be replenished.

    Token Missions
    The token mission base value increase would change the base value of each token mission before any additional multipliers are added on. Once again, the table below shows the current values plus prospective values under the proposal.

    Token Mission Base Value Increase: 50%
    Missions Current Base +Elite +Dragon Premium +Elite +Dragon Premium
    1 hour 20 20+20 (40) 30 30+30 (60)
    4 hour 40 40+40 (80) 60 60+60 (120)
    20 hour 80 80+80 (160) 120 120+120 (240)

    Players have been asking for a token increase in game for quite a long time, and this satisfies the need for more tokens by doing something active in game- missions. Players would be more active in app due to the incentive of more tokens per mission. Furthermore, this would increase satisfaction with app, meaning players would be less likely to leave (improving app churn) since they would make more visible progress toward obtaining dragons in upper tiers. Many of the well written explanation from players in the forums explaining why they were quitting War Dragons cited the glacial progression in obtaining upper tier dragons as a prime factor in their decision to abandon the app.

    For Pocket Gems, this is the most elegant way of increasing tokens for players while also increasing profit. The paid subscription fee for Dragon Premium provides a stable and predictable revenue stream from the subscription fee itself, plus it will increase premium currency consumption since players often speed missions to gain tokens. As with any subscription based service, some portion of subscribers will not make full use of the feature, increasing profit at the margins. Most importantly for PG regarding profit is the cost of Dragon Premium and the amount of tokens given. The cost is the same as normal Elite, but the token increase is only a 50% increase rather than the 100% increase as normal elite gives. More so, this Dragon Premium could be used as a way to get a subscription fee from “grandfathered in” players who currently can use rubies to pay for Elite without “taking away” an action old players already have access to.

    Healing Times
    Reducing heal times for dragons by 50% obviously helps the more active players by bringing the maximum cooldown time for dragons from 5 hours to 2.5 hours. Less downtime for dragons translates into more time in app flying and making IAPs. It will increase notification frequency from PG “Your dragons are healed!” and thus more reminders to log in and play. However, many, if not most players would use a heal potion anyway if they are short on time, need to accommodate a teammate helping them with xp runs, or simply impatient. For Pocket Gems, this may be the best benefit of all, since it looks attractive to players from a marketing perspective while very unlikely to materially reduce healing potion usage. Thus it is mainly a marketing benefit to increase subscription revenues.

    Incubation Times
    The reduction of incubation time by 20% helps players get their dragons faster so they can progress at a more rapid rate. The players will be flying more and then working on leveling that dragon sooner, as the frustration of the wait was lessened, and thus would be more inclined to buy packs, use rubies to transfer XP to their new dragon (thanks to the banked XP from their multiplier increase), and feed this dragon. For Pocket Gems, this looks attractive to players from a marketing perspective while it only influences most players once a month, even though they would be paying for the subscription for the entirety of the month.


    Players will be happy to have a longstanding desire met, they will engage with the app more and Pocket Gems will increase its revenue. PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer Dragon Punch
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    Q: Can i obtain this package even if i don’t have an Elite account currently?
    A: Yes, this is a standalone package.

    Q: Can I buy this for someone else?
    A: Whether this will be permitted will be up to the discretion of Pocket Gems, if they feel it would be beneficial from a business perspective they may offer this option.

    Q: PG should just give us all of these for free!! We deserve it for being loyal customers and paying $XXXXXX over the years. This is long overdue!
    A: As much as free increases would benefit the players, in any business model there needs to be equal benefits on both sides; for both the developers to offer up a product, and for the players to purchase said product.

    Q: I don’t want to pay for another subscription.
    A: This is a subscription package similar to the Elite - It is 100% optional.

    Q: I think incubation times/healing times/mission times/etc should be less/more/different than what you’re proposing.
    A: We have taken a good look at the numbers and compared them value wise to known currencies in the game to come up with what we think are appropriate values. We have suggested items that we feel are a good value for players as well as not giving too much for the low subscription cost. Everything in moderation should offer a better gameplay for players, a bit less of a bottleneck in the Sapphire+ breeding tiers, and will offer Pocket Gems a new monthly subscription based revenue stream.

    Q: I’m a newer player, this package sounds awful; is it just aimed at letting the “elite” get bigger and widen the gap between new players and old players?
    A: This will help the players who are active/very active and come online to do missions on a regular basis. With this package, a newer very active player will be able to obtain more zeppelin mission tokens in a given month than older accounts have had access to, thus actually closing the gap.

    Q: Why did you try and help with Egg Tokens this way instead of another, such as scaling egg token missions by player level?
    A: We ran numerous scenarios with varied numbers, spending a significant time finding the balance point between players’ and PG’s interests. These numbers reward the active players as zeppelin missions are influenced by things such as elite, breeding event double tokens, and the double tokens sigil prize as well. This means how many tokens one earns is directly influenced by how much effort one puts in.

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    Helpful Threads:
    How to Build YOUR Ultimate Breeding Path
    Red's Breeding Paths: Sapphire to Emerald

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    • Enjonel
      Enjonel commented
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      As a pretty major buyer, this game is my favorite relaxation, I would definitely sign up for this. The prices of timers and xp to level dragons up, and obtaining enough egg tokens to get high level dragons is daunting and over-priced! I have considered quitting game because of this. I am currently a diamond level player, and the competition is fierce! Getting a high level dragon, or keeping your base competitive, is hard to do without buying, and extremely costly if you do buy! Some relief for players of all levels is necessary! I understand they need to make a profit, but really!

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    I only pay on elite account. I would also buy that one. Great suggestion.


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      Would definitely buy that one monthly on top of Elite! 😁
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        Sign me up for a year!


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          As long as this won't affect the 'grandfathered-in' users that can pay for their normal elite subscriptions with rubies, I think this is a great idea.


          • Zolcanra
            Zolcanra commented
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            Why should it be removed? That's the point of something being 'grandfathered in'. Mobile phone companies use this, workplace insurance companies use this, and many many others use this concept. It's basically a 'thank you' for providing many years of loyalty to a service and a means to keep them using the product. If it were removed, I could almost guarantee many old players would leave. It was already guaranteed by PG that grandfathered in players would not lose this benefit.

          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Not to take sides here about rubies for elite being applicable in the future but there is typically a grandfathered in period where the person is allowed to keep the service or rate, but after that "grace" period if you will there is a requirement to transfer over to a current offering.

            We aren't sure what period of time PG has designated for this, nor is it up for us to debate; particularly in this thread. If you would like to bring this issue into discussion I'd kindly ask that a separate post be made to do so.



          • Rakic
            Rakic commented
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            Sad little people. Well if I can't have it then no one can. 😡 Oh how misery loves company. *runs off stomping feet while throwing a temper tantrum*
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          Nice post and yet another well thought out thread. Thanks for taking time to come up with suggestion, it can only be positive in getting PG to look at player reward in a different way.


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          Ok, couldn't wait to get home. Lol. Read through it. I like it. Great detail and good research and analysis. Just add the unmentionable and I'm definitely sold.


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            I'm in!

            Great idea
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              Great proposal, Red. I am sold.

              Will you apply for WD Product Manager position in PG, should one become open?
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                I'm in!


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                  I'm not sure how an Expert Dragon can benefit from an XP modifier... The only benefit would be paying rubies to salvage it's excess XP to help level another dragon - not cost effective IMO.


                  • TheRedDelilah
                    TheRedDelilah commented
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                    The purpose is to adjust the multiplier for non-expert dragons, but we wanted to be clear that this would also increase the multiplier on experts as that's how multipliers work anyway.

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                  Exactly what the forum needs, solid proposal instead of only complaints, congratulations team!
                  And PG, sign me up for a year.


                  • GodofNoobz
                    GodofNoobz commented
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                    Proposals like this are usually not done for free yet alone by a few players. When you constantly screw people over you tend to get complaints instead of proposals. This could potentially bring in millions of dollars to the company. I personally wouldn't do something like this for free but I also will not complain as it benefits me as a player as well.

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                  My team would definitely buy this. 50x 1 year sold! Great suggestion and a good cash cow for PG. Win-Win


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                    It's worth it for the breeding tokens alone.