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F2p and wardragons

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  • F2p and wardragons

    Okey.. I am conscious of what this thread might bring.. To me and, well the community as whole.. who knows it might be even taken down really fast.
    Before that thought, please listen to what I have to say, really understand and then, watch the video. or if you cant be bothered to read a wall of text, only watch the video and comment ur suggestions on how to make this game better, because it has the potential to be great!

    F2P.. ahh the joy and saviour of the poor, is it thought? I'v long since stopped viewing F2P games as free, because they are not, not in reality, and they should't be either!
    well, what I mean with that is, give us something worth spending on, a few bucks there and a few there, not a requirement of 100 a month. I am more than happy to spend a little
    if I see it worth it.

    What about wardragons? yeah, this isn't the most whale inducing game out there, that is probably why PG is having a "problems" with their profits.
    The reason why problems is in quotations is because I'v read the post they did about not being able to have the lights on with the increased prize payouts,
    yet reading elsewhere about just how much profits the company actually makes.
    At the same time as this game isn't the most whale inducing game, I mean U don't have to spend 10k a month to be at top, just a few K will do. but at the same time
    if I want to spend 10€, what do I get in return for my money? I feel like nothing. maybe at lvl less than 50, but no one stays there for long.
    So what I feel like is, if you want to be at the top, U have to spend! splendid, like I already said, not a problem. the problem is the amount.

    This game has kept my interest for nearly over a year now, where as I normally play a game for a month or two. But it isn't because the game per say, It's because the team I found.
    Yeah I love dragons, that is why I found this game.

    I think the progression speed and sense of power is all well and good till platinum tier. 100k per legendary gold, but you get two, you feel great! you feel like you did something right.
    I am personally a lvl 90, with my first platinum hatched. I have played for about 9 months, and I feel like I'v grown, and achieved great things! and been doing fine with only moderate spending.
    But every time I look at sapphires.. I feel discouraged, I feel like there is a wall there, a wall that makes me not want to bother. a wall, that makes me want to even remove elite status, and save that money and spend elsewhere. It's not the sapphire costs alone, no, it's also the event dragons.

    The events are built so you cant do well unless you pay. or unless you are super cunning and lucky at the same time. I felt obligated to take part in events last season because I felt it was worth it! I could gather 3-4k rubies with minimal even item usage, egg token savings and lumber usage by just being active!. Now.. I dont bother. If I do as well as I can, I can maybe muster up 1-2k. It feels like a slap into the face. Yeah you are fully catering to those who pay, 100+ in an event to be able to do well, but you should also think, how can I get someone to spend 5-10€ and still make it feel like it was worth it for the people who did?

    It's not so much the free players, that always shout they cant do things because it's not free, yeah you're acting entitled, of course it's not bloody free!
    But it's the moderate spenders you should think more of, as a company.

    I know I don't have the solutions.. heck I hardly even have any idea how to fix this mess.. well I personally feel like it's a mess.. when up to platinum you need ~500k tokens, and then sapphire alone costs that and more, I think It's a mess of a problem. I'm sure there are brilliant minds there who can come up with amazing ideas how to make this game, what it could be!

    watch this video and post here what you think this means for wardragons:
    another one:

    If you didn't read, here is a summary:
    - wardragons caters to much to the "whales" and forgets the moderate spender (f2p, stop acting entitled, the game aint free)
    -the ideology of having to spend, cant do well otherwise.
    -the rewards for effort feeling really bad and not worth it.
    -the feeling that, when you do spend, you feel like, what did I accomplish? nothing.. need to spend more to feel like I'v accomplished something...

    I feel like this game could be so great, with a good big tweak in their way of monetising the game. The build times, the hatch times, the ridiculous egg token costs and puny pays...
    Yes If you pay more, you should have more of an advantage, I agree. but at the same time, why shut the end game only to those who pay alot?
    I mean I know, I will never hatch a garnet and I am partially okey with that. That's just how this game works, but I'm not in diamond now am I. No, I'm happily sitting in sapphire, where it doesn't matter.

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    Watch the videos. Everyone. PG, players.

    Do I feel like I get a better experience from my expense? Not really. I just keep from falling behind. That's all.



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      Amen to those Videos - I've missed watching Extra Credits

      Please check this out PGJared EggToken Echo CampusLifer
      MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

      Important Threads to find everything you need


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        PG is going to watch the first video.
        Than they are going to know exactly what they should do!
        It is pretty obvious!

        They should increase advertisement cost like the video says.
        It will help off-set the people who quit with new players!

        Yeah! What a wonderful suggestion Mizku!

        We can replace:
        • Aldinach

        • DirtyBanga

        Replace them with 2 level 1 noobs.
        Oh yeah!

        The Whales need someone to beat!
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          Originally posted by PlayerJ View Post
          PG is going to watch the first video.
          Than they are going to know exactly what they should do!
          It is pretty obvious!

          They should increase advertisement cost like the video says.
          It will help off-set the people who quit with new players!
          you are so totally missing the whole point of this video and suggestion.

          Instead of spending millions on doing advertising getting new players, retention is 100X more important, and making the game not so aggressively money driven is the key that keeps the moderate spending player stay and hence free advertise for you (word of mouth and game ratings). Focusing on the iceberg (high spending players), you will only crash like the Titanic.


          • PlayerJ
            PlayerJ commented
            Editing a comment
            "I am not missing the point of the video or suggestion."
            I was demonstrating what PG will see/do.
            You didn't understand my post.

            It was meant to be a joke.
            Your the only one which seems to have missed it.

            Originally posted by PlayerJ
            PG is going to watch the first video.
            Than they are going to know exactly what they should do!
            Last edited by PlayerJ; 03-20-2017, 11:43 AM.

          • LordKaiS
            LordKaiS commented
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            Rapsidy, I know, I keep on telling myself to ignore him, but his ignorance get the best of me LMAO, I'm giving him too much attention. I will pretend he does not exists from now on LMAO

          • MareZ
            MareZ commented
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            He has a point as they seem to have increased their marketing activities. I'm now getting a newsletter mail every second day.
            It started with an info mail about how to use Steal Essence and something about OdinsNemesis being in the Dragon Spotlight with his youtube channel and the last one was advertising to make use of the 50% discount of Araxxas

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          This makes me sad. I knew all of this (the info in the videos) but it still makes me sad to see it all laid out like that. I love the game and would like to spend some money on it if I felt like I could get some return on that. But anymore it seems like it's all or nothing. Unless I spend a TON, I might as well spend none- because I'm not getting that mythic no matter how many hours I put into the game.


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            This is somewhat related to the greed thread that is also running...

            The f2p videos were written by Postnow and posted back in 2014 by ExtraCredits. These videos do a credible job of explaining the business model but don't dig very deeply into the motivational and behavioral mechanics of f2p, or the game psychology of whales. Gamasutra does a better job... Google it. I found the videos to be an entertaining appeal for morality made to a fundamentally amoral profit making industry.

            WD is currently #18 in top grossing Apple App Store games, and was #12 last week. This puts WD in the same revenue league as Clash of Clans, and WD could earn over $1 billion USD... yes billion... in 2017. The vast bulk of this revenue will come from the top 1% of active players. The increase in advertising, the shrewd remonetization of the game, and the solid core of whales combine to explain the sustained jump in revenue.
            WD is a huge business success story.

            Accept it. If you enjoy playing for social reasons or don't mind spending $10K a year to be mariginally competitive or $100K or more a year to be "top-ten" competitive, then play and have fun. Otherwise stop torturing yourself.


            • Mizku
              Mizku commented
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              I play only because of my team anymore, there is no other incentive for me to play. in just about a year Iv been able to get to platinum.. In another year I might have three sapphires, it's not worth the effort. I never tried to be at the top, I have a ton of better places to spend money than here, I feel no happiness in spending money here, it feels like a waste.

              What I want is a chance, thats all. I want to know that with hard work and moderate spending I can achieve something. In here, unless u pay a 100 pack, nothing changes and even then you are left with a feeling thats it not worth it.
              I paid once, and i regret it, it felt so unsatisfying it was ridiculous.

            • Spooky
              Spooky commented
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              Mizku, OD is correct. The entire purpose of this business model is to hook whales and get them to spend huge sums of money. This app isn't the absolute worst out there in terms of the coercive pressure to do so but it's certainly not the best either. There is no point to moderate spending, either. A $100 pack purchase is a waste of your time and money. PG has some of the savviest investors in the freemium gaming space and they've clearly rejected the hard work + moderate spending model. Either budget for thousands or orders of magnitude more or save your money. With each iteration, moderate spending makes less sense. Now there are even more premium defense towers much more powerful than the ones you can build w/o rare currencies. So the gap between f2p and weekly luxury car payments will only grow and there's really no point sticking around if you expect that to change.