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Dragons and player levels

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  • Dragons and player levels

    At level 63 it's possible to have Gold dragons, like caladbolg and firactus?

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    Yes it is. Can be leveled up to 6 or 8 at level 63 if I remember correctly.


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      Thank you!


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        You can breed kyrosos and sek at 63 also


        • Warlord
          Warlord commented
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          Wrong noob. You need a Lv 8 gold epic and for that you need to be Lv 70.

          So this information is nothing but wrong
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        • DracolichKing
          DracolichKing commented
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          Nuk is correct, Warlord.
          You don't need Yersinu for Khrysos. The following combo give you Sekoronos and Khrysos at lvl 63:

          Danzig + Nix = Basileus (7%) + Ferrox (7%)
          Both Basileus and Ferrox can reach breedable lvl (lvl6) at lvl 63
          Basileus + Ferrox = Sekoronos (5%) + Khrysos (5%)
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        • NukSooAL
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          nvm thank you dracolichking
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        Nvm not worth it


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          Lol I'm clearly no specialist in wasting egg tokens for nothing. 😂😂😂

          Both of those gold legendaries including Basileus are not needed to breed into platinum dragons so DONT THE FACK DO IT!


          • NukSooAL
            NukSooAL commented
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            How you gonna tell me? I was there, I was part of all the decoy runs that where needed lol but hey what ever you say big rubies it don't matter to me. a little friendly advice just keep practicing you really need it

          • Warlord
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            Hahahahahahahaha Nuk that sulky lines made my day. Don't be too sad bc we kicked you 🤗

          • NukSooAL
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            Yeah yawl kicked me so idk why you all where coming at me like I did something to you didn't make any sense

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          Wrote: At level 63 it's possible to have Gold dragons, like caladbolg and firactus?

          You can have both.
          In fact, I can help you get both at the same time.
          You can do the below breeding combination!

          Munin + Karna = Caladbolg & Firactus
          Egg Token cost = 48,575

          This is if you really want both of them!

          I will give you a side warning.

          Egg Token cost at gold level + higher become extremely expensive.
          It is highly recommended that players who begin this tier range should look for a Breeding Guide.
          • You can find one which other people made.

          Here is a very respectable community member who has 5 different breeding plans!
          His name is Superman!
          You can see if you like one!

          Superman can save you egg tokens!
          • You can use the guide I made if you want too.

          I made only 1 breeding guide.
          It was for Khrysos + Con.

          I will admit.
          You might not like it because I have Caladbolg & Firactus really far away!
          Step 58 + 60.

          I will say if you want too.
          You can change my Step 58 + 60.
          You can add Munin + Karna as an inbetween Step.
          You can have it between step 49 & step 50.
          Than you will have Caladbolg & Firactus sooner.

          Of course, You have to make sure you like the other dragons in my path otherwise.
          You have another option!
          • You can create your own guide which is special.

          I know what your thinking!
          You might say you don't know how to make a breeding guide right?

          Well guess what!
          There is a player who can help you through your breeding process!
          The Red Delilah helps explain how to make your own Ultimate Breeding path.
          Step by Step instruction.

          You see?
          There is a Dragon Breeding path For you!

          There may even be a Dragon Breeding path with in you!
          Waiting to be Revealed to the World! You go girl.jpg
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