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Sigil Chest Feedback Thread

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    I wonder if anyone in charge at PG (is there anyone in charge? that might explain things like this) has oversight authority and is responsible for making sure that the company actually does what it says it will do. At times I can picture the staff as a cluster of 20somethings who brainstorm ideas but no one takes notes from one staff meeting to another.
    I just started playing last August, and already since then there have been multiple PR mess-ups where it seems the left hand didn't know what the right was doing, or from one week to the next had completely forgotten what they told us.
    Yes, the customers will always whine and complain. As true in this field (and these forums) as any other. But the institutional inconsistency seems particularly glaring. Even with as little business acumen as I have, I perceive a lack of oversight/quality control/quality assurance in how this potentially and normally awesome product is delivered to the slavering masses.

    I think it's entirely justified that folks are outraged that the price was jacked up by 25% over what we were told initially, then when the increase was reverted under duress, the amounts purchased were almost uniformly decreased. I mean, come on people. It's not like these are physical products that cost you money to produce. People send you cash by the crapton for your imaginary dodads.
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    • Valkorn
      Valkorn commented
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      Amen. That's the most surprising. These are digital products with a value entirely made up by PG. Increasing the quantities would cost them nothing, and a happy customer is far more likely to spend their money if they feel it is worth it.

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    This has been by far the worst treatment of clients by a gaming company I have ever seen in all the games I've played. Scam me once shame on you, scam me twice shame on me. I will never invest in to your companies products as I did during Spring Season and you have your business ethics to blame for that. Instead of improving and getting me to spend more and more each season you are doing a complete 180. I am disgusted by your greed and your bait and switch tactics. It's a shame to see a good idea executed and maintained so poorly. I guess your whole business plan is to be in it for a few years, try to get as much money as possible and bail.


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      Was planning to go all in at the end of the season have almost $600 dollars worth of ruby saved may have even added to that if needed to reach a goal but these chest suck so bad that imma just cut my losses and not buy any of them. l probably will be able to save up to 270k ruby(1k worth) by the end of next season maybe by then there will be a better chest


      • AngelOfVoid
        AngelOfVoid commented
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        Doubt it, They don't want us to save anything, that's the reason they've created this scam cheat to begin with 🤷*♂️

      • NukSooAL
        NukSooAL commented
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        There's nothing worth buying ATM so no choice but to save. If the event economy remains the same then I expect to easily be able to stack over 100k ruby a season. By the time I can fully use a season mythic I'll be able to straight buy it with all free ruby regardless of double rate/drop event, if I continue to play. I got algor by using only what I won, was expecting similar generosity at the end of this season kind of disappointed.

      • DracolichKing
        DracolichKing commented
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        Yep, I agree with Nuk. Compared with gold chests: no double sigil rate, no increased amount of tokens, no mythic eggs.
        We are spending our money to buy dragon boosts and healing potions~haha

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      Well the increase of last week got down, the 4k chest had in average 500+ sigil for me... So they are bad at all... opened a lot to breed a dragon, anyway i guess for me "divine" dragons wont be a target anymore... Not directly, more important is going forward... so i dont care of that divines anymore and just play to get with good effort, good prices to go up with breeding !
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      • War fan
        War fan commented
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        Did the same thing-- opened chests only for egg tokens.

      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        DracolichKing, i said 4k chest had in average... i meant chests for 4k rubins brought in average 500+ sigils... for 4k rubins you get 10 chests... So 50++ per chest.

      • DracolichKing
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        Oh, sry. EmrahT. Delete my comment to avoid misleading

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      Typical no response from PG... kudos good work!!!😁👍


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        Originally posted by NukSooAL View Post
        Was planning to go all in at the end of the season have almost $600 dollars worth of ruby saved may have even added to that if needed to reach a goal but these chest suck so bad that imma just cut my losses and not buy any of them. l probably will be able to save up to 270k ruby(1k worth) by the end of next season maybe by then there will be a better chest
        I did the exact same thing, I would buy more of these chests, rubies for them, but I don't get enough sigils to make it worth while. Sucks really.


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          Season is over, Sigil Chests are gone.
          Successfully waited it out, time for a political reply PG.

          Wait no, actually I hope they are busy thinking about a way to compensate everyone like they did when they charged 5k rubies for those chests.

          Unfair customer treatment at its best.
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            1 Gold chests every 10 super sigil chests opened will be enough in my opinion
            Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


            • AngelOfVoid
              AngelOfVoid commented
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              Keep dreaming, they will give the traditional. "Sorry, it was a good thing. We're not giving compensation"

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            I guess they seriously aren't going to respond to us... smh


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              So, is there any explanation on the part of PG as to why they gave players LESS items in the sigil chests the second week than they did in the first week despite it being THE EXACT SAME CHEST AT THE EXACT SAME PRICE as the week before?

              I'm not even going to get into the fact that it wasn't as advertised, they intentionally reduced the drop amounts without telling anyone despite it being listed as the exact same chest that everyone opened the week before. they compensated players last week for the increased ruby cost but basically intentionally screwed over every player that opened sigil chests the final week.

              they should:

              issue compensation so that the drop amounts are corrected for every player for every chest opened

              or, considering that would require too much work, issue some sort of "standard per-chest" compensation for each chest opened for each player.

              players who opened chests the previous week received more items due to the higher drops, so maybe to make things easier they should simply reimburse 1k rubies for every 10 chests opened for all the players who opened sigil chests on the final week.


              • Spooky
                Spooky commented
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                They just do whatever they feel like. In the Algor season they changed the drops on the last day (I think) to double sigil drop chance *and* amount with no notice whatsoever. They gave no compensation afaik to people who opened chests the day before who relied on a statement more or less saying the chests would have double drop chance only. Standard arguments about fairness and ordinary business practices go nowhere with PG in my experience.

              • Matcava
                Matcava commented
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                I'm not totally agree. Was not fair to who (like me) spent all the ruby in the first week but at least in this case was in favor of the players.
                Maybe just because many players (like me) in this season have waited the last week hoping for another gift... they changed giving less stuff.
                Practically I was stupid twice in a row.

              • xxCLAYxx
                xxCLAYxx commented
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                yeah this is different though, ignoring the fact that they announced it ahead of time as having a certain % more items at the same 4k ruby cost and then that wasn't the case at all due to the percentage being lower...

                they still reimbursed every player 1k per 10 open for the first weekend, then reduced the items the second weekend despite calling it the exact same chest. so every player who opened that exact same chest the second weekend got less items than the players who opened them the previous weekend.

                so, to make it simple, just reimburse every player 1k rubies per 10 open, just like they did the previous weekend. as it stands now they intentionally screwed every player who opened them the second weekend.

                had we known the item quantities were nerfed, we might have spent those rubies on regular gold chests instead, but with no notice, no announcement, just a giant "fuck you you're screwed" afterwards, that's a real kick in the nuts

                support always says "to be fair to the other players" well this obviously not fair.

                can you imagine the uproar if the final weekend they suddenly nerfed the gold chest quantities without saying anything? how is this any different? they announced, advertised, and offered the chests. they screwed that up the first weekend, then gave out compensation, then did an even worse fuckup the second weekend but aren't saying shit about it and aren't doing a damn thing about it.

                ripping off their players for money, plain and simple.

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              If I knew it, I would have spent my rubies in the first week. Now I would have the same things but with a lot of energy... energy which I could use in all major events.
              Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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                Jared EggToken Echo Why is this thread being ignored without any sort of explanation? You can obviously see the question players are asking, why can't we get an answer? If you don't know then just say you don't know, if the higher ups deemed it so then just say so. By ignoring a problem you're just making it worse, do they not teach you guys how to address and resolve problems before they make you forum admins? This is seriously becoming ridiculous, waiting it out hoping for the problem to go away is something a child does.


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                  Originally posted by PGJared View Post
                  Hey folks,

                  Based on the feedback we've been receiving through multiple channels we've decided to reduce the cost of sigil chests to bring them back in line with gold chests. No changes will be made to the content of the chests, so they should become an even better deal. On Tuesday (since Monday is a holiday here in the US) we will be issuing a ruby refund to players who bought the sigil chest at the higher price point.

                  Please let me know if you have any questions.
                  So you fixed your error from the first week but screw over everyone the second week and not a word about it?


                  • MareZ
                    MareZ commented
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                    Originally posted by PGJared
                    No changes will be made to the content of the chests
                    PGJared would it be a bannable offense to state the obvious fact that you blatantly lied to us?

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                  yep, would be nice to get an explanation that we can interpret as anything other than "we intentionally screwed you and are now completely ignoring the feedback in the hopes that you're distracted by the new dragons and new season"


                  • Sandberg74
                    Sandberg74 commented
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                    And we add a new event, so please please forget the past. The kind of stuff that works on kids and dogs.

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                  PGJared we see you selectively replying to certain threads care fo
                  provide an explanation for why you decreased the drop quantities the second week without notice? Care to elaborate on how you plan to compensate those affected like you did the previous week? All of which is in direct conflict with what was advertised and what you yourself said right here in this thread?