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Vague Research Text

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Vague Research Text

    Okay, so this is kind of a pet peeve of mine that I'd like to get your opinions on for fixes / clarifications. There are a number of research options that could be read multiple ways or are unclear, which cause player frustration (and gets angry tickets sent our way). I'd like to get these fixed, but I'd also like to get your feedback.

    Which research options seem vague or misleading to you? How would you want them reworded?
    Are there any spells or runes or glyphs that you feel are vague or misleading as well?

    (Please note: this isn't about asking for us to change how something works. This is just about changing text to make it more clear how something works.)

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    the research "50M food requirement to max event" should be fixed immediately imo to "2M food requirement". would be nice if this happened within the next hour..


    • Dravoz
      Dravoz commented
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      The research "gold chest contents are diluted with rubbish" should also be fixed immediately. They've been 'looking at' this for 6 months.

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    Jared, there is a very very very small population of the game that has research past starting green, so keep that in mind.
    • Enhanced Healing Mark: +20% healing from Healing Mark Spell
      • I feel this might lead newer players to think it will heal their dragon for an additional 20% of their dragons total HP, which is not the case. It should read something like "Healing Mark now heals 12% instead of 10% Dragon HP"
    • Enhanced Havoc: +50% bonus attack damage during havoc spell
      • Same as above.
    • Healing Antidote: Cure Poison spell will additionally heal the dragon
      • ...for 3% of the dragon's HP
    • Enhanced Fireball: +20% Fireball spell damage
      • Same as above.
    • Enhanced (insert spell here)
      • Etc etc.

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      Its pretty vague on how we are supposed to research past green with dragons comming out 5x faster than we can earn them so we cant earn more green eggs.

      the farm/lumber research says it protects but it doesnt seem too so you might want to fix that.

      some research no longer works and was broken a year ago , I cant recall which ones hut can check.


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        I'm having issues with this new update. It's kind of important, considering this is how private conversations are made, with in game mail. It shows I have 5 msgs but when I tap on mail icon, there's nothing there. Could this be fixed promptly? I'd appreciate it. Thanks


        • Rakic
          Rakic commented
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          YOU have to press the arrow button to navigate through all the emails in that conversation thread.

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        Green egg research need to be decreased... For a "green" tier or gold level players that cost ist crazily high...

        We tell that many many times,... but i guess that is no priority right ?
        If i want jump over green midline research.. i need pay 70 greeneggs for 4% more damage... = 56k eggtoken ?

        The way research was, was a "cheap- makeable " midline... and from this midline a bit more expensive branches...
        But with that last area PG forgott to update it after making it larger...

        Because , as i told often , that times the game ended there... and people who already had all dragon need to spend somewhere... So over time it was for this a option..
        BUT you miss to adapt it for "BALANCE" and that is a huge problem...

        Dear PGJared , i think if you do for balance something what is a disadvantage for players, because it should be in your eyes... Then dont close your eyes when it is for players "advantage"
        Because that part nearly never happened...

        I told you when you changed the fire/ice turret for "balance" for more cost as they should be... ( There big spenders have a advantage now compared to all others)
        Then it is for sure ok to change it easier ( even if bigger spenders spendet more that days)

        Same was with dragons... when no backbreed in older times the first ones spent more... now people go faster over it because new milestones was added.

        If you agree with that PGJared , then you should know what this research center have to be easier ... for example not 70 eggs should be need there... more like 20-25 like.
        AND the next research tiers should NOT come after this side-line... it should come after that system of the midpath!

        Thank you for attention


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          I think some of you are missing the point and going way off topic here.

          I think what PGJared is looking for is more along the lines of this.

          "Fortified Lumber Stockpiles = +5% Storage building wood protection". This would read easier as simply "Increased Mills Protection" or something like that.

          Note that hat I didn't mention that this research does or does not work or complain about the cost or anything else. I think he's only looking at this time to make it easier to understand what the research/rune/glyph/spell does by reading its name.

          And on on that note since all the complaints that have come up since this last update I think all runes and glyphs need to be identified in some manner if they only work with a single color spell or don't work with a single color spell.
          What, me worry?


          • DracolichKing
            DracolichKing commented
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            Solve the token cost in green and gold research first!!!!!!
            Then we'll go to next step about removing useless research.

          • Goober
            Goober commented
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            Need to get us passed green research to be even feel the need to look for fixes on research that we will never get. Probably been close to a year since I've even opened mine.

          • BoxofDemons
            BoxofDemons commented
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            CaptainC I appreciate what you are trying to do here with this example. However, it's also a terrible example because it is clearly not working and should be removed. Kind of like the mill protection was.

            The last thing we need to do is create another rune debacle to screw the players out of items. Support actually stopped responding to me about that argument.

        • #8
          Why should we help you clear up stuff when you continually ignore other threads that have important questions about important things. but hey, research is broken because of the lack of green eggs. You're welcome


          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            Low hanging fruit? Easy and quick to do, not resource intensive, one more thing off the list while they work in the background on bigger things (whatever that is)

          • GodofNoobz
            GodofNoobz commented
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            Probably the world map lol

          • Rakic
            Rakic commented
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            Definitely the world of boats

        • #9
          Agree with Red. Percentages require context (additive or multiplicative? Based on the original amount that's usually also a percentage or something else?)

          There are some instances where the wording on otherwise identical researches are different. Ballista poison duration, incubation speed, and a few others. Usually just missing or adding a word, but the inconsistency is a bit jarring.


          • #10
            % to resistance spell

            All of these, do you have to already have the resist and this research simply makes it stronger? Or does it add this resist to every dragon you have?


            • #11
              +4% sorcerer attack
              +4% sorcerer damage

              What is the difference?


              • PGJared
                PGJared commented
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                Where are these shown?

              • MaQleod
                MaQleod commented
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                PGJared +4% damage is at end of green tree and links right to +4 attack at start of gold tree

            • #12
              I don't give a shit what you call them because I'll never have the green eggs to go back and start research again. Yeah, I'm going to drop hundreds of thousands of egg tokens to go back and get green eggs When I'm 2 tiers behind(make that three in sept) and the dragons cost 200k to get. I don't even look at the research hut anymore and haven't in over a year. Pfft


              • CaptainC
                CaptainC commented
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                I only look at it if by some accident of what I'm currently breeding the little balloon pops up saying research. I haven't wasted tokens on research eggs in longer than I can remember.

            • #13
              Research matters? News to me haven't touched that shit in ages because pg refuses to address it.

              FYI for all those upset at green, gold is ten times worse. Enjoy. No one cares about the wording because no one cares about research because y'all haven't cared to fix it.


              • #14
                Is unclear for research on eggs once you pass the tier, i.e. if you want to back track to missed research how do you breed eggs you already have when all tier dragons accomplished?
                The runes seem mostly self explanatory but for inverted and reverse... they really do the same bc they kinda mean the same... might just be bc they were the same for so long... only other id say is the special runes don't seem to go anywhere and confuse lower lvl players.. assuming it isn't all about higher players


                • Rakic
                  Rakic commented
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                  Research is for the very rich or very stupid or both. Commoners needn't be concerned with anything past the first few levels of green research.

              • #15
                can research if we want and spend/not if want... is a game and no need to allude to people as stupid when you disagree.