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Mini event tomorrow and end time for current event

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  • Mini event tomorrow and end time for current event

    Right now the current event shows to be ending in about 30 hourS
    Last edited by Brigitte25; 06-21-2017, 01:08 AM.

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    Is there in-fact a mini event going? And if so, do you know what it is?


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      And quite frankly, I'm not a big fan of the mini event, as it was recently distributed. I kind of enjoy the "down time" between events. Allows players to do things in-game without having to focus on an event. Like farming Rubies. Which I'm sure is a big reason PG is trying to fill all "down time" with stuff that eliminates the free Ruby drops.


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        Don't overthink it.

        There is no mini-event tomorrow

        Event ends when timer says it ends.


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          Brigette, you overthink absolutely everything and your opinions and decisions are very black and white with no room for compromises.

          If there is an event there will be an announcement. If there is not an event there will not be an announcement. Pretty simple logic, please follow it and never assume certain events will or will not be coming up until they are officially announced. Stop spreading false information please & thank you


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            Just for the sake of other people:

            From Echo on how often the event runs -
            5) Often, but final cadence is not a set thing yet.
            Also, the event end timer is accurate; last time, it was the reward availability (results) that was inaccurate. Regardless, there's no reason to hold off on claiming the individual achievements and risk missing out on them.
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              Often probably means after each major event or monthly.