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" EMI schemes on Value Packs "

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  • " EMI schemes on Value Packs "

    Hey everyone, here I go with a new idea that would make the purchase of value packs easier and make the game even more fun and interesting. There is already an credit card payment scheme , gift cards and other means which were all a spot payment methods . WarDragons community must start up providing an EMI scheme ( easy monthly instalment ) for first two costliest packs . This would allow everyone to reduce the burden of having to pay huge at once . Rather they can split up and pay as instalments which is a great advantage for players as well as the WarDragons community . Please support the idea if you like this idea and wish this would be worthy .
    Thanks and regards ,

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    Could you explain it better?
    Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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      You buy a pack, bring two friends, they buy a pack each and bring two friends each who also buy packs.....


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        Okay here is what I actually meant . EMI scheme ( easy monthly instalment ) is a scheme that reduce the burden to the payer by split and pay it on instalments instead of complete down payment . For eg . A rules pack costs around $120 is a big payment that everyone cannot afford to pay and neglect as they see the cost . But if there is an EMI payment scheme , people can split and pay the amount with their credit card , which by means reduce the burden to pay huge , gives a better benefit for users as it can give more worthier prize and the amount to be paid is also received to concerned team .
        An example :
        By taking an EMI for 3 or 6 months , the total amount is divided equally I.e., $120 value pack can be paid as $20*6 or $40*3 months payment
        So this is the key idea of my message , this can benefit users and bring more interest on games . More benefits , more fun . For any assistance contact me anytime.
        Thanks and regards


        • Fairyknight
          Fairyknight commented
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          Why don't you buy a 20$ giftcard each month and use them after 6 months. It won't make a difference to you, but wouldn't need to pay interest either.

        • NinAK
          NinAK commented
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          If you can't afford the packs you shouldn't be spending money on games

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        This has scams written all over it. Give the first payment, receive your goods, then have your credit card cancelled and the rest of the payments don't go through lol.

        I also agree with the fact that if you don't have the money to purchase them at once and you need them to be spread out over a period of time, you prooooobably shouldn't even be purchasing them in the first place.


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          Why would you use wording such as scheme? Lol, that's not a very ethical word when it comes to pitching legit ideas lol. Also why don't you just link a credit card to your account and just buy a pack and pay the min required to the credit card company. It's the sure way to bury yourself in debt as a large population has already. When shit hits the fan just hit the bankruptcy button and do it all over again lol.


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            If you can't afford the house with 5 bedrooms, and a pool, maybe just stick to the 4 bedroom with no pool, and stop having kids....


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              Hey guys ,
              so this is what makes a difference. Everyone are not rich . The game should be flexible for both rich and poor as well so they too can enjoy it . Because the needs and wants of human are always high . So this is one solution where they can satisfy getting their wishes too .


              • GodofNoobz
                GodofNoobz commented
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                Get a credit card buy packs and pay the min $20 per month, problem solved.

              • Mechengg
                Mechengg commented
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                Or just buy the $20 packs instead of the $100 packs lol.

              • Indi123
                Indi123 commented
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                As someone said above, if you can't afford it you shouldn't buy it. Hold the front page: a poor person can't afford the same as a rich person. Welcome to the real world. Bill Gates can afford a helicopter, I can't. Do I expect to be able to get a helicopter because my shitty car isn't as enjoyable to travel in? No, I accept that some things in life are beyond my reach financially.

                People can enjoy this game without spending a lot of money, or any money at all. The majority of stuff is attainable with effort, it just takes longer. And there are FREE divine dragons every season, for which every person, free to play or not, can obtain at least one at high level.

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              Not like us agreeing its a good idea is going to make it a thing anyway. Pitch it to the cfo or something.


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                Pugalendhi You're talking about spending expendable income, and in a game that has $5-$100 packs you can buy to accommodate a range of expendable incomes. Every single thing in a capitalist society works off of buying in bulk to get a discount. Why would this be any different.

                Not to completely crap on you about this, but your model on the idea has way too many issues with it, and is not a good model by any standards for any company to use with any reliability.

                However, let's come to a compromise, and try to give your idea a reasonable model that could use some of your Idea.

                1st Idea. $19.99 Platinum Elite Account- Monthly subscription service; Gives you Elite account, and instead of normal Elite, you gain +100% XP, Respurces are boosted to +70%, x2.5 Egg Tokens, 2 Buildings at a time, and +5% building speed. In addition to this you get to choose a value pack worth $9.99 per month, and for each month of successive subscription, you gain bonuses. First month starts out small, 2nd month is better, so in and so on, caps at around 6 months, and every month you get these additional rewards, as long as you keep your subscription going.

                2nd idea. Bonuses based on amount of money spent, every time you reach $100 spent in small packs, thus shouldn't be as good as buying the $100 pack outright, but it's something. But if you're going to do this, there should also be something like that for the bigger packs too. So maybe instead of once you by this $ amount, maybe it should be once you by 5x any tier of pack, you get a loyalty bonus.