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A Warning to Players without the Beta

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    And the sad part really is that as usual there is no response or even acknowledgement here that CampusLifer EggToken or PGDave has even read this thread or cares about what anyone here has posted.
    What, me worry?


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      Thanks, Indi, that's pretty much what I meant, i just couldn't raise all the concerns since I don't know what it's like exactly, but for some reason I seriously doubt they will bring all participating teams' progress to zero, when others will be joining, so seems kinda unfair.


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        I definitely read every thread, including this one.

        CaptainC, I'm not sure why you would accuse me of not caring when you have access to the beta forum and can see me writing long daily responses to this subject.

        There are hundreds and hundreds of threads and probably thousands of posts there --- I'm not going to rehash the thousands of posts of discussion just because some of my post paragraphs are being cut & pasted out of context. I'm not going to shut down a thread like this, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be goaded into responding to every thread.

        Every point in this thread has been brought up numerous times with long back and forth discussions repeatedly in the beta forum. PGDave, EggToken and myself have spent hours on a daily basis doing research and writing long responses. I'm not going to replicate the whole thing again out of context. We have a beta forum for a reason.
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        • gaza8143
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          CampusLifer I have to agree with CaptainC on this one. Ill use the following as an example - today on the forums there were 10 threads on the recent nerf to our paid runes on explosive shield the only one you respond to is a super negative one and your response is to close the thread. Then you don't even bother providing feedback on any of the other 9 threads.

          Any indepent person will tell you that this behavour is the equivilent of giving us all the double bird.

          A more appropriate response would be to firstly acknowledge the issue and address peoples concerns on the main thread and then close or merge the rest of them.

          A year ago you used to add heaps of value to the forums and provides some really interesting insights from a programming perspective but of recent times your responses have been very blunt or copy and paste jobs, the value you provide on these forums has dimnished significantly in the last 3 months.

          Part of that is probaly because every second post here is negative and we have to a degree worn you down with constant complaints but I feel that the majority of these complaints are fairly well justified and usually as a result of poor communication by PG to the players or even vague communication.

        • CampusLifer
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          gaza8143 I assume you're talking about this thread:

          Here's why I closed it: (1) it's a snarky and non constructive way to open a duplicate thread on a topic which is clearly already being talked about elsewhere (2) it's spreading misinformation. It's basically trying to imply that PG doesn't comment anywhere. The very first response post by ITIL links to three different places where PG employees have replied.

        • gaza8143
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          CampusLifer I agree with you on that thread. I'm talking about the 8 other threads on same topic that were not snarky where a PG rep should provide the community some feedback ( good or bad )

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        Nicely said Brigitte25 I actually think it's great idea for Admin to be a little more informative with their plans to replace or merge War Dragons.

        But on the other hand, they probably haven't figured out how to convince everyone that the new game is actually part of the game we all downloaded πŸ˜‰

        But what do I know, I'm just a synical person who doesn't want to let go of the only online game I've been playing for almost 3 years.

        If you're into the type of game that beta brings, it's probably not bad at all. But that's my problem, there's some amazing programming and development going into there and NOTHING exciting in War Dragons.

        CampusLifer was generous enough to post in another thread all the updates and what each update did... but looking at it... it's all fixes and fixes to fix the previous fixes....

        in Beta we had sooooo many new stuff in one update that we all had to basically learn Beta all over.

        This they could manage in 9 months.

        I LOVE War Dragons and I honestly, with all my heart (and Master Card) wish they would put THAT amount of effort in War Dragons.

        So my question remains... are you using us and our inapp purchases to help you create a different app? Surely those amazing brains working on ShipShit can be used to make War Dragons more time relevant or at least start with the incorporation of the two games in stages so that ALL posts in forums aren't always this negative.


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          CampusLifer by all means then, give them context because there are people who are both here AND in the beta and we are telling you exactly what we see and how we feel about it.


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            Thank you CampusLifer for sharing with us the fact that PG doesn't care to communicate with the wider community in regards to the direction the game is taking.
            We also appreciate the fact that you've given us recoloured old dragons for Season Divines to ensure you're not wasting valuable coding time outside of the beta.
            It's great to see the request for old dragons to be made useful again being taken seriously. Kinnara returns! That's just awesome!


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              Originally posted by Panda View Post
              CampusLifer by all means then, give them context because there are people who are both here AND in the beta and we are telling you exactly what we see and how we feel about it.
              I can only speak for myself but I think it's a good idea to open up the world map forum as read-only to the entire forum community. I don't see the harm in the rest of the player base reading the threads. If anything they might have some insight or ideas that hasn't been mentioned yet, coming from new players who view the game differently...

              I understood when it was first opened and "hidden" because I thought it was going to be like a traditional beta where most of what the players did was actual traditional beta testing, i.e. "test this, test that, test A, B, C, D, E, F; test if A works while doing F, etc.

              instead it's more along the lines of "here's our latest update, we're not going to provide you with anything more than vague instructions for how things work or what things do, but please go play it and tell us what's broken"


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                Agree 100% on opening beta forums as read only to everyone not in beta. They have the right to know whats going on.


                • Marvin Lamb
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                  No transparency! It can not be allowed.

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                I also would like to see/know (without commenting abilities) in what direction the game is headed. I have had WD on my phone for probably the past 7 months and only really became active during the end of winter season (round new years).

                Now I have also spent some cash on the game. Mind you, I am only a med student so 3 digit figures over a longer timespan need to be well spent/planned/money saved for this new found hobby of mine.

                I really don't want to spend ANYTHING ANYMORE if the core game changes. I like my team, building up my base, breeding new dragons and slowly but surely becoming stronger.

                now that I am nearing the infamous triple digit levelmark and finally am starting to enjoy slightly cooler looking and skilled dragons and feeling like " I am catching up" (i know i wont ever fully but I dig trying ) I really DO NOT WANT A DIFFERENT GAME!

                I do NOT want to play age of wardragons where you literally have to spent 1000s of Euros on an app just to feel like u can actually help/support teammates etc

                I also have a degree in business and have past XP as a BDM (Bus.Dev.Man)

                You HAVE a very nicely working business model and setup! Keep improving that! Make more dragons, fix league stuff (aka quality of life improvements such as people can see the global leaderboard, fixing f.e. Airplane bug etc etc) Finish the game entirely. Get rid of all the bugs. Then get some customer feedback on where this could be headed next.

                Even if at some point there were cucumbergreendiamond dragons to breed where one egg costs 50000 pieces people would still want it.

                Dont be morons.

                You know what they say right? NEVER change a winning horse. And believe me finding something twice that a multitude of people love and are willing to spent their hard earned cash on based on a game that you change can and most likely will be a mission impossible. Barely any companies (much larger than you at PG) have ever successfully managed to pull that off. And usually it cost them a lot in the meantime. Take a look at Diablo 3 for example. Quick cash cow now its basically dead. Things move fast these days. So does customer focus.

                Don't lose it because you think you know best.

                Open the beta forums or withdraw the idea. No illustrous, elitist, select few bs pls! Because I promise you the few 100s that play that now cannot be a good substitute for everyone else. Thats why most surveys are useless no matter what technicalities and logic you apply

                Thank you.

                CampusLifer ​​​​​​
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                  I do not like your game of boats. I do not like them nope nope nope.
                  I do not like them in this game. I do not like the stupid name.
                  I do not want them put in here, I do not want them anywhere.
                  You say it was a long-term plan. I think you just don’t understand.
                  We like to play with dragons and running around shooting sand.
                  We do not want to be bankers. Come on now you silly wankers.
                  This thing of boats takes too much time. It makes me want to lose my mind.
                  My earlier statement I must take back, I think my brain was going slack.
                  I do not want you to put boats over here, but feel free to stick them in your ear.
                  It’s just like dancing on broken glass, in fact it smells like an unwiped ass.
                  The moral of this story is, you need to adhere to the dragon biz.
                  We do not like your game of boats, yet you continue to shove them down our throats.
                  We do not want them even a little bit. We think it’s like playing with a piece of shit.
                  Well I think now it’s time to go, but I hope this one thing you know;
                  We do not like your stupid boats.
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                  • Panda
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                    If this can't get them to at least comment, I don't know what will.

                  • Ohotastic
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                    I...cannot...breathe! How did I not think of this! Love it!

                  • gaza8143
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                    I'm calling it : This wins the Internet today

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                  • Rakic
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          's been ages since I even thought about that show.

                  • Ruarai
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                    Haha yes it it! πŸ˜‚ I just read rakics poem in her voice the minute he said nope nope

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                  WEB PAGE BUSY
                  Seems this web page is no longer responding, it will automatically be refreshed.

                  That, right there is about 95% of the beta experience.


                  • War fan
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                    Seems like many events, too.

                  • Kittens
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                    I have to force close between every attack in events, but it loads up pretty reliably if I go into one thing, and one thing only (battle / prizes / season / armory) between force closings of the app. Which is still completely ridiculous, but it's 10x better than the beta.