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  • About Skarr

    My skarr is currently level 18. When i level him up his damage stays the same. Health increases by 460k. According to amoeba's site both his health and damage should increase. Is this a bug or it has been changed?

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    Sounds like a bug to me, can you post a screenshot?


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      Is this correct PGJared EggToken 0 damage increase?


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        I just checked Amoeba's website.

        Level 18 skarr is listed as 366k damage
        Level 19 skarr is listed as 349k damage.
        Level 20 skarr is listed as 376k damage.

        Notice that 18 -> 19 damage actually DROPS.

        So not a bug, but probably a coding issue. Looks like the level 18 and 19 damage numbers were reversed when they made the file.

        PGJared, can this be looked into?


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          You all have to compare him with Kaiju

          Min Level 126 ....:Level 22 316,870 Attack with 3,408,633 HP
          For a greater attack min level is 132 for platin warrior!

          As you see at for level 18 you have to be at min level 126 aswell.
          Min Level 126 ....:Level 18 366,870 Attack with 3,408,633 HP

          So the meaning is... everybody have a overpowered skarr at level 18...
          Its not a bug... someone wrote at the list instead of a 1 a 6... then all other steps are natural.

          PGJared if there have to be something to fix... this skarr have to be decreased for level 18, or that list to be edited.

          Now the mystery is solved. No need to be bothered... you should be happy to have a greater skarr at early level...
          And as advise... friends of mine collected XP for 2 level to jump over that 19.
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          • HydraBBQ
            HydraBBQ commented
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            My skarr is still in platinum.

          • TheRedDelilah
            TheRedDelilah commented
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            Honestly EmrahT, that doesn't make a difference - leveling up should give MORE attack, not the same. Simple and easy. I'm not comparing the dragon to anything other than itself.

          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            I understand what you want to say... looking from the single path of leveling up its a mistake. Of course a Dragon has to power up when leveling up.
            But i just wanted to say that in there system of stats there was a mistake , thats why it didnt happen right. At the end its always the same , so the Dragon havent unique stats.

            Its the same as if a Kinnara at level 2 mistakly have a attack power of 60000 because someone put mistakly a 0 too much in the list. Where its then for the other stepps right written at 6000 and so on.
            Well ... the admins will correct it, then it is not a mistake inside the data anymore. Thank you very much for your opinion about, at the end its how you look about , and yea it wasnt fine and will be better !
            Last edited by EmrahT; 01-31-2017, 09:58 AM.

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          Thanks for the heads up. We've found the issue and it doesn't appear to be too complicated, so a fix will be on the way in the near future.


          • HydraBBQ
            HydraBBQ commented
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            Thanks for the response. From 17 to18 , hp stayed same attack power increased from 320k to 410k. So will my skarr's health increase or you will just adjust increases? I am confused.
            Last edited by HydraBBQ; 01-30-2017, 04:28 PM.

          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            As i told at the post before... they will adjust it to the right point. So Skarr was for that level more then it should be as the level in healt before.
            At level 17 the Healthpoints will be decreased about nearly 500k basehealth ... For Level 18 the attackpoints will be decreased about 50k baseattack points.

            i sent in my posts the link to Kaiju(same as Quetz) and Skarr... Look about platin legend warriors... what they have with 294k baseattack, and what health they have...And for the attack issue... what they have with 3,4million health for attack.

            For ordinary platin warrior the level for comparing are level 19 and level 22... thats is the same for skarrs level 17 and 18.
            Last edited by EmrahT; 01-31-2017, 09:54 AM.

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          EggToken I just hit this on v3.00 - was there not a fix for this? or is the problem back?

          Skarr at lvl18 shows 410K attack and 0 increase for next level and at lvl19 he is 391K with +29.9K increase for next level - the value not only didn't gain a value of 0, it went down...

          I opened a ticket with support, but they just asked me if it was a visual bug (as if I'd know that for certain?) or if I had simply removed boosts or runes, so pretty much no help there.


          • MaQleod
            MaQleod commented
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            An even better comment from support than I expected, they told me it was normal and that some dragons just lose attack power like that when you level them.

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          Also, at level 17 Skarr shows zero additional health when leveling up from 17 to 18.


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            Unfortunately, this did not make it into v3.00. There's still a ticket on it so I'll follow up. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!


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              Also dont believe what PG tells you about having to level your incubator to level Skarr past level 20. You will also need to have bred a Sapphire dragon.


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                So there's two sides to this coin:

                - Option 1: Fix the level-up scaling, which would make Skarr weaker at some lower levels, but it would ramp up smoothly (not confusing).
                - Option 2: Leave it as-is, making Skarr more powerful at some levels, but not gain any strength at some levels (which can be confusing).

                Would players rather see this fixed for clarity or leave it as-is for the extra early power? Skarr is a rather old dragon so changing it now could also lead to more confusion for those still leveling him.


                • Goober
                  Goober commented
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                  Ppl still use skarr? 😂

                • itsjustjoe
                  itsjustjoe commented
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                  LMBO - there are some of us poor folks out here Goob

                • vin28
                  vin28 commented
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                  We still use skarr, either option is ok but skarr shouldn't lose power at any levels. Nor should it be nerfed (swapping lv 18 and 19 to fix scaling is acceptable)

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                This is what I would expect EggToken keep the values same just reshuffle em to the way it is meant to be.
                New levels Current levels Damage
                18 19 349,770
                19 18 366,870
                20 20 376,510
                21 22 447,540
                22 23 458,730
                23 24 470,200
                24 25 481,960
                25 21 486,630
                26 26 494,000
                27 27 506,400
                28 28 519,010
                29 29 536,990
                30 30 545,290


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                  It looks like the response is split, but leaving it as-is is probably the least disruptive route to go with right now. The assumption is that people will still level the dragon past the levels where the inconsistencies occur, so the end result is the same--you just get a slightly stronger dragon earlier in its current state.