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Mini Event . . . I like it.

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  • Mini Event . . . I like it.

    Personally I like the mini event and I don't think it's a such a rss waste for 90% of players either. You just need to be smart about it.

    This event runs for 48 hours. That's 52 attacks for free. I don't plan on buying any extra energy and still expect to reach my "goal."

    Right now I haven't bred a Garnet Dragon (next event, can't wait) so my best AP caps between 20-24 million. Which means I expect to cap in the event around the level 35 check point, possibly 40 depending on base layout. At level 35 without bonus points I will be at 630k. With bonus point I expect to get the 150 sigil reward and that will give me 525 sigil more than I had before. Maybe depending on drop rate I could be convinced to buy energy to keep attacking if the drops are good in the 30s but I'll be fine either way.

    Not sure why everyone is crying that they aren't spending energy on this event like it's a big deal. If you are below level 84 you will doing good to get to the level 20 checkpoint. If you can't do 20 levels with free energy then you probably shouldn't get there anyway. I had a teammate that is 81 buy 100 energy and he can't get passed level 18. So he's basically done with the event. Now that is a waste of 10 energy packs.

    I get the whole league restructure has some people pissed as they are earning less sigil from team rewards. But it was needed. My team went from sapphire with top 10 finishes, so 625+ sigil each week to Platinum II, which has a max of 500 sigil. So I'm in the same boat as most. And as was expected the competition this week was far harder than the competition in any of the prior weeks when we were in sapphire.

    I don't think this mini event was introduced as a way for everyone to make up for that loss of sigil from the league restructure, maybe just a way to soften the blow. Same goes for the new divine tiers and the sigil cost for each. Just because you were able to complete all 3 and the mythic last season doesn't mean it should be that easy again and again and again. And if you barely cleared 2 lines count it lucky and move on. If too many people were getting too much I don't think it's bad that it was "scaled back" and made harder so getting the Mythic was more of an elite status then "oh you got Morphos also." I understand the feeling that it's like something is being taken away from you but get over it and move on.

    I'll finish my rant by saying I wish I could place in the top 25 on the global leader board. Those glyphs.

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    And the cheese stands alone.


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      While I agree with the sentiment of "if you wasted energy on this, it's your own fault", I don't think it compensates for the prize nerfs on the divine tier, or the raise in costs, or the status symbol of (let's face it) buying the divine. It's past the point of being determined by skill or time commitment, and is purely spending alone that gets you that top divine. I consider those things meaningless beyond "oh wow you spend a lot of money on this game!" The cool thing about this event is that the bonus points can't be bought, so it's actually a sign of skill to have the highest score, once you've reached the end.


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        I agree with everything Kitten said, I like the idea of a mini event, and I do appreciate "free" stuff, but the prizes are kind of sorry I have to say


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          The prizes are nothing to write home sure. But this is a freebie that wasn't here before. And it gives you something to do between "main" events besides the usual.

          And you basically had to pay to get to the mythical divine before. It sucks that the cost increased but if everyone and their mom was getting it before you could have predicted something like this. I'm sure PG has an ideal number of mythical dragons they expect to be hatched and if that number is way high or way low they will adjust accordingly.


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            Hi. Somehow we ended up with 8 threads on the same minievent topic. Closing dupe threads. Please continue the conversation here in the consolidated thread: