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What happened to the level 86 Necroth?

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  • What happened to the level 86 Necroth?

    I was playing another game, one with adverts, and a War Dragons advert came on. One image displayed a level 86 Necroth. Necroth isn't a dragon that was around in the early stages/Beta of the game, atleast I don't think so, so I'm just wondering why this was even shown in the advert? This is ofcourse considering that the level system for dragons was entirely different in the early stages of development.

    A level 27 Kulan was also shown, which is impossible since he's not a legendary dragon.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Edit: For some reason I get an error message while trying to upload images saying the screenshot exceeded the file limit of 500000. Hopefully other people have seen the advert

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will check on this.


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      I've seen that ad also. All sorts of Wild and crazy things in that add that aren't reality.


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        Just like the green version of Kastors old design that is shown in the dragons den in certain adverts.
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          The Green version of the original design of Kastor was the original design of Borg.