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Will Morphos have Obsidian Stone Available

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  • Will Morphos have Obsidian Stone Available

    Looking at all previous Season Mythic Dragons Morphos is the only one that has been shorted the latest Stone for the highest tier coming available.

    Looking at the past Seasons, Phasmos came with Garnet Stone while the rest capped at Sapphire, then Algor came with the Emerald Stone while the rest capped at Garnet and now Summer Season the Mythic will come with Obsidian Stone while the rest will be capped at Emerald.

    What happened with Morphos? Why is he the only Mythic Divine Dragon that has been shorted the latest tier Stone?

    I understand Summer Season was off to a rough start and changes had to be made but just to cut the value of the previous Seasons Mythic is a bit harsh.

    There should be an option to purchase the Obsidian Stone to the players who have Morphos for the same sig cost as the Obsidian Stone for the Summer Mythic. This will allow players to get the same amount of use of Mythic Dragons as from Seasons prior.

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    I would agree to this since the new tier is close to being released. This would make an expensive dragon last as long as the rest of the mythic divines.


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      Phasmos evolved from a Sapphire Mythic to a Garnet Legendary, and it was kind of a long wait.
      Algor from a Garnet Mythic to an Emerald Legendary
      Morphos is an Emerald Mythic that will last as a top tier dragon in the game for about 5 months assuming we don't see obsidian until the beginning of fall season.
      The new divine mythic will most likely evolve into an Obsidian Legendary.

      I think that's fine with the timeline of release. As long as Obsidian isn't released until the beginning of the fall season, I think it's fine. Sure it'd be nice to evolve Morphos, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it, and I think it's a stretch to call foul on it, in a game that there are plenty of reasons to call foul. Just my .02


      • Dakhunter
        Dakhunter commented
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        Obsidian will most likely come out when the fall season comes.

      • Goober
        Goober commented
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        I'm not saying it would happen, but can't hurt to try. 😁

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      That's a fair analysis, definitely worth to request


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        Oh look yet another, lets make Morphos more powerful, because I've got him, post!

        Have you not noticed they're reducing the power of most of the other Divines?

        Why should Morphos become more powerful?


        • GodofNoobz
          GodofNoobz commented
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          Silent 95% of your posts on forums have been nothing but complaining and negativity. You are just a negative person by nature. I am not asking PG to do something new, I just asked to do what they have done each season. I don't even know why you care, it's not like you have any Mythic Divines so why even argue something that doesn't effect you one bit.

        • GodofNoobz
          GodofNoobz commented
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          And PG will change things at the drop of the hat to make money as any other business would. If they listened to all your advice their profit would be cut in half. It's a good thing you work for someone and not run your own business because you'd run that shit into the ground within a year lol.

        • SilentOne
          SilentOne commented
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          Oh dear, here we go, you had to resort to personal attacks and insults. What a shame.
          Fact of the matter is, you have no idea who I am or what I do so that was a really silly line to take.

          Yes I am negative on the forum. There was a time when PG was getting a lot right, the game was fun and I was positive, but not now and PG needs to know that customers are not happy.

          Second fact we are on opposite sides of a very strong argument. Each side has equal merit.
          You appear to want to continue to see dragons getting stronger no matter what that does to the game.
          I on the other hand think that PG has already gone too far with this continued system of loads of divines, each stronger than the last with a new tier available just around the corner.

          Yes the game has changed, but PG needs to reign it in an awful lot or they will have nowhere to go in the very near future.

          So feel free to counter-attack my arguments and opinions but if the best you can do is personal attacks then there is no need to continue this discussion.

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        Obsidian stone would be nice, but meanwhile his spells suck and has no resists.. this is the worst mythic divine yet!! Even nightshade's spell affected the entire island and without the cool down period!! What a fuckn waste of money!!!!! PG needs to fix this for their loyal paying customers!!


        • Owlrager
          Owlrager commented
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          Yeah, white one rage crumble, cloak and the highest dps in the game are pretty awful. They need to make crumble full sized, take away the cooldown, keep it one rage and give him reverse projectiles and resists to ice, lightning, storm and flak

        • Matcava
          Matcava commented
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          I need one Owlrager. LOL

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        Just to make sure, you are a big fan of Morphos, right ?


        • GodofNoobz
          GodofNoobz commented
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          They didn't promise anything. I knew what I was buying this season and guess what they changed it. Do you have a problem with me asking PG a question or will you respond each time with a smart ass comment? By now you should know PG "promises" a bunch of stuff then changes it in the future. What's wrong with asking to change something in players favor since they are already changing stuff up.

          As for me personally I probably won't ever reach Obsidian Tier, it's more for everyone in WD. It's a win win, players get another dragon they can level and use in Obsidian tier and PG has another product they can charge sig for.

          Instead of making your dumb "you got what you paid for" statement why not comment pros and cons of adding Obsidian Stone.

        • Sandberg74
          Sandberg74 commented
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          If I am dumb or not, thats your opinion. To me you just sound angry, because you spend money on a dragon, and now there is something better on the market. Let me ask you, how many seasons back should we do this ? Should algor and phasmos also get an upgrade for free ?
          And how about those that chose not to spend on morphos, because they new they knew something better would come up soon. If they suddenly add an obsidian stone to morphos, should they then get a second chance to get it ?

          Trust me I know PG can screw up things. I just don't see it here. Its not different from when you buy anything else in a shop, TVs and cars. You know what you get.

        • GodofNoobz
          GodofNoobz commented
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          Both Phasmos and Algor got an upgrade to the next tier. I also never said it should be free.

          Both Algor and Phasmos can get good 6 months of play time because they both got the upgrade Stone to the next tier. Now that they announced Obsidian tier depending when it launches Morphos is looking at potential 3 month game play.

          By PG adding the ability to purchase the Obsidian Stone for Morphos it allows players to get additional 3 month of game play and PG gets to sell us another thing. It's a win win.

          Now it could be a bad idea and there might be more cons vs pros but I'd like to see people's outlook on it.

          Comments like "another post to make Morphos have more power" "you get what you paid for" make no sense to me.

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        An Obsidian stone for morphos is a great idea
        No, seriously, seems fair considering past mythic divine. No other changes required, and it would make up for adding a cooldown PG neglected to mention in the divine tabs...
        I doubt that would happen but we can hope lol


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          It should be known that past final dragon had same power as next ordinary eventdragon at there full power.

          That was the case from Phasmos to Tengu ; From Algor to Sage and now its same with Morphos to Borgian after the update.

          As many told, last mythic had after the evolution the same max power as following legends at max. So the system works how it was. But the final Dragon are still special!


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            I guess my assumptions from the Emerald Dragons Feedback thread hit the nail on the head then:

            Originally posted by MareZ
            MareZ commented
            04-10-2017, 02:13 PM

            Morphos is different. To be honest, he is "weaker". The marketing sells you Morphos as a Mythic that can be taken up to Emerald being stronger than Emeral Legendaries. Once Emerald Mythics are released, he can be taken up to the Mythic strengh of those dragons.

            However since the release of Legendaries and Mythics has been split, he can "only" be taken up to the Mythic level of Emerald but not to the Legendary level of the next tier.

            The reason why I say "weaker" and "only" is:
            -I doubt PG will wait long until they release Mythic Emeralds
            -Morphos was released the same time when Emeralds got released so it should be no surprise he can be taken to Emerald Mythic level
            -All four normal divines (Fae, Sage, Aster, Abraxxas) can already be taken to Emeral Legendary level
            Our outcry for releasing new tiers at a slower rate caused Morphos to "only" end up in the currently released tier.
            They first released the Emerald Legendaries without any Mythic (Garnet already came with A&A as a Mythic). Then they released all three Mythics, only then Morphos could be maxed.
            The delay of the Mythics made us feel like they slowed the pace a little but in the end it will work out very well for them since Morphos will have a shorter life cycle before being overshadowed by the next divine and the next tier.

            Anyway, no matter what strategy PG is using to promote and sell their products (divines), you should have understood their business model by now.
            If you're looking for a worthwhile investment, divines are probably not the best idea to do that. However, if you can afford it, you can keep getting the newest divines in order to stay one step ahead.

            TL;DR: Bottom line is: You knew what you were buying and it was openly communicated. You know their pace of releasing dragon tiers.
            MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

            Important Threads to find everything you need


            • GodofNoobz
              GodofNoobz commented
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              You're 100% right you nailed it and the only reason I asked was just to keep shit consistent nothing more nothing less.

            • DragonHunter
              DragonHunter commented
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              Totally agreed!
              Introducing Obsidian tier so soon makes this request valid.

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            Divines are not worth it.

            Unless you have Emerald dragons to expert the divines you currently have it's not worth getting them.

            They mean shit until very high level and to get them there you need Emerald dragons.

            And don't think it's a good idea to get all the stones for later use, by the time you get to Emerald dragons the divines you have are useless even at expert because the next tier of dragons would have been launched and even better divines would be available.

            The tiers are just coming too fast. If you're not at the front run already you'll never catch up.


            • TheRedDelilah
              TheRedDelilah commented
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              I disagree entirely. I have two active accounts at all times, one is 242 in Emerald and one is 132 ready to breed my first Mythic Sapphire (Hauheset). Obviously getting the emerald stones on my big account makes sense, since I am "at the front run" already. However, my 132 has the following roster (and still feeding):

              Sekhem 17 (capped), Snowdrop 27, Nightshade 20 (capped), Aster 27, Rizar 27, Tengu 28 (capped), Iteru 7, Kelvin 22, and Scorchil 17 (capped).

              All the divines on my roster I have all the stones for. With Sapphire tier and above being one dragon a pop, it's nice knowing that I will have a roster of diverse dragons to pick from that will go with me. In Green, I could easily get 2-5 legendary dragons for pretty cheap to have a strong, diverse roster. Gold and Platinum kept my roster strong too while moving forward. However, Sapphire was like a wall. So as I level, I'll continuously swap dragons in and out, always having strength to pick from. My Summer Divine will take the empty space on my roster (as I usually only get 1 to Emerald a season), Hauheset will replace Iteru, and Frost will replace Kelvin. That will be the end of the Summer season for me, I am guessing.

              For my super small players (not yet to gold), I recommend they get a dragon to Garnet and then look at others since they will have so many more seasons to get more dragons. However, for anyone at the end of Platinum or beyond, they should certainly be maxing dragons.

            • Dakhunter
              Dakhunter commented
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              I disagree.
              Divine is very good after you reach to sapphire tier because each dragon will take a month or two to save up all the tokens needed. So getting those divines will give you some strong dragons in the rosters.
              Im a lv 202 and I have half of my roster filled with divines. And they are my bread and butter for all war attacks and regular runs.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              I'm pretty sure PurpleFire is not talking about all divines but about the final divines (related to the topic of this thread).

              It definitely is worth it to get the normal divines from the branches, especially since you can claim 1-2 of them for free.

              However if you weight the money you have to spend (or that the OP spent) against the usefullness of the final divines, I agree with Purple that it's really not worth it to dump hundreds or even thousands on a dragon that you can't use to its full potential.
              Morphos grows exponentially at Emerald Mythic level and this is what makes it outstanding. If you can't make use of this before the next tier is released, you simply end up with a really expensive nice-to-have-dragon that is overshadowed by the Obsidian tier and not the best you can get anymore, thus eventually not worth the money.

              If you're lucky, it will still be useful for the next tier like Phasmos was, or maybe even relevant for the next two tiers if it's as unique as Hauheset, but then it has to have a really unique spellset, not just boosted stats.

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            can you please advise regarding the current discussion?
            will Morphos, as previous mythic season divine dragons, be "uppable" with a stone of the next tier (equivalent as a legendary obsedian dragon in terms of power)?


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              I disagree that divines are not worth it, but not for most of the reasons stated here. The main reason they're worth it is they require vastly less resources (exp and food) to max out relative to the breedable dragons in the same tier. It costs 100M less XP and 10M less food to max Morphos vs Stormheim and other Emerald mythics. I found it pretty easy to grind levels on the divines but it's a pain the the butt on Storm.


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                PG should give the obsidian stone to Morphos. Even if it meant that in this new tier the will be Legendary. Happened with Phasmos and Algor, why can't it happen with Morphos too?
                he already need 4 emerald dragons to expert. 😒😒😒😒😒


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                  I have Morphos and like him a lot, however I'm not in the camp that he should get an Obsidian tier stone. Phasmos and Algor evolved because new tiers released either during or very soon after their reign as top tier. As long as PG does the right thing and doesn't release Obsidian for roughly 3 months, coinciding roughly with the fall season, the Morph will have reigned as top tier for roughly as long as the other 2. I can't say this too often where PG is concerned , but I'm on board with the system as is now, and it makes perfect sense that the new summer divine emerald mythic should evolve into an Obsidian Legendary.

                  Besides. Think for a minute. IF (Giant big IF) PG did allow for an Obsidian Morphos do you think you'd obtain it? You think they'd just gift it to ya lol? I'm sure at a minimum it'd be right after the Obsidian stone for the Summer divine Mythic sorcerer. Imagine the new level of complaints there...


                  • GodofNoobz
                    GodofNoobz commented
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                    Hey Berg this is how you communicate with fellow players. Warchant disagrees with me and clearly explains why without being a smartass. He pointed out why they shouldn't and brought up things I didn't think about.