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Sigil Chest Feedback Thread

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  • Sigil Chest Feedback Thread

    Hey folks,

    In an effort to help us keep track of all the feedback on the sigil chest discussion, I'd like to keep things consolidated to a single thread. To make sure we're not ignoring any of the current or previous threads, I'm going to document them here as well.

    (These are the ones I see right now. If I'm missing one please comment and let me know so I can make sure it's documented.)

    We have been discussing the feedback we're receiving through the forums, tickets, and in-game ever since the chests released; and we're taking this situation very seriously. I can't speak to any potential changes or resolution at this time, but we're definitely not just sitting on this. Thank you to everyone who is speaking up about this and voicing their concerns.

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    I just feel like we keep going in circles without a proper response. Why was is advertised that the new chests would be the same price as the gold chests, then upon launch they are 1K more? I'm not looking for the genetic response that it gives double sig and increases other items as well because that's what it was advertised that it would do for the same price as the gold chests. I have already taken the steps and contacted Apple Support and they assured me that they would refund me my money back for up to 90 days, so before I go that route I would really like to get a honest answer from PG.


    • ITIL
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      Not sure where you're located, but in the US, it's pretty common to ban accounts for chargebacks.

      gaza has info for aussies:
      + anecdote
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    • GodofNoobz
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      I didn't spend the rubies, they can take the rubies back. Bait and Switch is also illegal and companies can get sued for using those tactics. I'm located in California, same as PG HQ. Last time I filed a law suit it was less than a $100 and a trip to the courthouse.

    • PGJared
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      There will likely be more of a statement from us in the morning. It's 2am in California right now so the vast majority of the team is asleep.

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    I've yet to see anyone in my team or league satisfied with the chests; anytime someone asks, multiple people respond with not worth it. My team and a few others who've replied in LC have either already spent elsewhere or are waiting to see what happens with them next weekend.

    I looked through the forums, facebook, and info from my team earlier today for people who posted complete lists/screenshots of drops below (no "I opened 10 but got no sigils included"). That came out to 181 results (all sets of 10 other than the 1), so still a small sample set. Though some of the less favored items were excluded from the new chests, Dragon Attack/HP boosts also placed highly as candidates for exclusion, whether in the small poll or via posts; if they have to be included, then they should have a lower weight. They'd still be available in normal gold chests anyway. A number of these results had either no sigils or only 2x 150. Others had 3+ hits of Dragon Attack/HP, which is possibly more annoying than a low sigil drop rate. RNG but still annoying for people.

    The boost in items isn't commensurate with the 1k cost increase; if the reasoning is the sigil chance and small amount increase, then maybe there should be a guarantee of a minimum of one sigil drop when ten are opened at a time. While people do need to keep the RNG gamble in mind, I think that the 1k increase is the bigger sticking point now, considering that people were already skeptical about having new chests to begin with = double disappointment.

    12x Sigils (250) - Legd
    25x Sigils (150) - Epic
    10x Egg Tokens (3.5k) - Legd
    11x Egg Tokens (1.3k) - Epic
    12x 12h speedup (18) - Legd
    10x 12h speedup (5) - Epic
    8x 3h speedup (60) - Legd
    12x 3h speedup (18) - Epic
    8x 1h speedup (30) - Epic
    4x Black Pearl (250) - Legd
    5x Black Pearl (120) - Epic
    11x Energy (18) - Legd
    13x Energy(5) - Epic
    18x Dragon Attack (30) - Epic
    11x Dragon HP (30) - Epic
    11x Healing Potion (24) - Epic
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      In very simple terms, the cost of the chests weren't worth the potential payout, so I haven't bought any.
      If you're going to do this in the future though, I would also suggest that those silver chest prizes we earn during the event become sigil chests.
      It's pretty pointless giving us chests in prizes which we can't even use until the chests return to normal.


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        Should give the ones that opened them 1k rubies for each set of 10 Sigil chest


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          It says I'm getting silvers but no Sigil Chests I thought there were no silver chests this weekend?!? Not cool if you can only get sigil chest by buying them with rubies.


          • Wraendrif
            Wraendrif commented
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            You'll get those silver chests back that you earn when the other chests are no longer active. And they already said at the beginning that they would only be available for rubies. (Though they changed the price)

          • MaQleod
            MaQleod commented
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            Wraendrif, that would be fine if silvers were of any use at all. Until they finally add new runes, there isn't much to do with the silver chests. I have nearly 800 unused runes, 24million rune dust and over 400 silver chests. Why do I need more chests? more runes? more dust? none of it does me any good until I can use them on the new dragons with all the new spells.

          • Wraendrif
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            MaQleod I agree with you. I just stated what have been said in other posts. I'm not working for PG in anyway so I'm afraid I can't change it

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          Pixxel CampusLifer Echo Dragon Punch PGDave PGJared EggToken

          If i remember it right, firstly we started in another season with weekend double sigil chance... probably phasmos... And it was not just 1 times... it was like a few times.

          Later this was wished in the season with Algor aswell... And yea we got i guess two weekends for it , where 1 weekend was "double sigil + double droprate". (450 for legend 250 for epic in a 4k goldchest).. the last week aswell.
          At least the Algor path was more expensive than phasmos, and with that help some people was able to get at least there final stone... or where they was close to be.

          Never forgett, i told it Joseph before this came up too... A player who are not at that level , and have not the dragon to unlock the evolution, can have the saphir or garnet or something stone... it will have no use until this player is on that level ... or spend that much token to get that dragon stages... So for a level 50 or 70 or 100 it doesnt matter to have that things until getting up there!

          Now to prevent as PG to give out too much specials/chances... OR to make a structure for it... YOU announced at the start of the spring season... That this double chance special will be at 2 last weekends from the event. And with that you announced the price will be same as goldchests ( but only buyable with "rubins"), AND inside this you will increase every other items besided sigils.

          Look, this season is much more expensive because of that new tier... and it is nearly impossible to get much without spending. So people focused on that "promise" and expected much from this special.
          As me, i expected a 4k chest, where regulary items as "eggtoken" or event stuff,.... would be "doubled" ... or at least greatly increased, because it was a taff season aswell...

          So dear friends from PG....
          Lets come to the actual situation where you just change your promisses in last weekend... WHERE noone of you answered questions before this situation... REALLY NOONE... i tried as many before... Then lets look how much your promise can keep with this new 5000rubin chests.

          You see a part of the promise was "increasing all other items for same price" and the rate.

          Look what you get for 5k as value of items...
          For example sigil ammount of 4k chest:
          -225 legend ; 125 epic...

          So if the price got increased by 25%... what it should be "minimum" for sigils... if you dont want steal from people ? Of course multiplied with factor 1,25.
          - 225 * 1,25 = 281,25; ...............125*1,25 = 156,25:

          What you give us is , and you speak of it like an extra (shame)
          - 250 legend... 150 epic...

          At Abraxxas path you was rounding down first two weeks... but here you have to round up to "not steal", so at the end you give "NOTHING EXTA".

          Question: Why we play for sigils "beside" divine dragon?

          I for myself to get eggtokens and items for use... And here is a new problem... Your promise of increasing stuff turn arround to decreasing stuff... so against your promise of a extra... you steal compared to the 4000rubin version.

          -And why we open chests ? Of course sigils and to get stuff "FOR event" can go up in personal ranking and get the prices...

          As with sigils, there are many items which are decreased and not increased as promised!!!!

          In normal Goldchest a legendary drop for Eggtoken is 3000, and a epic one 1100... In the special chest it is 3500 and 1300...
          What it should be ???
          3000* 1,25 = 3750 (Minimum to not steal anything again)
          1100* 1,25= 1375 ...

          Here we see it aswell... We collect sigils "aswell" to get prices... BUT this new chests steal from us prices... You see it hopefully!
          During a event we like to have event stuff aswell... taking it out like showing it was a favor is aswell "dirty move"!

          Dear friends , i hoped as a community we would like to work together with ideas , emotions and happieness... As in past many players helped here with effort for whole world community..

          Now i invite you , look what a ordinary prize in a goldchest is... and divide the amount with the factor 1,25 ( because its 25% more expensive), and look please!!
          You will see no improvement nowhere... mostly a decreasement.

          Tell me ... WHAT was your promise ? What you wished for our "GOOD" ?

          I wish you would be more near our community instead of hiding when it comes to a great problem. ... And yes i wrote as many before here for a solution... but if you show no willingness and keep stubborn ( that what it feels like if you argument against a wall sometimes) , then people get very very dissappointed... as me.

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            Basically, getting only an average 20% increase in items (excepting sigils) in a chest that costs 25% more is the problem. That makes the special chests most decidedly not special at all, in fact, you're worse off opening them purely taking item gain per rubies spent into account. Considering that this chest is only available for two weekends per season, it is most un-generous not to offer substantially better rewards to those buying them, and a downright insult to actually offer LESS. It makes those who really need sigils feel that they are being taken advantage of.

            Please bear in mind that, in my opinion, with a decent reward given in the region of a 30-40% increase on gold items, i.e: Epic 1.5k and Legendary 4.5k egg tokens, Epic 6 and Legendary 20 12hr speedups - an awful lot of complainants would have been much happier to have accepted the revised cost - as the distinct benefit vs gold chests would be obvious. Plus the chests really would be special.

            Come on PG, a bit of generosity now and again will do wonders for player goodwill and you will almost certainly find it benefits the top line too. An end of season chest bonanza ought to be something worth getting excited about.
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              Unfortunately, the communication to date around this has been woefully inadequate. First to increase the price from what you had said with 0 notice. Then, support was provided with a cut-and-paste reply saying the price increase was worth it because, among other matters, you get double sigils (already promised at 4K price).

              Here's what we got for our 25% price increase: 20% more sigils in an epic drop, 11% more sigils in a legendary drop, and about 15-20% more of most other items. You had promised more of all other items, but in light of the price increase, you actually gave us LESS.

              In short, what PG did here is, at best, highly misleading if not outright fraudulent. It really boggles my mind that a company valued in the neighborhood of a half billion dollars treats its customers with such utter contempt.

              I hope you will will do the right thing finally and make this up to us. Better late than never.


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                I have 2 accounts. I have played consistently since the beginning of the event. I have not received ONE SINGLE chest with double sigils. In fact, the 5 silver chests I bought WITH sigils totally disappeared. How's that for promoting loyalty of players that have been loyal to this game for a year and a half??? Pathetic.


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                  Please remove the dragon boosts from the sigil chests. Quite sure nobody cares about those, not for 5k rubies anyway.


                  • Indi123
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                    There are dragon boosts in those chests? 😱 Holy cow .. I haven't opened any due to the initial feedback of poor value and misrepresented cost, but damn, it's galling getting dragon boosts in gold chests at 4K, never mind a 5k special chest which is apparently designed to help people finish the season branches. Poor show!!

                  • Sandberg74
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                    Yep. Got 4 dragon boosts from 10 chests 😳

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                  You shouldn't need a feedback thread at all. Just put them as 4K rubies (as you previously advertised) and problem solved.


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                    Worst part of all this is that I've been hoarding gems for the last 3 events. Could have spent those during events and gotten more prizes. Instead I waited for this special chest and suffered through events thinking it would be worth it. That's a major compounding factor to all this. Not only is it a crime that we barely break even on these compared to gold, but truly we have suffered from trusting PG that they would deliver on their promises. At this point, even a refund of the 25% additional gem cost would not compensate me what I truly missed out on


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                      CHESTS SUCK!

                      Thanks for attention.

                      Side note: They don't care anyways so let's enjoy the weather


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                        put it this way I sunk 155k rubies just to see what i'd ger... I ended up with 15k sigils in the end and over 1400 boosts total...