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Black pearls

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  • Black pearls

    Need some way to be able to earn them faster especially for Island build ups. I need 1400 plus to
    add another Perch and cannot get any pearls. So something needs to change add them into buying at the forge
    that would work

  • #2
    The problem is some of us want them, others are done and don't want or need them anymore.

    I would loke a way to get them faster and more often too.
    What, me worry?


    • TwistedLinda
      TwistedLinda commented
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      If we can send gifts like wood and food why not pearls and Shards and the like for those that have finished up grading or don't want can share? Pass it on you have players that would be extremely 😁

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    That's the problem with most of the currency in the game.
    Those who don't need things anymore have been pushing for less drops because items are useless to them.

    Now those of us who didn't pay to max things out in the first day/week/month are left to suffer with minimal content.


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      The problem is too many currencies. Wood and Embers should be enough currencies for buildings in my view.


      • #5
        how about forcing one hat less on us during season prizes and giving pearls instead? would be an easy start. no chest dilution etc


        • #6
          Trade store between other players that don't need them but need something else. This could be done for
          leveling dragons who need eggs no longer available.


          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            Pretty sure PG has been asked for this but concluded it was too easy for hackers to use so they won't be going near a PtP trade solution.

        • #7
          Noticed there is an ask for help tab for shards and embers after update. Are they going to allow them to be transferred?


          • defpolak
            defpolak commented
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            This has always been there.

        • #8
          I'd have to disagree personally. Sick of black pearls diluting prizes and chest contents. The perch effect is negligible until AA up anyway and I think it's prudent to spend more on levelling actual towers.
          As someone said above though, this is a case of one man's trash is another man's treasure. A single currency for buildings (except wood) would be the simplest way to keep as many people happy as possible but it'll hurt the bottom line too much.


          • #9
            I have to agree with Indi123 I cant stand to see black pearls in chest or event prizes. They should simply just put it in forge and whoever needs it, forge it. I have so many I can lvl 4 bases with all the perches and still have more. same with Ice and Fire Shards. I can have 3 bases at max fire and ice towers no problem with the amount of shards I have. But for those who needs it, they are useful in Fortification. So let ppl forge it between events.


            • Dakhunter
              Dakhunter commented
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              Have you ever seen Pg let ppl Forge any game currency 😂

          • #10
            Shows I'm not that observant. hadn't noticed it myself. Teammates pointed it out