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  • Servers/Hosting/Infrastructure

    This is becoming an all too common occurrence. Can you please hire someone there to get you moved over to a decent Datacenter with some semi-current hardware? Given the prices these days for scalable hosted solutions, there is no reason for the ridiculous amounts of connection issues you seem to have every week.

    It is time to retire the old Celeron 1.6Ghz server running on a linksys wrt54gl router it feels like the game is currently operating on.

    Also, do me a favor and change your messaging to OUR connection is slow and stop blaming mine. I have a 350 Mbps connection that works perfectly fine for anything else that I need to do.



    Wow, even your forum timed out while I was typing this post....maybe it is just a lost cause at this point.

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      Thanks Marez. I saw those topics already this was more to vent after getting multiple time outs when connecting folowed by getting kicked almost every time I join someone's attack run.
      Also, it sounds like they are referring to coding fixes in that thread not the general pathetic state of their infrastructure. The connection problems are far more widespread than just something that happened during this event. The tragic state of the games code is a completely separate issue that almost seems pointless to address with them again.


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Well you got a point there.
        Sometimes I don't understand how this game works as with good wifi it sometimes launches within 3 seconds (rarely), sometimes it takes 10-30sec to load (most of the time) and sometimes I have to wait a minute or two if I forgot to kill the game before attempting to boot it again.

        But ingame I don't have any issues, it's always smooth on my phone, just sending RSS or refreshing the matchmaking list too many times in a row can sometimes take a little longer.

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      Assuming IOS? My main accounts were made on android so that's what I am stuck with. Even using the highest end android devices the game doesn't always run smoothly.
      Recently bought an iPad air 2 to test it on and the difference is drastic. IOS joins battles way faster, loads faster, and defending/attacking is way smoother.
      My android devices have higher specs than the iPad too. Since android support was an afterthought guess our client was coded by someone with very little experience.


      • MareZ
        MareZ commented
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        Oh... yes this might be the difference. I'm playing my main on the iPhone 6S and my alt on the iPad Air 2 and both run very smoothly ingame.
        I heard a lot of reports from high end Android phone users that they experience more lag and that it doesn't run that smooth.
        I think the problem here is that the game was originally coded for iOS only and later adapted to Android. That's also the reason why they don't allow cross platform login and can't transfer accounts across different OSs.

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      You had to mention transfers lol. The whole we can't do account transfers drives me insane. The data should be exportable and then simply imported to a blank account on the platform you choose. Companies merge different types of databases all the time. Honestly if it was a staffing issue, then charge a fee to do it like some games do for similar circumstances. The income could help pay the persons salary or for overtime for an existing employee.

      Half of the games data is stored in plain text csv files or simple sql databases(where amoeba and castix pull all their data from). I can't grasp what the major hurdle is in this instance other than profit on a new account having to be leveled.


      • EggToken
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        iOS-to-Android has been discussed several times in the past. For some technical details:

        Originally posted by CampusLifer View Post
        ...The iOS game was developed using the Apple standard SDK called CoreData ( for saving data to disk. This library is the common choice for high performance disk usage and object serialization on apple devices, but this is a proprietary object serialization library only available on iOS. On android, we had to use something else. The file formats between apple and android devices are not compatible, which implies we can't just easily copy your game data across platforms. For us to make this work, we need to unify the file formats and also write converters from the old fileformats to whatever new unified fileformat we decide to use. We also need to do a bunch of performance tuning to make sure that this new fileformat has performance on par with CoreData. It's definitely possible, but it's a lot of work and it's pretty dangerous that we cause a problem transitioning our millions of player's data on their remote devices across the file format change [and breaking their games].
        There's more to it in that thread, but I won't clutter this one with multiple quotes.
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      EggToken Thanks for taking the time to reply.
      I remember reading that when it was originally posted. From my understanding of what Campus was conveying, that would be a long term fix to unify your databases. I am referring to a simple player by player data move if a player requested it(you could even charge a one time fee per player moved to profit from time invested). All the data from either database for the character should be exportable to a generic file format. You could then import that data into the tables of the opposing OS database on a freshly created character. Seems the only hurdle would be the original mapping of fields to match up between the databases. Possibly purging OS specific fields like special dragons or armor.

      I am far from a professional code writer but I manage enough database servers and have had to do similar merges with only a system/network admin background. It was never a major ordeal and after the original work mapping fields it should be a fairly simple process.

      I don't maintain your databases or code so I could be completely off base here, but from my personal experience it seems like it should be possible.


      • EggToken
        EggToken commented
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        We do think that having a way to migrate accounts or to create game states from certain parameters would be a very useful tool to have, but is something that would require a very large amount of resources to develop at this time. There are also larger hurdles due to Apple's proprietary SDK that make this much more involved than simply migrating database information over. It's not an impossibility, but definitely something that's a lot further off on the list of things we would like to get to.

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      I can't claim to have any clue about Apples SDK nor an interest in researching it. They are a bit to tyrannical for my taste for a company claiming open source is at the heart of its platform and tools. Anyway, I appreciate you taking the time to clarify where the actual "roadblock" is in this request. Thanks, Jeff.