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    Dragon Lords,

    We wanted to address some of the major points from the feedback threads we’ve been seeing over the last couple of months. This isn’t meant to be a perfect comprehensive list, and should not be taken as a checklist of exactly what we’re working on. This post is to give some insight into how the feedback we’ve received has been addressed, and to give a few ideas around potential upcoming things.

    The following issues are in no particular order:
    1. The Breeding / Level curve for higher tier dragons is too slow / onerous.
      1. This is partially addressed in 3.0 by adding more Breeding Tokens. We are also looking at both the dragon release cadence as well as ways to smooth out how players move through the level curve. We are also looking to slow down the jumps in xp / token costs from tier to tier. We have too many spell bugs and spell tooltips are unclear.
      2. The 3.0 release contained a number of spell fixes, but we are still committed to improving spells overall. We’re looking into ways to make it so that added content (spells, towers, dragons, etc) will be less likely to cause an issue with spells. We are also looking at improving tooltips for spells, especially around any spells that can be empowered (Northern Lights, Southern Cross, etc)
    2. Nothing is being done with runes, and it seems like they’re going away.
      1. We do have a plan for improvements to runes. I know the recent changes to runes upset a number of players, so we’re trying to make any upcoming rune changes or additions more in-line with what players would want.
    3. The event cycle is too stale.
      1. We are working on new events this quarter.
    4. Leagues need restructuring.
      1. We are actively working on a new league structure. There has been a lot of really good feedback from players around this specific point and we’ve been reading all of it.
    5. Dragons need power rebalancing within a given tier.
      1. We are working to make sure that new dragons within a tier are balanced against each other (though higher rarities will still be more powerful) and that season dragons aren’t completely unbalanced against each other.
    6. Gold chests are full of stuff that might not be needed for a specific player or are unwanted by some players.
      1. It’s our hope that the salvage shop will help address this, but we are also looking at feedback on chest contents to help us determine what goes into them. This doesn’t mean that we’ll take requests on what specifically to remove, but that player feedback does influence us.
    7. Rewards in events feel worse while point costs feel higher.
      1. The addition of bonus meters should help players progress through the prize tiers more quickly. We are also looking into potentially adding “stretch” tiers for players who cap out which would allow earlier tiers to have lower point costs while still giving players who push hard something to aim for.


    • SilentOne
      SilentOne commented
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      Why was this posted in an old thread of a player who quit?
      Surely this sort of information should be front and centre in the Town Hall for the current active players to be made aware of.

    • aldinach
      aldinach commented
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      SilentOne - probably because every other day someone in this thread asks Jared for an update in this thread. Agreed it should appear elsewhere too.

    • MareZ
      MareZ commented
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      Thanks PGJared for the update.

      3.0 did not add any breeding tokens. The direct-pay-for-rubies-option was changed but still costs way more than buying 20 eggs for 1,5k rubies in the breeding castle so there wasn't even a cheaper buy option introduced.

      Looking forward to the "big formal announcement" that is supposed to follow this small update as EggToken said.

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    They are talking about the shinny new menu for buying tokens. 1k rubies for 250 tokens is a ripoff and will never be used so nothing in regards to tokens were addressed in 3.0
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      Eggtoken posted this 3 weeks ago "PGJared should be posting a small update about this soon, but there are still a few relevant parties that we need to confirm things with before the big formal announcement".

      I sure hope PGJared's latest post is the 'small update' and not the 'big formal announcement'.



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        There was absolutely zero new information from this "update". How did this take 3 weeks to prepare. It's the same old "we're looking into it" bs response we always get.


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          PGJared could you please clarify what egg token payouts has changed ? If you are talking about the new options, to buy tokens I hope its a joke. Using that would cost like 1 mill rubies to buy a garnet dragon.

          For the rest of the mail, nothing has really changed. Great work.


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            PGJared December 16 --
            "We are looking into changing egg token payouts for leagues"

            PGJared February 28 --
            "...we are still looking at some stuff in regards to the breeding token economy....
            These discussions are still in fairly early stages, as we're trying to do some big research into the overall economy and make some tweaks."

            PGJared April 20 --
            "we are looking at...blah, blah"

            Still waiting for the 'big formal announcement' that will actually given us a some details as to how the token issue is going to be addressed. MONTHS have gone by, and all we get is that you're 'looking into it'. Where are the results from your research into the overall economy? And this is just one example.
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              PGJared, December 15 ---
              "If there's something that's in the chest that the majority of people hate, we'll look at things like this on a case by case basis and potentially pull them out as a part of player requests"

              PGJared, February 27 ---
              "I haven't at all forgotten what I said about chest items, and we are still looking at feedback and usage..."

              PGJared, April 20 ---
              "we are looking at feedback on chest contents..."

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                Notice any trends in those replies.


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                  I dont know what I was expecting 1 month for more we are looking into it. Anyway thanks EggToken you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.


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                    Originally posted by CooolAid View Post
                    They are talking about the shinny new menu for buying tokens. 1k rubies for 250 tokens is a ripoff and will never be used so nothing in regards to tokens were addressed in 3.0
                    To add on to what CoolAid said:

                    The funny part is I don't believe the token amounts changed. lol

                    If I remember correctly, You only had 1 egg token buy option which was 50 egg tokens for 200 rubies.

                    Now you have 3 egg token buy options which are:

                    1- 25 egg tokens for 100 rubies
                    2- 125 egg tokens for 500 rubies
                    3- 250 egg tokens for 1,000 rubies

                    The egg token amount is still the same.
                    2 purchases of 25 egg token for 100 rubies = 1 purchase of 50 egg token for 200 rubies

                    The problem is the developing team doesn't understand why the above options are useless.


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                      Hi PGJared

                      Appreciate what I assume is the small update and looking forward to the big announcement--which will hopefully provide some specifics on these upcoming changes and general timeline for implementation.

                      I only write because, like many others, I was confused if not outright concerned that you thought anything added to the game in 3.0 improved the breeding token situation even infinitesimally. It didn't.

                      As you know from reviewing Aldi's original post, for all of the issues he cited, it was this one that cemented his decision to leave the game. I get that this is a for-profit enterprise, and you need keep the lights on and so forth, but the reality is the gap between the whales and the moderate spenders (let alone ftp) has become a gaping chasm, so there is room to narrow it somewhat without closing it completely (the latter isn't even possible).

                      Once you hit the sapphire and beyond wall, the pacing on getting new dragons is absolutely deplorable for all but a tiny percentage of players. You can (and should) improve this for the hoi polloi without jeopardizing your ability to extract what the market will bear from those who wish to have every edge possible provided by value packs (or, I assume in some cases, hackers). Given the prominence of this issue to many players, I hope you realize there has been literally no improvement so far and that you plan to meaningfully address it as part of the announcement.


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                        From everything that I've gathered from PGjared's post they aren't making any changes to token payouts or league tokens restructure. Feel bad for Red, who put in quite a bit of work into her proposal for token payout for league. I'm guessing they looked at Red's idea and decided it would be to much work or too much of a hit to their revenue. Now they are try to push the idea that because they added a new menue for purchasing tokens the issue is resolved even through price has always been the same as PlayerJ pointed out.


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                          The additional denominations of Breeding Tokens available in the currency menu is not the "big change" to Breeding Token availability that we've been hinting at. Those changes are still on the way, and I think the majority of players will be pleased to see them, given the increase in Token cost for advancing in later dragon tiers causing a lot of player unhappiness.


                          • Dravoz
                            Dravoz commented
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                            Kind of moot where updates get posted when they don't tell us anything new or useful.

                          • AngelOfVoid
                            AngelOfVoid commented
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                            When will this change come?
                            In time for the next breeding?
                            How will be the change?
                            If I don't see any benefit, I will be the next one leaving this game.

                          • GBill
                            GBill commented
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                            Thank you for your clarification. However, that isn't what was implied earlier on. Do you see now why many of us want you as a company to communicate with us better? Yes, you are all human but this miscommunication is not the exception. Maybe PGJared told us what he thought was the truth but was not informed about its non implementation, that would point to serious internal communication problems.
                            Anyhow, I truly appreciate being informed by an official representative and I look forward to the egg token improvements.

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                          Originally posted by PGJared View Post
                          [*]Rewards in events feel worse while point costs feel higher.[*]The addition of bonus meters should help players progress through the prize tiers more quickly. We are also looking into potentially adding “stretch” tiers for players who cap out which would allow earlier tiers to have lower point costs while still giving players who push hard something to aim for.

                          maybe I'm in the minority here, but I dislike the bonus timer as in the majority of the events that it's implemented for, it encourages players to simply bank energy daily during the cost reset and then play continuously for a few hours at one time during the event. it basically throws any strategy or coordination or anything else out the window and encourages individual play and ignoring team and rewards someone for grinding mindlessly for hours just once during an event

                          to me it feels like an excuse to raise the prize tiers to "force" big spenders to spend more because many don't want to bank energy and play in one big session and instead will play when they feel like it and spend more energy to get more points to reach the higher prize tiers

                          have I taken advantage of the bonus meter? of course I have, and for me personally, it makes me want to delete the game and throw my phone through a wall, not in that order, because it wasn't fun to sit for 3 hours grinding in an event using banked energy to take advantage of the scoring methodology, not to mention the constant lag, exiting and re-entering the event, having to log out occasionally to keep from crashing, etc, etc, etc.


                          • Spooky
                            Spooky commented
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                            This is an excellent point. The bonus meter basically becomes the optimal way to play an event, and the prize tiers are on a one way ratchet up anyway so the meter becomes "priced in" to the prize tier milestones. So all you really get out of it is a loss of flexibility on how to approach the event unless you are going to spend enough whereby it doesn't matter how you structure your event participation.

                            No event is worse or more tedious in this regard than the one with valors--in that one, the interplay between the bonus meter, valor bonus and super attack point calculation combine to basically force marathon play sessions. The super attack is an awful deal instead of a having a relatively modest convenience tax.

                            In any event, I hope that whatever this stretch tier is under consideration will allow PG to restructure event rewards so they feel more valuable than they do currently.

                            PGJared PGDave

                          • Kittens
                            Kittens commented
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                            The combo timer has absolutely screwed me in the past two events, because the loading has been atrocious, and has been getting worse. It used to be I could give myself a 10 minute window in case of crashes and whatnot, but then hit 10 minutes of loading hell and lost it. Then 15 minutes. Then a solid *day* of not being able to load the event at all, and I just gave up on it. It seems like a nice idea on paper, but when you actually try, given the loading situation, it's the worst idea ever.

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                          EggToken can you please answer the following questions:

                          1 - You stated that "PGJared should be posting a small update about this soon, but there are still a few relevant parties that we need to confirm things with before the big formal announcement". Can you confirm that the last update from PGJared was the only the 'small update'?

                          2 - Where are things at in terms of confirming things with relevant parties (given that a month has passed since you posted the above), and when can we expect the 'big formal announcement'?

                          3 - Will the 'big formal announcement' provide meaningful responses to all the concerns raised in the OP, or a subset?

                          4 - What did PGJared mean by "this is partially addressed in 3.0 by adding more breeding tokens"?


                          • EggToken
                            EggToken commented
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                            The post from PGJared a while ago was the full announcement. Some of the mentioned points are still in development, but when more information is available, we'll post about them individually. Since March, major event progression prizing has seen a Breeding Token increase of a little over 40%. As mentioned, this is not the only change to Breeding Token availability that is on the way.

                          • Dravoz
                            Dravoz commented
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                            Thanks for responding. I was really hoping for better, but there you go. Weeks of waiting for a 'big formal announcement' which turns out to be basically 'we are looking at stuff' and 'we are working on stuff'. Looks to me like Aldinach spent a whole lot more time and effort working on his original post than PG spent on the response. Disappointing, but not surprising.

                          • MareZ
                            MareZ commented
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                            Wow really... all the wait and he posts this "big formal announcement" in multi page thread?
                            And it's great if breeding tokens went up in event prizes BUT you nerfed the rubies AND it has nothing to do with the 3.0 update.
                            The event payouts were changed before that so PGJared has to be talking about something else when he said 3.0 added more breeding tokens.

                            Anyway, great to hear one week later that there will not follow another bigger announcement that would be posted in public.
                            I guess we just have to wait more patiently, please keep us posted.