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Super Speedup pack nerfed

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  • Super Speedup pack nerfed

    I noticed about a week ago that the cost for the super speedup pack increased to 5900 and what you get dropped from 35 of the included types of speedups each to a mix of 20-35 for each type, with only one being 35. That's a rather hefty nerf for a costly pack.

    Me no likey the pay more, get less change. 😖
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    The super speedup pack has been 5900 rubies for many months now, this isnt a new change.


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      And it's been 30-20-30 forever as well.. perhaps you were using an exploited version of the game and it's shut down now? Lol


      • Talarius
        Talarius commented
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        That's a ridiculous suggestion. It hasn't been 30-20-30 forever. It has 35s. Did before, does not. Had more 35s before. And cost ~200 less.

      • Talarius
        Talarius commented
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        I wonder if the manifest and cost changes dependent on level... 🤔

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      Well I have been buying them for a year at least and always been 5900 and 30-20-30.. or at least it changed from 35 so long ago it's like it was never that way, lol.


      • wardragonslayne
        wardragonslayne commented
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        Could have sworn it was 30,20,30 for a long while.. but it's 35,20,30.. I may have been off.. but at least I know for me it has always been 5900

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      30-35-20 for me for as long as I can remember. 5900 too


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        Current screenshot . . . same price and same boost quantities as I can remember them being. For sure since January as I created a spreadsheet that incorporated this boost pack cost and timers into a leveling calculator.
        Boost Pack

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          Interesting, months ago...around the November time frame I was using a spreadsheet to figure times and costs to build towers (in 12 hour increments). As a part of that, I entered the then current contents of the speedup pack (which has been 5900 rubies since at least April of last year when I started buying them). The contents were....
          Super Speedup Pack
          25 20 30
          1 hr 3 hr 12 hr

          I suppose the 25 1 hours could have been mis-entered and it was really 35 1 hours, thus matching the above posted picture.


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            I coulda swore it was 35 35 35 and a lower cost, but I guess I had a senior moment.

            But I still think it costs too much and you kids stay offa my lawn!


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              Did I miss something?


              • Goober
                Goober commented
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                You'd better get to lvling your forge. 😶

              • vin28
                vin28 commented
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                is it just me?

              • FoxMcFoxington
                FoxMcFoxington commented
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                It used to do that when the super pack was only out during certain events. Any other time it would show that locked message. I haven't checked for it in the forge this week though.

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              Apparently it is a known issue. I find it difficult to understand how this can happen accidentally?