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White is not a Color. *Runes*

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  • White is not a Color. *Runes*


    Remember when we got Tarrand and the event bracket line had a Mythic Double Blast rune? You were so excited because it made sense. Remember when that rune worked? So do we!

    It could have been during the great rune debacle that things went downhill, you know, when the question was:

    "If all inverts are reverse projectiles, but not all reverse projectiles are inverts, what percentage of your dragons are screwed?"

    More recently we have been wondering what is up with the Double Blast Rune on Tarrand and Sage. They said runes work with the spells of the same name, right? Wrong.

    In the most recent discussions with PG "help" it was discovered that colored (meaning red or blue) runes do not work with white spells since the most recent rune update. Whenever that was. Gone are the rules, or even the suggestions, that putting a rune with the same name as a spell on your dragon begets magic.

    To "assist" PG is willing to remove your runes for you on affected dragons, but as a courtesy. Because it's your fault you used them as instructed the first time. It's like IKEA sending you a new type of screw for your desk that you now have to disassemble and put back together. But don't worry! Your rune dust is only not returned, your rune will only go back level 1, and you won't be able to do it again because shame on you.

    Update: As an update to the rune situation... according to sources if you have the rune removed it will retain its level at expert. HOWEVER, it is looking like despite its non-affect on the dragon abilities, removing it drops your dragon's attack power- significantly.
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    I think that's what bothers me most about this whole thing. The attitude that they are doing us a favor if we go begging to them to fix a problem they created. If the last update disabled these runes for white spells then that should have been clearly noted in the release notes and the runes should have been removed from the effected dragons and returned to our inventory automatically without us having to beg for it to be done.

    What, me worry?


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      Not only that but my response from Support actually suggests it's my responsibility to know which dragons are affected!
      How the heck would I know what the hell they've done in the background to change the effects of of runes on my dragons.

      Didn't they 'fix' Fae? Well Fae has a Legendary Ice Shock Glyph to go with her White Ice Shock boost.
      So does that mean even though they're giving these runes away with the dragons, that we shouldn't be using them for the dragons we earn and on the way receive these runes?

      Where are the instructions? How on earth are we supposed to know what will and will not work?
      If it's not going to work, we shouldn't have the option to equip it. That would solve all sorts of problems.


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        Edit: Disregard - misleading info
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        • Sandberg74
          Sandberg74 commented
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          They removed runes for me, and they were still expert afterward.

        • ITIL
          ITIL commented
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          Sandberg74 Thanks for the clarification. Box's OP had made it seem like they start at L1 after getting returned.

        • BoxofDemons
          BoxofDemons commented
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          Yeah sorry if that caused confusion. When my first member did it, it was reported it was not expert. When the second one did it, it was expert. I actually put and "update" at the type instead of changing the post because it's better not to make edits to the original.

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        Yea these mythic and legend explosive shield runes were awarded in the season tiers of these dragons so naturally we all assumed they went with them... now we find out they have 0 effect, these should be awarded back to people with Tarrand and or sage!!


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          After a round of "clearing up confusion".. confusion that didn't exist until after that "clearing up", and then an announcement from then on that runes and skills will work together if the names match, we have runes that identically match the name of a skill in the prize line with a dragon that has that skill, and yet it doesn't work because of a new unwritten, unannounced rule that "white skills don't count". So basically, PG has set up a trap by putting runes that don't work on the dragons they're in line with, and by every other possible indication, including everything PG has said previously about fixing naming conventions, should work. Except it doesn't.

          Prime example of "don't fix what aint broken". In this case, they broke things that weren't broken before, AND failed completely at fixing the things that were supposed to be fixed, so congratulations on that. PG, if you still have the old rune code, please just swap it back in. It's better in every conceivable way.


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            So here's what I got from Support:

            The thing is that it's meant to work exactly like you said: runes and glyphs will only work with spells if they match the spell's name. However, there is a known issue at the moment where this is not the case when it comes to white spells. The team is looking into getting this resolved ASAP, though there is not currently an ETA for the fix. It's not that we nerfed or changed something without telling everyone, it's ust that an issue came up and we're doing something to help fix it in the meantime.

            Does this mean... When they fix it those runes will work as intended on Tarand and Sage and we didn't need to have them removed?

            Why do they have to make things so overly complicated!


            • ITIL
              ITIL commented
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              The fix could also just be that there's a separate set of runes, just depends on what they do with them? I don't have other dragons that'd use them myself, so I'll probably leave them... . It seems like a waste for them to be stuck on a blue explosive shield dragon.

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            So does this work with research as well? Will the "white chain lightning" not have +2 bounces as well? If so, not only will it do less damage and not take chain lightning runes, it will hit less targets?
            I suddenly regret taking Borg. Half of his kit is busted.


            • SilentOne
              SilentOne commented
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              Borgian should be fine, if you look at the above screenshots it basically says, if it's a new spell which doesn't have corresponding coloured spells, such as Thunderbolt, it's not effected.

            • ITIL
              ITIL commented
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              Echo addressed lightning bounce research not affecting it here, which means that runes shouldn't either, considering that white explosive shield isn't benefited by the blue version's runes -

            • BoxofDemons
              BoxofDemons commented
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              Also according to the website it is "thunderbolt" and not "chain lightning." Therefore the research will not work (clarified) and should need a special rune, IF one becomes available.

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            The new rune debacle has dropped both my Tarand and my Sage attack severely. PG says that double blast will not work on a white explosive shield. Pg says that the colored runes (blue and red) will no longer work on white spells. That must mean that the blue Explosive shield no longer works either. I worked hard for my Tarand and Sage I have all legendary and mythic fully enhanced on both of them. I am very disappointed and also disgusted with PG's lack of common sense when making these changes. Customers should come first for a successful experience. Their lack of responsibility for these very misaken changes is beyond belief.

            What runes are available for our divine dragons? Rage ( which RARELY drop any more). What is the point of the rune system if we cannot use runes to strengthen our dragons. White spells all but one cost rage...the new dragons white spells cost even more rage. This is beyond being idiotic it feels like PG wants us to quit

            I've spent a lot of money for my strength and to get these Divine dragons. No longer am I able to count on any of my dragons to be predictable because PG changes the rules. In what gamer universe does a company so hurt its players?

            PG calls it restructuring, Calls it balancing the game, I call it ill conceived mis-management of a perfectly great game.. War Dragons was the best game I've played in a long time. PG has systematically broken the enthusiasm of its clientele .

            I have very little hope that anyone in authority will even see this dramatic response from their clients. I have very little hope that the general outcry of the players will do anything. The old PG/support was amazing, responsive and dedicated. Now it feels they are struggling to support the wild , inconsistent actions of the developers. That support remains polite to all of us that complain is remarkable. This isn't the support staffs issues it's the coders, accountants, and developers responsibility

            perhaps the CEO needs to be replaced or whoever is making these silly decisions. Please make it happen, Make it better for all of us who love this game and don't want to have to find a new one.

            Together we may make a difference. Alone nothing happens.



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              Please PG fix things that aren't working before rolling out new updates. You should have a group of players that would work out kinks before rolling out.