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All admins fired or on vacation?

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  • All admins fired or on vacation?

    EggToken PGJared CampusLifer Pixxel

    Did you all get fired and/or go on vacation all at the same time? 🤔

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    I think it's a new tactic by the company. Ignore our complaints and maybe we will go careful what you wish for......


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      They always launch events or have specials after their normal business hours or on weekends. Probably intentional so they have an excuse to ignore the feedback and hope it goes away or calms down by the time they get back to work. Then again as we've all seen if there's an error or glitch or exploit that affects PGs revenue it gets fixed immediately regardless of the time of day.


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        I'm not sure what you mean -- I replied to a few threads yesterday.

        that said, my primary job description right now is working on the engineering to improve our app security. (Admittedly itd severely lacking and I have a long road and lot of work to do). I just comment on the forums in my free time in my pajamas because I already know the answer and because I care. I generally don't respond to threads talking on topics like events and dragon, spells, rewards because I haven't worked on those things in a few years and I'm not in touch with what's the correct information.
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        • Goober
          Goober commented
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          I was just looking for s response from anyone. We're having major issues in back breeds yet again and there has been no response from anyone since the update came out. Something regarding the issue would be great. But, there's been nothing.

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        I don't really understand why you commented here. It doesn't really mean anything if you can't do anything.


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          Now why did you have to go and add the pajamas detail... you know the forum trolls are going to pounce on that and give you grief...

          lol. Uh oh. I guess that means me.
          /shrug Have a good weekend
          Lead Pyroclast - Built2Burn


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            Hi. Sorry I don't have any information on back-breeds.

            Ive sent a note to the the dragon pod about It.

            The last time I personally was working on our dragons&spells pod, we were slaving away making the dragon named Ettin 😆

            CampusLifer --- signing off in PJs on Saturday about to cook lunch for my family
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              Lol if I was a manager at a company or leadership, had employees getting paid AND my customer base had issues that weren't being dealt with. Saw that it's happening had to login on my day off to say something. I'd be pretty upset at the employees working... for essentially not doing their job... management 101

              so I would like to suggest either to ask the employees to do something OR if they are infact working on a fix, update the player base with either a simple email or a message on forums.

              we are the costumers as is stated over and over you do need to keep the lights on... so if we are paying for it least give us the courtesy of updating people that spend thousands on the game because they "love" it.


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                Have a great weekend cl!

                goobs -- pg has been clear that it does need to read or comment on forum posts. They have said any issues with game should be handled with support tickets. Jarad has been clear, this is not a place to report anything.

                i am sure support will be able to help you. They are usually really good at answering questions.

                good luck my friend.


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                  how about this? this falls squarely in your anti cheat domain


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                    Are we left totally on our own now?


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                      Not alone, we always have our cute yellow monkey


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                        Maybe they are all working on War Dragons.... probably not. Maybe making deals to sell.....


                        • vin28
                          vin28 commented
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                          I think their entire focus is on boats worldmap now they think they can shift his player base to a completely different game. They have almost given up on rest of the stuff e.g Spells broken, Runes broken, Servers broken, Wars broken, Storage broken, Economy broken.

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                        Dear super cynical people:

                        The War Dragons R&D team continues to dedicate a huge team (and portion of our overall team) to spells, bugfixes, and bugfixes to spells.

                        Pretty much every update in the last 3 months has had "bugfixes to spells" as one of the major line items.
                        • v3.21 release notes
                          • Fixed an issue in which players would disconnect when using free target spells
                          • Fixed various spell bugs that were found in Version 3.20
                        • v3.20 release notes
                          • Changes to game engine that should make spells with visual effects better align with their durations (ex: Lockdown).
                          • Fixed an issue where the visual effect for Noxious Vines would persist past its intended duration.
                          • Fixed an issue where damage for certain spells like Galvanic Overload would be capped at 1 million damage.
                          • Adjusted spell description for Galvanic Overload to be consistent in different locations.
                          • Added missing spell icons to floating battle text.
                          • Fixed floating battle text to appropriately distinguish between the spells Invert and Reverse Projectiles.
                          • Fixed an issue where “Spell Blocked” would appear too many times when Southern Cross was cast on a Red Mage Tower.
                          • Fixed an issue where Healing Mark runes were healing much less than expected.
                          • Buff spells will now show the visual effect of the most recently cast spell. Duration of existing buffs are unchanged.
                          • Runes and research that affect Rejuvenate spells now add to the healing duration instead of reducing it. This means additional healing from those runes over more time instead of the base amount of healing in shorter time.
                          • Windwall now also blocks Fire Turret basic attacks.
                          • Fixed an exploit where Chain Lightning did not break Cloak when queued or cast.
                          • Damage-over-time spells are now separated by type i.e. poison, burn, etc.
                          • In preparation for the introduction of new Mythic Emerald tier dragons, Dark Flak damage is now classified as “Elemental” damage and not a projectile. This means Invert and Reverse Projectiles will not work against Flak Towers and Crystalline Shield will reduce their damage by 50% per attack.
                          • Dark Flak Towers now grant Lockdown from Steal Essence.
                        • v3.20 release notes
                          • Multiple spell fixes. Please visit the post HERE for specific details about which spells were affected and investigated.
                        • v3.00 release notes
                          • Restricted certain spell/consumable combinations to prevent unintended spell behavior. (For example: Invincibility Shield and Steal Essence’s stolen Storm Tower shield cannot be used together.)
                          • Fixed an issue that would cause buildings to regain lost health when Desiccating Sandstorm was cast during Timeshift.
                          • Fixed a graphical issue with Timeshift where the clock animation would not appear.
                          • Fixed an issue where Invincibility would be recast when using Sacrifice.
                          • Fixed an issue with Rising Phoenix that would sometimes cause the dragon to become invisible on-screen.
                          • Fixed an issue with Ice Shock where the freeze effect would immediately expire.
                          • Fixed a hitbox issue where area spells like Fireball and Freeze would sometimes not deal damage when cast.
                          • Fixed an issue with Frozen Tomb where additional casts of the spell would incorrectly “unfreeze” towers first instead of refreshing the duration.
                          • Fixed an issue with Crumble to Dust where the second activation would sometimes (rarely) fail.
                          • Fixed an issue where Freeze would be unaffected by Red Mage Towers.
                          • Fixed issues with Lockdown where sometimes the net animation would not appear, or the tower affected would seemingly not be disabled.
                          • Shadow Healing from research has been increased to 5% healing done.
                          • Fixed a rare issue where dragons’ attacks would be disabled after the Havoc spell expired.
                          • Fixed an issue with Northern Lights where the shield and healing mark animations would not appear when using the spell.
                          • Fixed a visual bug with Invincibility shields persisting through the use of Steal Essence.
                          • Fixed unintended behavior with Crystalline Shield.
                          • Fixed an issue where Lockdown consumables would prevent Warrior dragons from being able to attack.
                          • The rewind effect of Timeshift can only be used twice, but the cloak effect can be used more than that.
                          • Crystalline shield does not guard against debuffs (i.e. Trebuchet Supershot stun), only damage.
                          • Nocturnal Fissure only regenerates health when Empowered. When not empowered, it will destroy projectiles for 4 seconds. Updated spell tooltip.
                        • v2.91 release notes
                          • Fixed a freezing issue with casting Chain Lightning while the dragon is turning along its flight path.
                          • Fixed an issue where the graphic for Invincibility Shield would persist too long on dragons that have used Steal Essence on a Storm Tower.
                        • v2.80 release notes
                          • Fixed a graphical issue with the Battlecry spell causing some dragons to burst into flames.
                          • Fixed a graphical issue where the Evasion spell would fail to display when cast.
                          • Fixed an issue with Crystalline Shield where after multiple uses in the same attack the dragon would unintentionally take increased damage.​​​​​​​

                        For sure there's more to do, and sometimes we introduce new problems when we try to fix things. but for sure it's incorrect to say that we're not putting any energy or resources into improving the codebase of our spells & towers.


                        • Spooky
                          Spooky commented
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                          I will admit to being a generally cynical person, but I would invite you to compare the level of dev interaction/time/level of engagement in the world map beta forum vs the forums for the game proper and tell me you don't see a sharp difference that might cause you to suspect certain things.

                          You post here a lot but your knowledge is obviously confined to your work tasking. The other admins and our player representative are quite scarce around here. If we have comments to beta--PGDave spends a lot of time engaging with them. Questions or comments about the sigil chests, the league restructure and so forth? Nothing comparable.

                        • Rhaurk
                          Rhaurk commented
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                          For certain, there are good and important fixes in that list.

                          Looking at the whole picture (not just code fixes and hacker bannings), there are definitely some big concerns. Fundamentals like the supposed big announcement about egg tokens come to mind.

                          I get that priorities change and the team has to adapt. Tough decisions have to be made but to me it doesn't seem that player benefit is more than a trivial consideration. Take runes for example - I can understand that something had to be done but many players felt cheated because of how the prize tiers were laid out. I'm not asking for a promise of what will happen and when - I want the comfort of knowing there is a clear vision in place along with a consistent set of values. Things WILL go wrong and that is perfectly okay - when communication is good. The chest fiasco over the last two weeks was disappointing but could yield vast improvements if the team were set up for success.

                          It's a bit like treating a patient's pain by fluffing pillows and adjusting the window shades. Yes, that helps but there's not much to suggest anyone is thinking about the medicine involved or even a treatment plan.

                          I know there is passion behind the scenes but it is difficult to stay positive as a player when we feel so neglected.

                          Thank you for the effort you put in. I wish it weren't so undermined by so much else.

                        • ITIL
                          ITIL commented
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                          It would still be nice to know which "Fixed various spell bugs that were found in Version 3.20" were expected to be fixed vs which have fixes pending. Also, support likes pointing out the known issues list, but I still don't see the white explosive shield being incompatible with explosive shield runes (explosive shield and double blast) on there.


                          Also, we don't have access to dev-test/122124-war-dragons-v3-00-spell-fixes .

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                        Dear super cynical people.

                        Please reread last line of my post:

                        > For sure there's more to do, and sometimes we introduce new problems when we try to fix things.
                        > but for sure it's incorrect to say that we're not putting any energy or resources into improving the codebase of our spells & towers.

                        The point of my post wasn't to say "everything is perfect" and wasn't to say that "we're moving as fast as we'd like" and wasn't to say "there haven't been problems"

                        My point is: It's false to state that we're not putting in any effort into trying to improve our spell codebase. For sure, we're working on it. A huge portion of our effort goes into this. I actually don't think we could assign anyone else to it without more people stepping on each other's toes and causing even more bugs. Obviously we wish it was going faster and that we didn't run into problems along the way.

                        Also, certainly you could respond to my post by listing some other problem (e.g., eggtokens) --- but that's not the point I'm trying to make. The point I was responding to was a meme around people saying "no effort is going into improving the battle experience" --- that's definitely not true.
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                        • Valkorn
                          Valkorn commented
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                          I don't think it's that cynical to question the activity of the admins other than yourself. If you simply look at the profiles of Jared, token, punch or echo it tells you how often they have been on the forums. Most of them haven't posted in over a week (until token just posted the summer preview). This is especially frusterating when important questions like the status of the Jul backbreed, and what's happening with the super sigil chests don't get addressed by any of the admins. Let alone the constant promises of game improvements and increased transparency which never seem to come to fruition.

                        • Gary2975
                          Gary2975 commented
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                          There's no need to be so patronising of your customers by addressing them as "super cynical people". Customers of PG have PLENTY of legitimate reasons to be unhappy with the service you are providing. There's no need to be so antagonistic towards us.