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Does PG want to start healing the rift between themselves and players or not?

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  • Does PG want to start healing the rift between themselves and players or not?

    As we are all aware the resentment towards PG is increasing getting stronger and stronger with each nerf in chests higher prices and longer build times for towers. Increased difficultly in obtaining achievements during events.
    Three new devine dragon coming out every season. And the gap between the whales and the minnows getting wider and wider.
    I see a perfect opportunity for PG to help heal the rift with the Fourth event dragon Demon.
    PG have enticed us to follow his path by offering him to us at half price for the next two events.
    As he no bearing towards the Mythic dragon why doesn't PG keep him at half price for the whole season as a sign of good will and a show that they are willing to listen to the people.
    This will help some of the minnows feel like they could a dragon that will grow with them right through to emerald providing they are willing to work to get the sigils. It won't affect the whales as they will work and spend to get all five dragons this season.
    Its not too late to take the high road PG as the season has just started.
    Have a heart and start healing the rift.

    Tap like to show your support.
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    I'm pretty sure everyone who plays actively can obtain enough evolution stones of a divine of their choice.
    Me and many others maxed atleast one branch without spending. My alt is still in the orange tier and unlocked a golden evolution stone without even playing it actively.
    I think it's already nice that they offer a branch at half the price although I don't like the fact that it adds more hungry dragons to the food economy and that it doesn't count towards the mythic, but hey it's optional.
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    • Captainhook_0
      Captainhook_0 commented
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      You missed the point Marez or I didn't get it across properly.
      I'm trying to ask that PG show a bit of good will and keep the cost for Demon at half price for the entire season and not just two weeks.

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      I got your point. I'm trying to say that whoever wants this divine should be thankful for getting a discount the first two weeks.
      You could be thankful instead of immediately asking for more. It's not like you're not going to be able to finish a branch you like...

    • NukSooAL
      NukSooAL commented
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      Captain I'm all for pg trying to make amends but extending that 50% off on that dragon for the entire season isn't the way since first it only helps people who are interested in him which personally I think he sucks and 2 screws over the people who have already dropped well over a G this event or used a comparable amount of saved rubies to max his branch early.

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    Honestly, i think it would throw the balance off if they kept him half price. Maybe half price through gold stone tops, but that's it.
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      I think half price for two weeks without a nerf in the rewards is a great thing pg is doing for their players.

      No matter what PG does, it seems like they can never satisfy everyone.


      • EmrahT
        EmrahT commented
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        Good spoken. Its a extra dragon which you dont need even to get.
        That dragon wont stop you from unlock mystic dragon. And at least its a option for those, who couldnt get the mystic anyway.

        For example warrior lovers can have 2 warriors if that would be there max inside the season.
        This season is a huge + comepared the one before with many things... we cant ignore it , to be honest!

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      Have to agree with YellowMonkey here...

      People that are going for the mythic hunter don't need Abraxxas for that, so it shouldn't be a problem.

      People that had no intention to spend and go for the mythic hunter, can now get a branch for half the price with THE SAME REWARDS, which is a great deal on its own. Say previous season you got 2 branches done. Now you can do the same, despite the tips of each branch being so pricey, simply because Abraxxas is sold at 50%.

      People only complain about this because they feel they "gotta catch 'em all", which is exactly what PG is trying to prevent... Would be very boring if everyone manages to get 6 emerald divines before the actual tier is even out (AND I HOPE IT WON'T BE OUT FOR A WHILE!!!). So the players that just want it all will have to spend big time which makes sense.

      Be thankful that PG agreed to fix and compensate for the wrong prices on Abraxxas, 4.5k price on emerald stones, and the sad sigil amounts per drop - 'cause god knows they usually ignore such issues altogether...

      On a different note, don't really get what's all the hype around Abraxxas... a warrior with no resists, a sad damage over time spell, worse versions of super-heated breath and heat shield, and mediocre at best runes in his branch. I'm not saying he isn't gonna be a beast at emerald of course (just in terms of pure DPS and health and easy upgradeability), but compared to Algor, Sage, ferret, and hopefully the hunters? LOL. I'm for one thankful I don't need to get him if I'll try for the hunter.


      • NukSooAL
        NukSooAL commented
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        I thought he had the best version of superheated breath? Fire shield is 60% resist all with a 10% heal vs heat shield 40% resist all with 20% heal he may actually be better then Algor but TBH I'm not interested i am going for Fae or the hunter personally

      • DragonHunter
        DragonHunter commented
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        Yeah I'm also going for Fae first and then the hunter if it's good or Sage. Only if the mythic is amazeballs I might shed "some" (lol like a lot of) money, but based on previous seasons, should get at least two maxed up without paying (excluding the monetary value of countless man-hours of grinding events of course).

        <start of geekout>
        Normal superheated breath is 20% increase for 1 rage while Abraxxas' is 50% increase for 2 rage, but the problem is that both last 3 second and there is only so much you can kill with a flamethrower in 3 seconds... Although 50% is more than double 20%, but in this case more damage seems excessive as the time to move the flame around is the real bottleneck (on a hunter there won't be such issue, as hunter shots are not limited by number of shots per second). Also, being 2 rage it wastes twice as much rage for the same duration. So overall it seems to me that the more-than-double damage increase isn't worth the rage doubling.

        About fire shield - for most cases +40% defense with 20% heal is better than +60% with 10% heal, unless the isle is dense with relatively high lvl towers - than yes fire shield would be better. But these shields are usually used successively (with sacrifice in between) so based on at least 2 uses heat shield would leave you with more health. Also note that you can't use a sacrifice-then-shield loop to increase health, because in the case of fire shield sacrifice takes more health (15%) than the shield restores (while with heat shield you can do that)...

        About Algor - he's better because of his TWO resists. Also, Abra's Malefic Breath is clearly worse than Algor's gloom spell (despite being only 1 rage vs 2) - it is not white, it does not increase damage taken, and it has to be dispersed manually (which is a horrible idea for a flamethrower attack...) instead of by radius. Without sacrifice both shields are on average equal. It is true that Algor doesn't have a second damage increasing spell (like superheated) but I think it's unlikely to use both of Abra's damage increasing spells at once - assuming it's even possible, it will take 4 rages. Algor's damage increasing spell is white so in applicability of such spells neither have an advantage.

        This is only an opinion as I don't and won't have Abraxxas, so I might be totally wrong. lol
        </end of geekout>
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      I agree that there is an ever-growing rift between the company and it's customers. There will invariably come a breaking point, at which point things will get better, or it'll shut down completely. I'm not saying that is in the near future, but at this rate it is an inevitablity. There are too many games out there with much fewer QC issues and much more good will towards their customers. I would assume that to survive the 'red sea', 'one of the most competetive markets...' it would take a great product AND great customer service - but PG is dispelling that assumption (at least with War Dragons) for the time being. I would be interested to see if anyone plays any of their other games, and if player satisfaction with PG is similar across the board, or the dissatisfaction is limited to War Dragons.

      Back to your original point - yes, a show of good will would be great - but I don't think this is the good will that would appease the masses. I believe the good will required would be to A) Stop nerfing payouts while increasing costs, and B) Take ACTION on the food economy that just about everyone but MareZ is so displeased with
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        I'd honestly rather they just take a harder look and consideration on game economy than further discount a dragon that most people don't want or need. Spend time fixing event rewards so that people really want to try for them. I can't tell you how often last season I hit 40% into the personal prizes and just decided that pushing further was not remotely worthwhile. Once you pass that point, the rewards:effort ratio goes WAY down. If they fixed that, it'd be much more worthwhile for all players.
        And fix food. The 50% weekend boost is a start, but I imagine it'll be a huge mess since protection is useless. I have level 27 farms, but I only get about 20k out of each of them each morning because they get raided like crazy all night while I'm sleeping, so they really don't offer much use for me when I need to feed high level platinum legendary dragons.
        So to sum it up, fix food economy/protection, fix event rewards, get happier players.


        • Ahira
          Ahira commented
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          i dont think they know how to manage an economy

        • Kittens
          Kittens commented
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          They should have just kept the 50% food thing going for at least a month. That is, unless it floods the food economy (and I HIGHLY doubt it, food really is that bad), in which case they can turn it off. Doing it for just a weekend isn't nearly enough.

        • SuperSax
          SuperSax commented
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          nailed it! very good Statement MaQleod

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        I'm not a big spender, that said I have to say that in the last 2 weeks the customer service provided has been great. You guys obviously weren't here when the trade off happened with necrotic etc etc.

        pg support has gotten better the rift is not getting bigger spender vs spender. There is something all players need to understand, paying players get a gaming advantage. It's the way every game is and WD is no different. They have been good with compensation hearing the players out etc. Constantly complaining about things I feel is going to change that. Why should someone that spends 1,000 per month on the game have the same stuff as a free player it just doesn't make sense. I don't spend stupid amounts of money on the game and I realize I WONT have all the dragons etc. I do just fine on max bases. The rift isn't growing, the issue WOULD be that we don't have dragons so they made the divines decent enough for use so you can ride them till you breed the tier you want. Spenders and none spenders will never be equal. We cannot blame pg for that... the lights have to stay on after all.


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          Yeah. I'm all for an olive branch or two but this particular ask is of no interest to me at all. I don't want Abraxxas and won't use my sigils on him no matter how long he's half price. There are many more pressing issues I'd like to see action on before worrying about a bonus divine dragon.


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            Has anyone noticed how egg token missions r get progressively more difficult. I am the same lvl i was yesterday yet today the 3 hour mission states i have to destroy 42 buildings instead of the old 40 (which was 37 a few months back i think). So not only r we getting fewer rewardss, less value for rubies, nurfed good chests, increase in divine cost (emarld without additional prizes), ridiculous increase in breeding costs, now we r also have to grind harder for daily token missions.

            I hope tht answers ur questions.


            • Rakic
              Rakic commented
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              The get progressively harder as you level up

            • Mechengg
              Mechengg commented
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            • Wayyyyy
              Wayyyyy commented
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              Reading the post might have helped. I clearly stated my lvl did not change🤔

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            I think making a borderline useless dragon half price for the entire season would be a simple gesture for PG that doesn't really cost them anything, but it also really does nothing for the player base. it's like mcdonalds saying they're now giving out free napkins. maybe a nice gesture but doesn't really do anything for the customers

            PG wants to mend the rift? make an obvious and drastic change to make prizes and daily rewards in line with the escalation of dragon and tower costs.

            we've said it over and over.

            PG goes out of their way to "fix" the ice/fire tower discrepancy with the basis being that it needs to be in line with the progression of the build cost of the towers, and they did the same thing with the new storage levels.

            if balance is so important, why have we not only seen 0 balance to prizes and awards as dragon and tower costs have escalated, but we've actually seen prize tiers get increased and prizes and chest contents nerfed.


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              From our end it looks like there are people that think differently about Abraxxas. Keep in mind that not everyone is a super-high level player with access to every dragon in the game. From an art standpoint, we think it's better for more of the playerbase to be able to experience the newer, cooler-looking dragons--we don't want to hide our products! On the point of game balance: this is a very,very large project to tackle with a lot of parts to it (i.e. economy, breeding, events, etc.) so it's both an ongoing and time-consuming process.


              • Captainhook_0
                Captainhook_0 commented
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                So are you considering keeping Abraxxas half price for the whole season to show some serious good will or not?

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              My thinking on this seasons dragons is simple. My alt account, in the 40's, will be going for only Abraxxas as it is cheap and easy to get a powerful dragon for that level. My main account, in the 150's, went for the warrior last season and will be going for the hunter this season and if I have sigals left over we will see what else I can get. I don't spend usually and if I do decide to spend it won't be to chase dragons I don't absolutely need.

              That being said...

              Where the slap in the face came this month was these new chests. PG got wind (I am sure) that many of us were saving chests from last season in order to do better this season when the double drops started at the end of the month. They of course don't make any money from this and so put in place a plan to force us to spend to get these new chests or once more forget any slight advantage we may have tried to have to do well in at least one season without heavy spending.

              If if they want to heal the rift I don't care about extending the half off price of one dragon. And I know it's probably to late to change anything for this season. But by next season forget these stupid new chests and let us stockpile our golds and bronze if we want until the double drop rates and be able to use them to our advantage.

              And just for the record I have nothing against supporting a game I love. But one reason I have not spent more and won't spend at all,right now are these policies of what I consider to be excessive greed. Making money is a good thing, gouging your customers for every penny you can shake out of them is just rude. And please don't start with the "you don't have to spend" arguments. We all know if you don't spend and spend a fairly large amount you progress extremely slow and there are things in this game you can never win with effort and skill alone.
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              What, me worry?


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                If I'm allowed to be frank, I'm pretty sure the only gap pg cares about shortening is the gap between our money and thumb print approving that money to them.


                • Baladir
                  Baladir commented
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                  That is certainly what drives investors to put capital into the free to play gaming market. For those who are unsuccessful, unlike PG, millions of dollars are invested and lost, repeatedly.

                  I am constantly amazed how posters in the forums seem to think that making money is a bad thing, especially since that is the only reason they have this game to enjoy. This is an extremely high risk industry which means the possibility of high returns is the only thing which will convince speculators to write a check and continue writing checks.

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                I'll be going down Demon's line primarily to get relatively cheap fire shards, ice shards, runes, and gold chests. Especially gold chests.