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What's the point?

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  • What's the point?

    PG can you please explain to the player base the point of making Abraxxas half price for two weeks and then nerfing the sigils dropped from chest to nothing short of zero?
    Again you have proven that you don't care about your players and are showing us that the game is heading towards its demise quicker than expected. Blatant money grabs like these are starting to get old and transparent.
    Time to rethink how you are going to keep the coffers full.
    Personally I would start by listening to the populace and fix the game.

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    Their answer will be.... "drop rates for sigils have not changed"


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      Buyer beware.

      I think most if not all of all of us have said, even before they came out, abraxxas is a waste. Don't fall for that.

      A little consumer tip, never argue with someone who has a bargain price, for truly they are the only ones who know what their product is worth.


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        They needed some way to get us to waste our sigals at the start of the season so they can get us to buy their new chests at the end of the season.

        Its all all about the money....
        What, me worry?


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          Ok just putting this out there as Im trying to work out if it's worth it.....

          Late session, I maxed out one branch and nearly got the plat stone for the second. I'm currently breeding sapphire so the second branch dragon is a waste. The only benefit of the second branch was the prizes along the way.

          Now assuming I achieve similar results this session, I won't be able to max out two branches and one drag will be a lemon as it won't be strong enough to be on my roster.

          Now I already have 5000 sigils this season, wouldn't it be worth me using them on Abraxx?
          I would still have time to max out one useful drag (Sage or the hunter) and I would get the benefit of double my current sigils value in prizes.

          So doesn't it make sense to use what would be left over sigils at the end of the session now, while prizes on the Abraxx line are cheap?



          • Mechengg
            Mechengg commented
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            This is where i'm at with my thinking (but not sapphire quite yet, a bit further behind than you).

            I got a garnet & platinum stone last season so this makes perfect sense to me. I was already able to get platinum on Abraxxus, but more importantly i have gotten a lot of prizes. I don't care about the dragon, might not even hatch it to be honest.

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          On the other side of the coin it gives non-spenders a chance to actually get an event dragon! Yay, more over-powered beasts on the playing field.
          It also gives some of us who would otherwise get one and a half event dragons the chance to get two event dragons! Yay, more over-powered beasts on the playing field.

          With no spending at all so far I am only four steps away from Sapphire on Abbraxas. So for me the half price has been a benefit.


          • Warlord
            Warlord commented
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            What are you doing with Abrax? Lv 45 Ab died on my base at 11% so...

          • SilentOne
            SilentOne commented
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            It's called not caring anymore!
            Everything else (Sapphire, Garnet, Emerald) is one, two or more years away, so why not stock up on Event Dragons, useful or not!

            I rarely get hit by anything but an event dragon anymore, so clearly focus on event dragons is the way to go.
            As I said, I normally get one and a half event dragons, this way I should get two.

            Keep in mind, I'm a non-spender, I'm in the level bracket where big players easily beat the base and with the power of event dragons so do smaller players.

            So reality is... caring is pointless. It doesn't matter anymore if a dragon I get is useful or not because either everyone else can get it as well, or others have more powerful ones anyway.

            To your other point though, clearly someone else thought it was worth having since theirs is already level 45! lol

          • YellowMonkey
            YellowMonkey commented
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            Same here, think I'm 1 away from the 15 gold chest prize. Even if Abraxxas turns out to be a junk dragon, the prizes at half sigil costs is worth it imo.

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          Abraxxas is an optional dragon. I dont think they do it because of spending more money. In the winter season I have got two Saphire dragons without spending money. So this season it should be possible to get two Saphire dragons too. Abraxxis is an opportunity and not a bad dragon. It is a mythic dragon and not a legendary dragon. But you can go for Saga and leave Abraxxas. The choice is up to you.


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            I used over 5k sigils for Abraxxas path to collect with event won sigils much more prizes.... More importantly ae the 78 mystical fragments that way...
            They can bring good points...

            And just think of breeding forward... maybe its better to collect breed stuff instead of dragons firstly...


            • EmrahT
              EmrahT commented
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              I made all in a calcuation table ... The costs are half... so i got the step what requires about 11575 sigils for 5804 sigils. That gave me after the mystic rune, the 10 goldchest too... i guess thats enough. You just need look about the prices beside the mystical fragments too... then its maybe not bad to think about... the win is not 2500 sigil... its about 5770 sigil less for those steps.
              Otherwise you can get for 4740 sigils that last 40 mystical fragments. Instead of 9450.

              I just expect about 45000-50000 for this season... so there is no need to think about mystic, even with that special chests( not gold, otherwise i could safe). Probably just about dragon to expert maybe.
              So MareZ lets think about... if we invest in the other 2 dragon about 9,5k... so 19k in totall... + the 5,8 from before... it makes about 24,8k... so there is the same amount need to get that other dragon to a good state probably... And then we would get in season just for 4 dragon , 336 fragments...

              About goldchest , the fragments and more, i dont speak... that is a bit lucky... but for the moment it looks not bad ...
              Last edited by EmrahT; 03-20-2017, 09:06 AM.

            • Kittens
              Kittens commented
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              This is my approach, too. Breeding stuff is THE limiting factor. I'd rather maximize tokens, than have a weaker dragon I've collected all the stones for, but can't evolve because I haven't bred anything in the needed tier. Unless a divine is spectacular, I don't care any more. Nighshade will still last me a very long time.

            • MareZ
              MareZ commented
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              EmrahT you're right, you're actually buying it half price which saves you 5k sigils and that's a lot. Just in my case it would not be enough to pick a less useful dragon like Abraxxas.
              Kittens Maximizing token payout is the most logical approach but depending on which prizes you claim in the branch those sigils could get you that final push for a huge bunch of tokens, or it could get the the final push for a bunch of useless prizes like a base rune, rune dust or an avatar.

              In Sapphire & Garnet it takes you so long to save tokens that I rather maximize my fun by flying a useful dragon while saving than being bored as fuck with a useless dragon and having to wait 58 instead of 60 days for my next Sapphire/Garnet.

              That might also be because I don't spend money, don't grind 24/7 or just simply suck as a player which of cause limits the usefulness of this 50% discount for me lol

              This might sound illogical to not try and get egg token payouts maxed out but I'm beyond the constant push and grind and realized I want to go back to what gaming should be about: Have fun, fly dragons, burn stuff

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            From a non spender perspective y'all are right.

            If you manage to get at least another dragon that you like no matter if it's Sage, Fae or the hunter you will do fine
            Last edited by Warlord; 03-19-2017, 05:32 AM.


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              Yeah i already got the platinum stone for Abraxxus. As an elite only player this "sale" has given me many many prizes at a drastic discount from gold chests to fragments, speedups etc. It has been absolutely wonderful for me and once this "sale" is done i will be saving every single sigil for when the hunter is released so i can choose where to spend my sigils and get the best value for them.

              I believe i can get one entire dragon still to emerald and then the plan is to continue on with the Abraxxus line to get other prizes since i'm already so far along and all of the prizes are better the further along that you go