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    Ive read ead this entire thread. I am a level 200 ex-paying player and leader of a 1730 sapphire team. I fully agree with these players and am, as always, highly disappointed with how pg handles issues. The time frame to make things happen is steadily feeding the stagnancy of the game.

    It seems to me the merger of PG with another company is when the game started taking a major fall and turned into a money pit. Kinnarku set the game in motion for a downward spiral and its has steadily gotten worse every single day.

    I barely play anymore for fun, and literally only log on to keep my team going and help my friends. This game is not fun anymore, at one point the events kept me interested but now even they are nothing more than a time consuming grind that feels like a chore rather than a fun escape.

    What concerns me the most in regards to the breeding token concerns is that most players are forgetting 1 very very important thing. It's been forgotten for so long which means the plan is working.

    Back in the spring/summer of 2016 we were getting 4.8k egg tokens as a legendary gold drop. In September 2016 that number decreased to 4.2k. Then it dropped to 3.8k. And now it's dropped to what? 3.2k? I believe that happened around December. The bronze chests drops also decreased but I can't remember the figures on that.

    So weve experience in the past year a decrease in chest amounts by ~30%. But an increase in dragon costs by ~50%. Also Considering the severe decrease in tokens (among decrease in rubies, valuable rare boosts etc) for event prizes compared to the beginning days of the game, added to insane energy/IF cost to participate in an event, it's amazing any one can progress at all for free play.

    So now that everyone has forgotten these key points, when they finally come through and increase our tokens just a little bit, everyone will be so happy and pleased. And pg will still get what they want, happy paying players that are sucked into thinking they're getting a better deal finally. When really what we got was a Sale tag on a product that had its cost increased prior to the sale to sell false perceptions.

    Same game retail stores play every single day. Buy a 12 pack of soda today for $3.99. Yet next week they go on "sale" and it shows sale price is $4.29 and original price was $4.99... come back a week after the sale ends and bam back to the real cost of $3.99.

    The sad part is we will never go back to what our original pay out was. We can only hope the new "increased" amount will come somewhat close to that old amount of 4.8k per drop. Which really the amount should have remained 4.8k this entire time and the new increased amount needs to be an additional increase of at least 25% to even begin to offset the insane costs of the upper 4 dragon tiers.

    If the concern is that the amount is putting new players at a fast growth advantage then a sliding scale needs to be added to consider player level. Since each tier requires a dencap, the token amount could be scaled based on player level, just as wood and food packs are scaled. At this moment a level 20 can get 5 dragons from 1 gold chest of 3.2k tokens. A level 200 can get, on average maybe 1/50th of a dragon from that same chest.

    EggToken PGJared


    • AngelOfVoid
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      I agree with you. This situation is ridiculous, and could be fast solved without all this mystery on how they will increase the amount for egg tokens. At least partially solved with what you suggested, plus increasing the egg token she for missions too.
      They slow motion to handle it, is being irritating. The only reason I haven't now quit the game still is because of my teammates, but even so I'm already with one foot out. This game has become boring and stagnated.

    • Kittens
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      The thing other than nerfs themselves (100 chests today will get you the speedups and egg tokens of maybe 40 chests a year ago because of dilution and nerfed amounts), but the sapphire wall makes it impossible for dragons to keep up with bases. By the time I have my first garnet dragon, I'll probably be well above the den cap for emerald. Remember when getting your first gold legendary happened at about the same time you could finally cap orange dragons from 2 tiers back? That's never gonna happen again. Not unless a couple million tokens fall from the sky...

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Absolutely agreed. And your numbers are pretty fair with 3,2k Egg Tokens and a 50% increase in dragon cost.
      Right now max Egg Token chest drop is 3k and over the last few tiers the token requirements have gone up by what? 100%? 200%?
      They might say they gave us Mystic Frags but those declined in value aswell as dragons need more and more fragments. And the dilution of chests by other new items isn't even factored in (ice frags, fire frags, embers, black pearls, ...)
      Then they might say they increased the rubies in value packs but that's only for paying players. Bottom line is they nerfed ruby payouts in events plus gold chests and that hurts everyone, no matter if you pay or not.

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    I'm absolutely shocked PG hasn't closed Aldi's thread as a "sticky" subject to avoid addressing his concerns which still apply. This game is more chore than fun. I play for my friends not to enjoy the game. I refuse to spend on it anymore and I was an avid player/spender for several years. I now play other games for fun. @Tencent has destroyed this game. The recent addition of capital to PG was heartbreaking because anyone with a brain can see where it's heading. Goodbye PG. Hello Chinese baloney.