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Another potential cheater

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  • Another potential cheater

    SeamusBlack from the team 'TheGraveLords'. Level 281, has ferga as one of his top 3, and only has 13M medals... Seems fishy to be able to get enough xp to breed and level up every dragon needed to get to breed ferga, then enough xp to get ferga into the top 3 of their dragons with so few medals.

    Really funny part is when I asked him how he got ferga with so few medals, he said 'cheating is for c*nts'. So apparently either way, he seems like a swell guy 😂

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    Could be spending a lot of money. But yeah.. swell 😂😂


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      Umm, you can max ferga in a day or two by hitting Invader in beta with XP boosts. Every time you hit you get fewer medals. I don't really see how this is suspicious at all; there are people with maxed bases and then maxed alts with less than a million medals which PG has confirmed are legit.

      If you have a reason to believe someone is cheating, report them in game. It isn't nice for a genuine player to have their name dragged through the mud publicly like this.


      • itsjustjoe
        itsjustjoe commented
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        That's why I said 'potential'. I made no claim it's impossible, just seems suspicious for a gold team member with 13M medals to be level 281 with a 99.9M base and at least one of their top 3 dragons is an emerald. Is it possible to max ferga easily - I'll take your word for it. How many dragons have to be bred then brought to at least breeding level to breed all the way up to ferga though (rhetorical question).

        Also, as long as I've been playing this game people have been reporting this sort of thing on the forums very regularly. In addition, I've not had a lot of success conveying anything to support in a way that they could understand... If the guy is legit, my apologies. If admins wanna take down this thread, I'm cool with that too.

        Not trying to start an argument, just explaining why I think it's suspicious and why I posted here. It's all good with me 👍😁

      • MikeGoN2GetU
        MikeGoN2GetU commented
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        I agree with Indi.

        lots of people are high level with very few medals and I myself am under level 281 and have ferga in my top three. 10 million medals is still ALOT of base hits and his level more than qualifies him to have Ferga. This player is hardly suspicious and this is not the place to report such players anyways.

      • Bash
        Bash commented
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        I am level 245 and only have 13.5 mil medals and am breeding Icicle right now. My buddy who I know is legit has Stormheim, is level 263 and only 9 mil medals. Doing exp runs instead of normal attacks and being an officer backing people takes its toll on medals. We spend a fair amount. The original post doesn't seem to be hacked at all.

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      There is a guy on my team, level 231, 10.3M medals with Ferga (emerald dragons at least) i believe. It's not impossible or improbable at all, he spent quite a bit of money to rocket up there quickly, does lots of XP runs (which don't reward medals after a certain point per day/in a row) and uses potions as well to level quickly.


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        All that means is that he spent money on the game.

        I'm sitting at about 10m Medals, level 209, and just about to Garnet. This guy you pointed out has simply spent more money on the game than I have. That's all those stats mean. When someone shows a low Medal count, but is high level that is an indication that they spend real money on the game. That's it. If that's your only evidence of cheating, then odds are pretty good he's a legit player.


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          MiniTetsu - Team Harlem420.

          Also his main account Tetsuxxxx

          Just wondering if his legit or not.


          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Hmmmm now that is a ponderer.

            His main account looks "do-able". He had to have spent a metric fck load to get there though.

            His alt account is not doable at all unless he really really really knew what he was doing. 161k medals is really the kicker here but could be achieved as per below on a technical level.

            If you had tens of thousands of dollars to blow, i'm sure that you could do a scenario where a brand new level 6 player (join the team here) opens thousands of purchased gold chests, obtaining millions of tokens and packs, etc. Super duper power leveling without leveling ANY dragons until he was over 186 and then following his main on XP runs for 75% xp but only 10% medal count, needing only 1 run per dragon for up to epic green tier, then requiring 2-3 runs for up to platinum legendary. Up to this point he has won (say 40 breeding dragons x 500 medals per run) maybe up to 40k medals? He would then need to grind out his next dragons on the same base as to decrese their XP value to zero for subsequent runs and no increase his medal count while he continued to follow his main for 75% XP. I'm assuming a few weeks of doing this would land him in this position of dragons and player level.

            I am in no way saying that this is something a sane person would do and it should 100% be looked into lol. But that is just a scenario of how a person could possibly do this feat if he had the cash & will power to level that quickly and that way.

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          An easier scenario woulda been to use the ever available hack online ... all I'm saying is. I've been a legit player for 2 years. I have spent a lot. 500-1k a month (a lot for a game). I have over 60 million medals. And I'm sick and tired of cheaters It's a sad day when a hacked account comes in and raids your food ... when they should be banned ...


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            Moral of the story - stop paying, work for your damn dragons and play like true gamers, not pocket puffers.


            • Sandberg74
              Sandberg74 commented
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              If nobody was paying there would not be a game.

            • Indi123
              Indi123 commented
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              Urgh, you're still beating this drum. Seriously, if being bitter was part of the game you would be rank 1 personal. I would bet every single person in my team is a better player of this game than you are, whether they're a spender or not.