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    Hey Amoeba thanks for update, if possible could you please add dark flak and totem(just one anyone) to your base builder page?


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      Updated to the latest version - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


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        Thank you

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      Originally posted by Amoeba View Post
      Updated to the latest version
      Amazing site! Thanks for all your hard work!

      Any chance you could add Totems and Dark Flak to the Base Builder when you get a chance? Additionally, it would be great to see experience needed per player level on the Game Info page.


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        Inclusive on either end
        1-74: This is more scattered but google sheets/other spreadsheet program \o/
        from 74-197: 40.8K
        from 198-300: 100K
        from 301-500: 400K

        just for fun...
        501-599: 800K
        600: 990.5K
        601-700: 1M
        701-900: 1.4M
        901-999: 2.4M

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      Thank you


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        I use your site all the time! It is fantastic 😊
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          Updated to obsidians dragons.

          I know a lot of you have asked for some features and updates to other parts of the site. Apologies but I really haven't had time to work on them lately. Maybe if time opens up in the future I'll be able to add them. Cheers.
 - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


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            Thanks amoeba