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Current Battle / Chat Outage 02/23

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    Working fine for me now


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      Thread updated. Looks like things are pretty much fixed. We'll be getting the apology gift out tomorrow.


      • Mechengg
        Mechengg commented
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        Curious for the details. Thanks for finally updating

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      Did they say why their servers went down? Were they DDoS'ed? Did they have a freak electrical storm? Sun spots? Magnetic poles separating? Alien invasion (don't tell Trump or else he'll work to ban space travel too).


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        I just got notified on MySpace that it's fixed! Gonna have a Zima to celebrate.


        • Necrosism
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          You seem the type to possibly have some Billy Beer stashed away as well. I think its time you break it out and really celebrate!

        • aldinach
          aldinach commented
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          Omg. Best post ever LX. Thanks for that. 😂

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        My alt account, level 39, got compensation already. A bunch of speedups, a few +100% xp boosts, and two gold chests.
        IGN: ImprobableGirl Team: Windrunners


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          Game seems to still be having issues. Defend points not being counted, teammates not being able to join raids, etc. Had about 4-5 good playing hours today but it looks like things are starting to act up again.