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New update!!

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  • New update!!

    Since new update I have not been able to load in to game before my device crashes, I have tried powering down turning back on, to restarting my device, to popping the battery out along with before doing all the above making sure all apps were closed. So since the new update, that doesn't allow me to accecess or help my team, me being leader, guilde, help, suggest, do what my duties are as a leader, if anyone else is having issues like I am please speak up. If I am the only one strugglin with this issue please inbox me with suggestions if you care to help me fix this.. thank you, and I would try my best for you. -Screzzyloud

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    I've heard others have had issues as well. Another thing that can be tried when issues occur is to delete the app, restart then reinstall. It might not fix every issue, but sometimes the updates don't install properly.


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      A member of my team has a blank screen when he loads. He can only participate in chat.


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        maybe all this bullshit is intentional. All along.
        I mean, they said the original intent was the world map and creating the most in depth social game ever.
        So, we're being hooked on dragons, but such a shitty experience with crashes and updates and problems that all we will end up with is pretty much a black screen with a chat box.
        Its the ultimate goal.
        Think of the world map. "Play" very little, just send your ships to mine, then chat away.
        Its genius. It's insanity, but genius.

        Theyll name it Shitter. And we can all go and take sheet.

        I need sleep today.


        • LordKaiS
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          LMAO, Oldman needs some "me" time, you sound cranky.

          soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

          now go have a hot beverage and hope you feel better, don't get high blood pressure, its a game LMAO

        • Captainhook_0
          Captainhook_0 commented
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          Nooo start again

        • NukSooAL
          NukSooAL commented
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          Lol when it works world map is pretty awesome for the simple fact that it makes farming xp less tedious and kinda makes it feel like it has a purpose but TBH idgaf about boat pvp just give me my personal xp base with bonus xp on top of that and I'd be happy

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        You might as well do Oldmandragon . For a second I habitually loaded sieges just to crash 5 times in a row on the same base, trying to get that one attack in. Now, after I reinstalled the game, not even event is showing up for me to try failing. It is doing me a favour I suppose...

        If that is intended, it is genius indeed. Coverup something 'crappy' with something even 'crappier' to make the 'crappy' smell like heaven in comparison (even though it can't get a lot crappier than it is right now for a few of us).


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          My wd day yesterday - get home from work, open the app, freezes after loading my base. Ok thats normal now, restart as usual. Ok now to knock out a few xp runs before going into event, open world map, after about 5m of loading its at about 85% done. Close world map, try again. It picks up at 85% yay almost there! Repeat process every 2m after it loads another 2%. 15m in now and it finally finishes loading, click on the island, "web page not responding" ok normal as well. Refresh, click on island, it starts to bring up invader and boom crash back to home screen. Didnt bother opening wd again. This was the first day since I started playing that I didnt play for a whole day. Fun times!


          • odie1993
            odie1993 commented
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            Here is your problem, you opened the World Map. I imagine if the beta testers stopped playing that garbage that maybe PG would take it off their road map.

          • Owlrager
            Owlrager commented
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            I only use the xp base, nothing else.

          • NukSooAL
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            odie1993 world map come with an easy personal xp base(invader) that gives max xp and depending on the level of your home base you can get up to 20% more xp then your max

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          same problem with two on my team. both using older devices (i think iPad 2 or 3) They have been having problems intermittently for some time, but now neither of them can open event. One managed to open on the 5th try and got in one attack but could not get back in to do his raids. They are both quitting. I am only here because my team can't find anyone to replace me and I promised to stay until they could. So many leaving game now. Can't keep a team in place. Game is dying.


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            CampusLifer PGJared Echo EggToken

            I know nobody wanted this , that the game is very often laggy or not playable... or many times dragons bugged with attacks or invisibility which cant attack as warrior for example.

            So i hope you can discuss inside the Team about extention of time for example that cheap dragon... Or idk what you can give out or make better about sigils( for example) ... at least its very sad that its hard to play if it works inside the day... I guess where ever on the world, some servers are laggy or dont work as expected... because it is delayying everywhere...

            Just wanted inform you... some bugs which was gone for a short time... came back and its again horrible.
            Idk when apple for example can give the next update out , if its about that... but honestly it affect very much of us.
            Hope you get it fixed soon !


            • Kittens
              Kittens commented
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              Agreed. I'm not going to get anywhere near where I would have, because it's a complete waste of siege weapons. Loading, which is worse than ever, is EXTREMELY penalized by the time limits on siege weapons, to the point that I'm not going to waste any on half or less than the attacks I'd normally be able to get in. On top of this, the freeze bug gimps my dragons. So yeah, extending half price another week is the absolute least PG could do to make up for it.

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            im crashing a lot since the update! loading issues too. iphone 6


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              Loading has been a lot worse for me after the update, as well. I can load either the invader base in world map beta one time (sometimes), and it guarantees an infinite web page busy loop after finishing it. That is, if it loads the first one at all. The only way out is to force close and restart. Lather, rinse, repeat, until it fails to load completely and I have to restart the device. Then I can go back to loading once per game startup.

              Same thing with the event now. It'll load one time, and I have to make it count. If the base I choose is no good (they're online and likely to defend), that was the one load, and I have to restart. It's the same thing (infinite "web page busy" loop)The event will not load a second time until i force close and restart. It's either-or. I can load one invader base, or one base in the event, but not both. Any attempt is an infinite web page busy loop.

              It's a complete waste to use siege weapons under these conditions. Loading is slow, and it takes ~10 minutes per attack if you include all the loading, plus the attack itself. Assuming it loads at all. I should also add that these loading failures have killed my combo multiplier on more than one occasion. It's bad enough that keeping the multiplier up, or doing XP runs, can be an either-or thing.
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              • NukSooAL
                NukSooAL commented
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                I agree it can be very frustrating. IMO it's not that big of a deal to get bounced in this event since the max energy you can bet is only 4, TBH the only time I really check to see if people are online is if I'm farming food because it takes to long to check, they'll likely dump and I'll have to stop farming to defend.

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              My event seems to be getting stuck at 89% now instead of 90% lol. But it can be very frustrating to have to enter and exit event several times to get raids to show up or disappear when running timed boosts.


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                The update doesnt work on my IPhone 5, it simply boots me out back to my phone home screen. Tried deleting and re-i stalling, and zip, zilch, nada, goose egg. Put an in-game ticket and their brilliant reponse was to ask if I had done just that, when in my original query I told them exactly what I did. I replied that they were idiots and asked if they even read my oqriginal query 😱🤕💩


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                  Worst update ever, and I include sync error in that.


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                    Thank you everyone! Since I was locked out I missed the begunning of the event. 2nd day I was allowed to log in. The times my game crashes now are. When I go to claim rewards, open chests, load teams to attack, and sometimes will randomly crash on main xp runs.


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                      awesome!!! Today I have restarted my phone 3 plus times, opened game, guess what i collected my daily bounces but HAVE NO 5X 4X 3X FOR ANY OF MY DRAGONS. I have screen shots....You can also check your personal records and times that when I went to do my xp runs there was no xp.. anyone else????..............


                      • MareZ
                        MareZ commented
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                        Try to change language and see if that resets the XP multis for you.