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Party XP Bonus: Working Hypothesis

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  • Party XP Bonus: Working Hypothesis

    If many of you are, as I am, wondering how this Party bonus works. I am going to inform you of the following thru rigorous testing.

    In order to achieve the big Party XP bonus and not the little XP bonus, it seems to only apply to dragons, that are considered to be of a lower tier than what you should have at your level. This seems to apply to your current tier and the previous one. So if you should have Platinum Tier Dragons at your level only Green Tier Dragons and below will get the big bonus to XP via the Party XP bonus.

    I invite any and everyone to add there findings here in this post. So far, this is the conclusion I have come to, by doing many test flights with multiple dragons, on different bases, multiple times. This seems to be the only common denominator.

    Edit: There seems to be a second factor in this, if your AP is low for your level then you also get High Bonus, instead of Low bonus. I'm not sure if this cancels out the hypothesis but we will see.
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    I can put this information here for your record/analysis. Will do a few runs now and update as necessary. Can provide screenshots if required.

    Player Level: 123
    Sapphire Drags: Low
    Platinum Drags: Low
    Gold Drags: Low
    Green Drags: untested
    Orange Drags: untested
    Blue Drags: untested
    Purple Drags: untested
    Red Drags: untested

    Divines: High (does level matter?)
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    • PhoebeDoragon
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      My divines seem to follow the same rule, I just got Drakius, uneveolved, he gets High, my others all get Low.

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    It seems like it's tied to player level vs what your current dragon tier is, but what those breakpoints are, no idea. I guess that it could also be level of the dragon + tier, but I don't have any to test right now.
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      Unable to test since anytime I join a run either me or he original person crash out of the game on the middle island


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        Why is it so hard for PG to just actually tell us what the heck is going on with this? I get anything between 500 and 40k, have NEVER got higher, even with baby divine or lower tier dragons...
        Thanks though to those attempting to figure this out.


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          If it is based on dragons being low level, it may pay to keep new divines as babies, rack up the XP, then level them up all at once when you know they'll reach useful strength.


          • PhoebeDoragon
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            Seems to be based off of Tier tho, I had a new platinum baby, and it doesn't get the high bonus, however my green tier that had more AP than my platinum does, did get the high bonus.