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A little birdie told me

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  • A little birdie told me

    ...that the next major event is going to be a feeding/xp extravaganza.

    I, personally, would have preferred the "normal" building event as it would have allowed me to score much higher and get more sigils as long as it is half prize.

    It does make me wonder if this is intentional or not.

    I'm not so sure that I'll even be able to gather many prices there since "foodland" is gonna be a barren, deserted mining town after a deep coalfire.

    Considering that even my dragons already take 200k+ food per level yet I can only *coughcough* "farm" (during the event) roughly 5-6k per atk...well you do the math.

    +there is still no food protection (as for wood) in-game so... you still have time to reconsider doing food protection etc first and then have your xp/feed event

    Pretty please?

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    Wait till you get to Emerald which eat more than 1 Mio. per level.


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      Just to clarify something.

      1. I do NOT have a problem with said event but I would not prefer it being next and not to occur at all until food protection as well the food economy have been addressed/fixed

      2. For the majority of players (sorry levelcapped folks) a building event, as would be its "turn" next, helps in terms of game progression (at least it does for me) whereas a level/xp event is nice in terms of diversity but rather presents an enormous STOP sign in terms of progression as leveling happens along the way etc

      Hope that underlines/clarifies my request/ underlying reasoning


      • TheRedDelilah
        TheRedDelilah commented
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        I made my proposal before things got fixed. The proposal is old and was made the first week of April.

        This event is just feeding, if it is like the last several iterations of this event.

      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Red's food proposal was implemented (farm max level increased).

        So it is no longer a proposal lol.

      • MaQleod
        MaQleod commented
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        Food economy has been much better lately from my perspective. I've been able to easily acquire up to 600k food when I need to feed dragons. I usually still need a little bit of team assistance, but that is the point - none of this should be easy to do alone since it is a team game.

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      Could someone from PG please explain why this event was chosen? PGJared EggToken CampusLifer
      As the Original poster states, there are many who will be limited with how much feeding they can do. It's the second week of cheap access to the extra Divine.
      Was this a deliberate choice to reduce sigils gained in prizes?

      Also as we've mentioned numerous times this event promotes stalling progress. Players will once again stop the standard activity of feeding, just in case another of these events is just around the corner.


      • GBill
        GBill commented
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        The timing is suspicious. I'm wondering if the Chinese company (or any other) that recently bought a stake in PG wasn't leveraged, and are now wringing PG dry for every cent. Because clearly PG's priorities lie with its investors rather than its fanbase, you know the ones pumping real money into the game because they love it, apparently more than PG does.

      • NinAK
        NinAK commented
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        I obviously don't work for pocket gems but it is also obvious why it's an xp transfer event. New season, big spenders already have all the emerald stones and they need to get rewarded for gem xp'ing thier new divines

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      iirc, it was stated that we can probably plan on seeing the feed event once each season from now on, that's not too frequent, imo, and players should still be able to level their primary dragons while holding a couple of breeders back banking xp just in case this event pops up from time to time.

      what's odd this time is the timing of it, as already stated (emerald mythics recently released, so lots of whales probably already got them to expert, plus it's the second week of the season and final week of the half price sidebar drag, and it's occurring before a fort event so there's probably a decent number of players who have dragons den capped that will be hamstrung during this event), and it's also different in that last season, they ran it in place of a major event, now it's running in the minor event spot, which pushes fort back 2 weeks and the next breed back another 2 weeks.

      anyway, personally I don't mind the feed event, especially if it's once a season. it's fairly easy to bank some xp on some drags and keep them in the den just in case this event pops up without any notice (like this week). I wonder if food to the perch still counts?
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      • SilentOne
        SilentOne commented
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        We shouldn't be being encouraged to hold anything back! That's what makes this whole event stupid.

      • Rakic
        Rakic commented
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        I don't..I just have so many shitty dragons that I never fed because the food economy was/is so whack. I'll just go back and feed some turds. Thanks for the useless event 🙌

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      The feeding event last time really did a great job at helping to fix the food economy by providing an influx of food to players as well as taking a lot of dragons out of the "need to feed" pool in their dens. So I actually liked the previous feeding event.

      However the more ideal timing would have been to happen directly after a fort event so players could level up to the next den level and unlock their dragons. Right now I have 72 expert dragons and nearly all the rest are den capped so I won't be getting very many points except for perch feedings this event. Even though I have a few million in food packs I'll just save em for next feeding event instead of leveling outside of fort


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        I agree with Mechengg that the last feeding event helped the food drought that was in the game (which I figured it would have had the opposite effect) but I disagree with how quickly this is run again. At a minimum this should be every 6 months if not longer to allow middle tier players to actually get a dragon or 2 bred (thanks to the crappy and unfixed egg token issue) so we have something to feed.


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          FOOD and Storage
          If the food issue is fixed. I am not seeing more food protected. My capped divines take so much more food than I will ever be able to gather during events. A 200-300k protection of food is nothing for a dragon requiring millions

          i would very much like to see storage protection be significantly higher than it currently is.

          My matches rarely give more food than 30k per raid except for the 400+ levels which I cannot succeed raiding. During a feeding or training event food is non existent even with team gathering for me.

          help protect more....


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            I don't have any information on what the next event is. It's complete news to me if the next event is XP-gaining/feeding.


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            Nice --- In the future I suggest you check out the creators faction websites for news like this.


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            I think it's pretty obvious what the intent of running this event now is - to drain the food from the economy because it has gotten more plentiful . After this event, I'm fairly sure we'll be quickly back to a food shortage.


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              Everything PG do is deliberately aimed at maximising revenue. This is often (normally?) at the expense of doing things that would make the game more enjoyable for the average player. It's to be expected to a point, but I wish they would adjust the levers slightly back toward the 'fun' end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, their model appears very short sighted in nature. I've come to accept them for what they are. Interesting, PG have removed their old values (including 'fun comes first') from their website.


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                The correct way to do this event, would be to combine it with breeding. That's all that needs to be said, about this whole situation.


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                  Of course everything PG does is aimed at revenue. It's their jobs, it's how they earn their living, pay their bills, support their families, save for their future..... I'm pretty sure WD isnt developed so us players can enjoy lunch breaks a little more, lol. I hope they make money, so that the game continues. Let's be realistic guys.
                  just my one cents worth. It was two but PG took one!!! Those bastards!!! Lol🤣🤣🤣


                  • Rakic
                    Rakic commented
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                    Got to keep the lights on. People shouldn't get value for their entertainment. That's just silly. We need to donate to pg they are a small team of hard working developers. Besides the chinese need their 90 million investment back and we're going to pay for it one event at a time; major, minor and mini.

                  • Flames0
                    Flames0 commented
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                    Any company that cares only about revenue and not the product quality, customer experience or customer service, is doomed to failure sooner or later.
                    Revenue has to be balanced with other things, and currently PG aren't doing this balancing very well, hence the numerous complaints of greed.

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                  Wow. I am impressed that this got the response it did. Looks like I am not the only one not wanting this right now

                  I did expect the feed event to reoccur, as many of you have stated, just not right now and not as a major event.

                  There is literally NO point whatsoever (from my humble perspective) to have this run for 4 days straight.

                  The last 48hrs will see everyone scramble for scraps and still not getting anywhere as (based on my XP from the last iteration of this event) as soon as you get 3 digits in terms of food.....POOF! Defend yourself!

                  And since the minimum food requirement of any of my dragons is 200k+ well lol

                  Anyhow RIP half sigils needed since I wont be getting many this event.

                  Thanks for nothing in regard to this PG. Not a cool move.

                  Even though I have a few banked dragons ready to be leveled, I already know that there is no way in Hell that I will be able to acquire 2mill+ food at my level. Not within 4 days and not during a feeding frenzy event.


                  if all of this is such news to you, maybe, you need to check with your superiors regarding this matter in the future since you are the one "stuck" in the forums having to "deal" with us being disgruntled, disappointed, nagging and complaining

                  Aforementioned comment regarding feeding event made by official staff:

                  Refer to: Forum > Events > Page 2 > Topic: Feeding event being rekindled or not > Scroll down > roughly 5th-6th comment made by Echo > "Expect feeding event [...] very near future" (around 4 days ago )

                  (On Phone can't be asked tapping around to just link it)
                  Last edited by Ohotastic; 06-14-2017, 03:12 AM.