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...And Another OneWhy

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  • ...And Another OneWhy

    Another long tenured, very high level, very active player (Me);

    Why? Deplorable acts of greed. Unapologetic price gouging. Two or three value packs each event used to get something. Now it gets nothing. The influx of maxed out players are buying from hackers, and PG knows about it and won't stop it. I know first hand that PG knows major players from major teams are hacking, and they let it go.

    Japaneeze. You think all of those players spent hundreds of thousands?

    Good luck to all of you.
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    I bet you're lurking to see who comments on your post though!


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      If you quit anyway then put some names on the table.


      • Dave0713
        Dave0713 commented
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        He put a whole team on the table bro.

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      Japaneeze players have been banned multiple times, have shown receipts and been un-banned again.


      • Baladir
        Baladir commented
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        He said "first hand knowledge" of "major players" (plural) from "major teams." (again plural). I think chances are he doesn't know what "first hand" is, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he has seen the documentation first hand. And, of, course been told first hand by the person who makes banning decisions that no banning will occur......Nope, can't do it. Don't believe it.

        I don't doubt hacking related activities occur however.

        I mentioned to a player that there was a post in these forums explaining the new tower levels. I was told he didn't go to these forums because there are just a bunch of whiners here. Just saying.

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      Sad to see you go, take care Robert!
      Maybe visit the forum from time to time, I'll miss your posts
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        Geez, sorry to see you go man... The funny/angry/sarcastic posts from you and OldManDragon were the main reason I even come to the forums... both gone in the same week!

        Take care and God Bless!
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          Also sorry to see you go Robert. The fact is, PG are too slow to ban the hackers, even in cases when they admit themselves it is 'blatant'. Meanwhile other teams have to spend more to compete with them in events, even if they do get banned eventually.

          Agree on the price gouging too. The last two events I've noticed especially. Barely any food or wood packs in the gold chests and sigils are rare too which blows since they ramped up the requirements to achieve the mythic too.


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            Hi. I've recently been spending time trying to lock down our cheating/security. It's not my place to comment on specific players. If you have someone specific for me to look at, I'll try to look it over.

            That said, I've looked at tons of high level accounts to look for cheating pattern recently --- including the team in question. Anyone who was provably cheating has already been banned (by me).


            • reDRum
              reDRum commented
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              Hacking comes in many forms. We've sent in a good number of videos to PG to show increased HP and DPS hacks used on dragons, mage tower supershot activated countless times on an undefended base, banners not showing up or being kicked from defending all the time, all from the same team the OP mentions. All with video proof minis airplane mode and all with nothing ever happening to the offender. We sent another in tonight for a level 49 Morphos taking out level 48 towers like they were level 20, taking virtually no damage from level 48 Flak towers, and that I suspect will get ignored as well. Again, same team in question. We aren't the only ones reporting them obviously as Robert isn't on our team yet NOTHING ever happens to them. Can you answer as to why that is CampusLifer ? Why should any of us continue to spend money on this game when others are allowed to do whatever they want without consequence?

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              Yeah I think admins are only looking for real cheating that you can detect, but so many exploits remain unfixed and keep being abused which obviously can't be detected by PG. Airplane, war/green banners, 5 flames with 3 dragons etc... no fixes, not even on the roadmap I bet.

            • LordZion
              LordZion commented
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              CL I believe I have a way in getting ahold of the hackers. PM me if you are interested.

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            Its sad to see people like you leave, and sad to see every day that there are so many ways this game can be exploited. It really does beg the question "why bother?".
            Best of luck to you Rob, you will be missed...


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              Hey Robert,

              Thanks for all of your help during our short time knowing each other. You will be missed around here for your no BS attitude and drive to get to the point.



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                are you referring to the little operation that creators faction member, Lx460, has going with a man named Cody and CuddlyBigBear (in game names likely to change)? If not, I guess it is now lmao


                • Shenanigans
                  Shenanigans commented
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                  CampusLifer feel free to PM me if you can't uncover the mass amounts of Malaysian bought packs flooding the system😁 EggToken
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                • Munt415
                  Munt415 commented
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                  That's not really hacking or cheating though, that's just getting around the system.

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                Shen, are you referring to Lx460 advertising on Line groups/chats and other internet platforms that Lx has been authorized with his direct relationship with Pocket Gems to purchase packs in bulk from Pocket Gems? I understand that Lx has been representing that he is such an important member of the War Dragons community, that Pocket Gems, a company that reported $95M USD in annual revenue spanning numerous applications, has engaged with Lx and only Lx with a miraculously favorable opportunity to provide him packs at discounted bulk-rate prices. And Lx, being the infinitely generous individual that he is, is sharing this seemingly nonsensical and fabricated opportunity with the rest of the War Dragons community out of his infinitely altruistic heart. However, I have a few questions about it. Maybe you can help shed some light on this peculiar situation.

                The first time I heard about this, Lx claimed that he had a contact at Google. Then it was a contact at Apple. When pressed why Lx wouldn't be able to produce iTunes cards, it was then modified that Lx has a special relationship with Pocket Gems to purchase packs directly in bulk. Now his solicitations are a bit of a blend of multiple representations:
                "Hello there, thanks for the interest in making a donation to the podcast. Here are the details about the thank you gifts. I buy in bulk to save you money and support the podcast at the same time. All packs are credited in game via gift. Besides the cost savings, depending on country you can save more due to taxes, GST, etc. the price you pay is the total cost.

                All funds are in USD and made via paypal gift. If payment cannot be made via gift add 4% to cover PayPal fees. I can also send an invoice if needed.

                Big packs ($99.99) are $80
                Medium packs ($49.99) are $40

                There may be a short delay between payment and crediting of packs but no more than a couple of hours. Usually within the hour.

                Please do not send payment until you confirm with me.

                I will need:

                -IGN (Current one and dont change it!)
                -Pack desired

                Thanks for your inquiry. You can also catch me on LINE at lxfoursixty.


                It's my understanding that the transactions with Lx occur through Paypal, where Lx advises the purchaser to make the transfer of funds as a gift. In fact, if you contact Lx in game, he "clarifies" that the purchase transactions are donations. I imagine PG would have no trouble in investigating the in-game messages with his account to confirm the veracity of the foregoing. I don't understand why he would represent his special relationship with PG (a company that reported $95M in annual revenue) outside of the game, but then call them donations in game. I'm also curious whether the gift packs are made from Lx's game account or from new, low level accounts.

                It seems to me that this would be an intentional violation of PayPal's terms of service (as there's clearly something being received in exchange for the "donations"). It would seem that the attempt to characterize these seemingly illicit transactions as donations is demonstrative of fraudulent intent by Lx and his partners. But- what do I know? I'm sure everything is just as clean as clean can be and any confusion is due to an honest misunderstanding.

                But wait... ​​​​is that what you were referring to Shenanigans ? Are you telling me that Lx is abusing the disparity in valuations of packs based on global currency? I don't believe it! What is this world coming to...


                • Justdav2
                  Justdav2 commented
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                  Your childish banter bores me Shen... as elements1 pointed out... it appears that you are the one with the lack of consistently addressing information appropriately, thereby having an agenda.

                  Robert M.,
                  We are sorry to see you go! Wish you well.

                • elements1
                  elements1 commented
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                  shenanigans Speaking to some who have bought it, they aren't selling the codes, just using the bulk discounts to give players a discount on packs so they don't have to spend $100 on a pack when they can spend $80 save $20 and nobody is hurt through the transaction as the packs are still bought and gifted at full value. What's wrong with wanting to save money if all parties involved are paid the full amount

                • Zilian
                  Zilian commented
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                  Yeah that's the point. If you read on the second page, you'll see that PGJared has confirmed that "[t]here is no such thing as buying packs in bulk or wholesale." This means that Lx is lying to all of you. So if Lx isn't buying them at wholesale or the bulk rate that he claims (which has been addressed numerous times if you bothered to read any of it before immediately posting a reply), tell me how this all works?

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                The answer is simple. They. Don't. Care. Lol


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                  The fact that many people on my team reported a hacker in NoMercyOrder at the start of the fortification event but they didn't ban him until after the event ended says it all really.

                  Call me cynical but it's convenient that he wasn't banned before he had helped push the cost up to almost double what rank 3 had.

                  In response to tickets, Pg states they take no responsibility for the hackers abusing their game. If money was stolen from my bank account due to inadequate security measures by my bank, I'd sure as hell be given the money back. So we wait patiently for the outcome of the investigation.
                  Campuslifer there is no doubt you have been working on removing cheats and are doing a good job of it. But this is what I mean when i say it takes too long to ban some players.
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                    You guys really expect them to fix ghost gifts? They can't even fix cloak.
                    Founder - Team NetherRealm, a team ran for the members by the members. Always looking for active talent.


                    • Spooky
                      Spooky commented
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                      I'm not sure what a ghost gift is but unless it is costing PG money, why would they care? If it is costing them money, I'd expect they'd devote far more resources to shutting it down than they would to fix cloak.