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The Great Rune Debate ....

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  • The Great Rune Debate ....

    So focusing now on the game .. I have to admit that I know very little about runes. So this thread is for people to talk about dragons and runes and which ones are useful for which dragon. Maybe we can put a dragon here and people can use the reply to the comment to put their thoughts in there ?

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    Abilities: Invert, Cloak, Crumble to Dust, Lightening Resist

    So invert runes, cloak runes, lightening resist runes .. but any others that may help him out ?


    • Robert M.
      Robert M. commented
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      I agree with Sabin. The cloak runes aren't that big of a help. I only used the mythic cloak rune to make a little minion behind my snowdrop.

      My Nightshade has one epic rage and four invert runes.

    • Oldmandragon
      Oldmandragon commented
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      All invert for my nightshade.
      Mythic and epic invert runes, both with a secondary rage effect
      Then rare invert glyph, and epic and legendary invert glyphs, both of those with a secondary rage effect.
      All experted.
      So yay!!!

    • IllyriaAus
      IllyriaAus commented
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      Shame you can't like theses comments .. thanks for the responses!

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    always rage and wisdom.


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      I feel having 1 primary Cloak + secondary Rage is very helpful to Night Shade.

      The spells are mostly 1 rage bar.
      You can build it back fairly consistency with this type of rune.

      The other slots I think really want to focus on Invert.

      4 Inverts
      You could potentially do 3 Inverts + 1 Lighting to help Night Shades Resist.

      I think these options are all very solid.


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        and Skarr ?

        Abilities are spell flux, sacrifice, heat shield and storm resist.

        is it rage and wisdom for all these high level dragons ?


        • Sabin76
          Sabin76 commented
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          The problem is that high tier dragons (gold+) have spells that don't have corresponding runes. That means that rage runes and (while you are still leveling them, anyway) wisdom runes are the only two that make sense. Divines have the same problem, generally, but sometimes you get lucky (like with NS) and get spells that there are runes for.

          I'd suggest you go over to the player request thread and like Red's post about linking existing runes to new spells.

        • IllyriaAus
          IllyriaAus commented
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          will do ! thanks

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        and below


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          My team and I use a page I created to know when to save what runes for what dragons based on their abilities and resists:

          But what it comes down to is that there are SO few runes actually available for the good dragons other than rage and wisdom.
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            I feel a lot of people make the mistake of over using wisdom runes.
            A dragon which becomes expert extremely fast ends up getting dragon den in 99% of cases.
            It is actually better to hold back the extra exp in some cases.

            Take post #5 as an example:

            A Wisdom rune can be very helpful when Skarr is a baby.
            You want the extra exp so he can reach a point were he is strong enough on his own.

            Skarr will eventually reach a point were he can solo.
            It makes no sense to keep a wisdom rune on Skarr at that point.

            I feel it would be better to than change Skarrs runes to other things more useful.
            You have plenty of options.
            • You could try to go the rage rune route.

            5 rage runes

            Brief description = The rage runes will helps build up rage for Skarr's existing spells
            • You could try to go the resistant rune route

            1 Lighting resist | 1 Cannon resist | 1 Storm resist | 1 Archer resist | 1 Trebuchet resist

            Brief description = A person would do the above approach in order to guarantee active passive spells.
            *Tip* players usually only do this approach on Warriors which can have 3 different resist. I simply wanted to mention it so you can see how you have plenty of options.

            Skarr has storm resist as his only passive.
            In order to make use of the other resist, You will need to add a secondary passive spell to Skarr for the corresponding resist to work.
            You will only ever be able to have 2 resist working at a single time with Skarr.
            However, the reason a person would add 5 different rune resist on Skarr would be so that they can add different secondary passive spells interchangeably.
            It will help them deal with different city lay outs.


            You attack a city with Skarr which has a lot of lighting towers.
            You add lighting passive on.
            You instantly have 2 resistance live storm + lighting.
            The other 3 will not be active.

            You attack a different city with Skarr which has a lot of archers towers.
            You add archer passive on.
            You instantly have 2 resistance live storm + archer.
            The other 3 will not be active.

            You can see how this approach allows you to change the secondary passive on a dime due to having all the resist runes on the dragon.
            • You could try a mixture of both

            3 Rage rune | 1 Storm rune | 1 Lighting rune

            Brief description = A person could try this approach by manually deciding to pick a rune which he thinks is popular for the enemy to have.
            *Tip* players usually do this approach on Warriors which have can have only 2 different resist. It helps reduce the non-active runes.

            You pick a stationary 2 resist.
            Than you have the rage runes build on the existing spells which Skarr already has.
            • You could try the 5th spell route.

            5 FireBall runes

            Brief description = A person would do this approach if he has a lot of extra built up spell which he has collected over time.
            *Tip* players usually do this approach on dragons which are above gold tier. The reason being many of the dragons above their don't have any runes of their own.

            Your dragon doesn't have any runes for its own spells.
            You say screw it.
            I'm building my own spell now!
            It will have plenty of runes.

            Than you add on FireBall as your new 5th spell every time to that specific dragon only.

            Anyway this is fruit for thought.
            Last edited by PlayerJ; 02-16-2017, 11:40 AM.


            • Mechengg
              Mechengg commented
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              It is dumb to add a rune for a resist that a dragon doesn't have unless you plan on constantly adding that resist. The second point is equally as dumb, planning to add resist spells constantly to a dragon since that is going to change with every base you visit.

              Get it together lol. *Food for thought is that this is not a good move and is terribly ineffective as a "strategy" on how to play the game.

            • Sabin76
              Sabin76 commented
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              While the following comment is really geared towards the fall divines, you continued the discussion of Skarr so...

              Keep the wisdom rune on Skarr if you are below level 84! Once you hit 84, you unlock a very large number of levels and power (PG's mistake) and so you need a TON of banked XP to take advantage of that. Skarr and NS can take out bases well into the low/mid 100's when they are capped from the level 84 progression. Only keeping the rune on him to the point "where he can solo", is a misleading statement. What can he solo? A base that can be used for egg missions? A base that gives max XP? Bases well beyond this so you can take large amounts of RSS? The answer to "where he can solo" is different for each of these.
              Last edited by Sabin76; 02-16-2017, 12:39 PM.

            • PlayerJ
              PlayerJ commented
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              Mechengg it isn't dumb.
              When you think about it.
              How many rage runes will a single person have?
              You can put rage runes on all dragons.

              The chances of you being able to collect 5 rage runes for every single dragon above gold tier is not realistic.
              In the mean time, You do get other runes & spells which can be used with different strategies.

              The resistance approach is very good strategy.
              Usually, It is better when you can have upwards of 3 resistance spells.

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            Ok a stupid question, if a dragon has say trebuchet resist that comes on him as a passive item, if you were to add the lightening resist rune/glyph does the rune actually work? thought it only worked on dragons who already have the lightening resist spell then add rare/epic/legendary to it to make a stronger resist. .


            • Goober
              Goober commented
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              But also to note, if you add a lightning resist rune, you MUST add the resist before going into a battle. If you don't, the rune will NOT add the extra effect.

            • Sabin76
              Sabin76 commented
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              At first I thought this was a pithy comment, but after reading it again.... are you saying that if the resist is added when you swap in a dragon, the rune will not work? That seems like a bug.

            • PlayerJ
              PlayerJ commented
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              The answer to this question:

              Your dragon has trebuchet resist on it.
              No other resist spell.

              If you add a lighting resist rune, You go into a fight.
              The rune will do nothing because you don't have the lightning resist ( The passive spell) on the dragon in the fight.

              However, Lets say before you go into the fight.
              You go to the add spells box.

              You scroll down you see spells such as:

              Battle cry
              Heal Marker
              Cannon Resist
              Lighting Resist

              If you select, Lighting resist at that point.
              When you go into the fight your dragon will have the Lighting resist passive.
              The lighting resist passive will give you a 50% reduce by itself.
              However, you have lighting runes on the dragon as well which have a percentage.
              Your new percentage could be 60% etc.

              The best part about this method is you can pick when to add the passive spell to get the bonus!
              Your not going to want to add a passive spell if the person you are attacking has no lightnings.
              Your lighting rune would go dormant.

              However, most people have empty rune slots.
              Which are doing absolutely nothing.
              It is better to have a rune which could potentially help you at some point.
              Than to have an empty dragon slot.

              You can always replace runes at any given time when you get better ones.

          • #10
            that's what I thought, we need new runes / glyphs for the sapphire and garnet and I guess emerald dragons besides rage


            • Goober
              Goober commented
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              TheRedDelilah that's only a wish list. That's not a real thing.

            • TheRedDelilah
              TheRedDelilah commented
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              Goober I'm aware. I was linking so that people can see I attempted to bring it to the develops attention, it being a way to use the old runes for new spells. If they hadn't announced that they are closing player requests, I'd ask you to like it but fuck, they really made it public now that they don't give a shit,

            • Goober
              Goober commented
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              @theredelilah It probably would still be there if ppl didn't post and like the same things every month. 😕

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            It is extremely hard trying to find Epic & Legendary Resist spell.
            I been trying to find some more.
            It is extremely tough man.

            My Tarand would be so happy if I was to get a Legendary Cannon Resist with Rage secondary.


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              Great discussion (but you know, no idea is dumb .. you just disagree) ...

              How about Anapa ?

              He has Intimidating Roar, superheated breath, ice turret resist and cannon resist

              (by the way, I don't often see wisdom or rage runes .. they seem fairly rare to me )


              • Oldmandragon
                Oldmandragon commented
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                The only reasonably viable rune to use on Anapa, would be one with an associated cannon resist effect.

                Not counting rage and wisdom runes, otherwise you're just wasting a rune that requires you to waste your empty spell slot to make use of said rune.

            • #13
              Very Good Example IllyriaAus

              I would use the
              resistant rune route on Anapa!

              1 Lighting resist | 1 Cannon resist | 1 Storm resist | 1 Archer resist | 1 Trebuchet resist

              Players can't rely on Rage runes to solve all their dragons problems.
              By the time you find them, Anapa will be expert.

              You can use the Resistant Rune Strategy to have your Anapa resisting 3 different towers at a single time.

              If you do manage to find a rage rune by luck down the road, You can always remove some of the resists.

              Until than your Anapa is styling with a nice set of resistance runes.
              You can add or not add passive spells as you please.

              The Force of the Resist is Strong!
              Very Strong!


              • NinAK
                NinAK commented
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                This would be the dumbest use I've ever seen on any dragon. You realize that the non modified resist buff is 50% for natural or equipped resists right? So to add so many varying resists for "if" you might need them is a complete waste.

                Pair that with the fact that resist runes offer virtually nothing of value with how low the percentage of resistance increase is.

                Resist runes could be good if you stacked a ton of similar ones you know you'd need but I just dust all of mine, maybe mythics would be worth it but legendaries all end up dust here. Waste of a rune slot.

                Inb4 long colorful reply from playerj

              • Goober
                Goober commented
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                Putting 3 different resist runes on him DOES NOT give him those 3 resists. It will only cover the cannon resist that he has naturally and one other resist the you can equip. If anything, you would add a cannon resist and maybe a lightning resist rune since you will likely use lightning resists most of the time. Other than that, stick to rage runes and/or wisdom runes since they have rage as their secondary.

              • PlayerJ
                PlayerJ commented
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                It isn't dumb.
                You could stack resist.
                Their is nothing wrong with stacking.
                However, I would only stack on cannon resist.
                It is his main passive.


                Anapa has the passive Ice Frost + Cannon
                You can add a 3rd passive which will give him 3 in all?

            • #14
              Rage and Wisdom first is the rule I apply


              • #15
                I think invincibility runes and glyphs are invaluable, personally. I know I aim for storms with steal essence hunters. Just food for thought.