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Does destroy farms/mills earn me more RSS?

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  • Does destroy farms/mills earn me more RSS?

    I always thought I get full RSS when I reach 70%. So I usually swap out when I reach the percentage and end up thinking why did people dump RSS so fast.

    So, like the title said, Does destroy farms/mills earn me more RSS?

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    Killing farms and mills takes from their unprotected portion of their farms and mills, so yes (unless the person just tapped their farms and mills to empty them). Killing 70% takes from their unprotected storage.
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      Also mages don't count towards unprotected storage - if you get 60% and all that is left is mages, getting 100% makes no difference


      • Baladir
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        To get resources, 70% must be obtained for victory. I believe you are thinking of XP which farms and mage towers provide no contribution. 60% would get no resources at all.

      • DirtBanga
        DirtBanga commented
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        yes that is what I meant :P, my mistake