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Morphos needs to be upgraded!!

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    I acutally can understand op.

    I am not at the point of saying Morphos is weak. It was just expected different.
    Mine is at lvl35 and by far not the strongest Dragon in my roster.

    YES - I agree to all others before that for flying morphos you need to train a lot and try different styles.
    But I was also underwhelmed expecting a real Advantage and got disappointed. It seems as if he is developing his full potential once being expert - therefore you Need 4 emerald Dragons and that´s quiet a long for for most of us.

    Another aspect People on this thread don´t see is: flying a Dragon is not about XP Bases. Yes I can also solo that lvl300+ XP base. But when my 19M (with all boosts) Morphos is going in for "real" he dies fast on a pretty low and defended base. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! He is good enough for loot, but really not useful as leading Dragon for wars.

    YET - I´m not at the Point of asking to make Morphos stronger.p
    I´d just have one Petition: DO NOT NERF HIM in a couple of weeks.

    Look at all other Season Dragons before. Almost all which were considered strong (or overpowered) got nerfed.
    Just had to laugh really hard yesterday: My egg Mission was "cast explosive shield 4 times" - you use sage to cast explosive shiled 4 times and egg Mission is done. Yet you can´t equip an explosive shield rune cause all the sudden they don´t work with white spells? See the flaw?

    Anyways face the truth: the new season Dragons will be stronger then any other Dragon before. Then the new season starts and they´ll get nerfed ... repeat.

    PS: if the increase of sigils continues like it did the last season, next season will be the one I won´t be able to finish one single branch anymore - and I am very active, 1,4M medals this week (47M Overall) and even spend a Little once in a while.


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      Dammit stop censoring my replies!! Horrible customer service, you people must want to have big spenders walk away from this game for good!


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        They are censoring you because of your foul language. I'm yet to see a person on this forum that hates Morphos as bad as you, which means it's s very low % of people having issues with Morphos. Just throw in the towel because no changes will happen what so ever to make Morphos stronger than he already is.


        • GodofNoobz
          GodofNoobz commented
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          Only if you flew hunters as good as you curse we wouldn't be having this issue.

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        Its every saison the same . Phasmos was saphir mythic and envolved to garnet legend strength. The ordinary next Dragon on the saison after was able to reach garnet legend strength aswell. Just the final Dragon was upper.

        That next one was Algor . A garnet mythic but after envolving him to emerald , he had the strenth of the legend emeralds ... now the next saison dragons was able to get same strong as the final dragon in last saison . Well final dragons are often a different kind , but this system of that the next saison dragon was as strong as the final dragon was until now . This new saison they made that not and let the new saison dragons lower then the last final dragon. With this last move , after seeing they wasnt as good as expected , they upgraded them on the final power of the last final dragon , so that was Morphos for now .

        So as we see , this system was made since last year autumn ...its nothing new .
        So knowing this , the new final sorcerer dragon will be as strong as the next saison dragons in power . That doesnt mean they are same good .
        Phasmos Tengu Jul and Renard comparing showed still how special Phasmos is even on same max power.

        I havent Morphos , but i have Aster , Hauhaset, Nightshade and some other hunters which are all different to fly.
        For example to control Hauhaset it took sooo long ... but when it started to work, i beated that level 400 base in the minievent (the 500M base next was a bit too much), and that Dragon was level 17 that days.

        So experience and the right runes , boosts during a match is important. Otherwise you feel that it shouldnt but dont know why because probably you arent on that level.

        For example with my Nightshade ( Autumn 2016 dragon) i singled twice different level 300++ ( not farms, over 100M ) bases because of good boost and fast experienced fly. Like 1-2 month before.

        i can just say to you, PG wont change it if not a spell bug or something is there.
        What you can do is to look what you need to look about this type of a dragon. I know there are good videos but this players often had good runes or made many researchs too. Fly and fly more , you will sync after time with that one .

        About right and fast using of his spells , as multishot or using cloak as shield i shouldnt need to tell, that basics should be known as a good flier. As to hold back before some buildings to gain more rage instead of shooting fast down . ( here a resist as a boost helps) .

        Cafune did that in some of her videos for example . There you can see some moves.
        i know you arent probably a max player as her , but you wont single the highest of Dreadnought players aswell.

        Take your time , enjoy it instead of being overraged. Many players buy from event to events things too, and the system of the game was clear before too.
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          Everyone in my team who got Morphos seems pretty happy with him and thinks he is a great dragon *shrugs* - you say you can fly hunters yet you're extolling the virtues of Algor and Phasmos.

          Either of those dragons will be downed by a single high level flak tower when defended. Morphos will not.

          I guess I'm wasting my breath here going by your responses to everyone else - just practice more and you will soon see the joys of Morphos.


          • EmrahT
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            Just make a video how to fly it Indi123, maybe that way its best

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          There are some issues with Morphos, relating to spell bugs:

          1) Shattershard - supposed to give ammo back somehow but shattering 5 buildings at 0 ammo seems to do nothing
          2) Frostbite - effect not always applied, definitely a problem because of it's supposed debuff effect
          3) Frostbite - debuff effect does not work in my testing (towers take same damage on 1st shot as subsequent shots)
          4) Cloak - same bugs as other cloak dragons, often projectiles still hit after cloaking

          Other than these issues I'm in the camp that disagrees with your assessment of Morphos, which is a very powerful non-SE hunter that is not as easy to fly as Nightshade but (if spells were working as advertised) is deserving of being the top Spring seasonal divine.


          • DragonHunter
            DragonHunter commented
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            Yep, can confirm all these bugs ... not sure about the debuff thing tho

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          Morphos on a maxed base flown by cafune ... hes not useless


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            I haven't seen any response from PG on this, it means they don't give a flying fuck. Morphos is the worst mythic divine yet, by far. My morphos is now lvl 45 max for my dragon level until I breed emeralds, yet he is way worse than all garnet hunters, and I mean ALL!!

            If shatter shard actually worked or enfeeble affected the entire island or didn't have a cool down or even worked more than 50% of the fucking time then maybe he would be better, but as it is he SUCKS!!!!

            This is lack of response is unacceptable. I am sick and tired of PG not listening to paying customers, and being nothing but money hungry pieces of garbage.

            Fix this fucking dragon god dammit!!!!!


            • Indi123
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              What level bases are you flying him on? He really comes good at 48+. And expert he is a machine.

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            3 words: get a life.


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              Why did you buy him if you wanted a hunter with resists?
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              • GodofNoobz
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                Because that would require him to use his brain.

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              He's fine as is, PG feel free to ignore this post for once


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                @ OP: you remind me of a spoiled child.

                You also remind me of people complaining about the dark souls series being too hard

                You also remind me of my old roommate, who used to tell me he is an Ex-Counterstrike Source pro player but then struggled in mid to low tier ranks in Counterstrike Global Offensive, claiming there is a lot of cheaters and he can't solo queue yet I didn't spend more than 2 days in those ranks.

                You also remind of the people who complained that Diablo 3 was too hard, then it was made too easy and now it is near dead.

                In short: You remind me of an entire age group of whining, spoiled, soft, socialjusticewarrior type of people who make everyone else feel terrible for the most normal of behaviours.

                The only difference is that you spent 1,000 dollars on a dragon who, when you use him, doesn't do: POOOF, POW BOOM BANG and you won the game.

                Your 10k p.a. doesnt even pay a quarter of the salary of even one employee. Heck, even the cleaner makes more than that.

                So let me phrase it in words and a type of language you use: Get *****ed. You don't own ****.

                Your language is beyond foul. I hope PG buffs everyone's Morphos, just not yours.

                I don't have Morphos. Nor do I care but I know enough about the game to know that IT IS YOU and not the dragon.

                Mr. "LookatmeIspent1kDollarnowIowntheworldIamaprof essionalhunterdragonpilotforlife"

                Edit: and where exactly is that equally enraged army of yours? All I saw was you throwing a tantrum like a toddler with nightsweat.

                Anyhow. Toodles. My 2 cents.
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                  We have no plans on making any changes to Morphos. Our data shows that the majority of players who own this dragon are successful in their attacks on bases using him. It's true that Morphos is not a dragon that can just steamroll every base it's flown into, but that should be true of any Hunter class dragon. Being able to fly dragons well takes acquired skill, and Morphos is one dragon that echoes this idea well. DarthDaggerz What could be helpful is if you posted a video of yourself flying Morphos into a base. I'm positive that members here on the forum would be glad to analyze it and provide suggestions, assuming you ask for it.


                  • Brigitte25
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                    Once again it has nothing to do with PG but with the lack of skill of players.