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Amoebastudios updates

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  • Amoebastudios updates

    Updated to latest release with the 2 event glacial dragons.

    - 2 New drags: Snowdrop and Algor
    - Added Sapphire research egg combo
    - Transfer limit and xp earned increased. Now tops out at lvl 186 - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.

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    Thanks man. Appreciate it!


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      thank you for updating your website despite quitting the game.


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        Your awesome Amoeba. Now if we could just get you a job at PG....


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          In all seriousness, Pocket Gems is desperately trying to find great people to help out. If you or anyone you know is a good fit, please don't hesitate to apply:


          • EmrahT
            EmrahT commented
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            Probably he isnt from Europe(maybe even USA), but how you spoke about wasnt nice. If a company can take expert people all over the world for there own good, to make things better, it could be... Just saying... Albert Einstein , Isaac Newton and many scientiests which i probably dont know and are popular... was a help for world aswell... so making discrimination of that line is a shame. My opinion

          • itsjustjoe
            itsjustjoe commented
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            EmrahT - castix was saying that he would work for Pocket Gems if they had a location in Europe. He was not insulting anyone

          • Sugar
            Sugar commented
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            CampusLifer I'm still awaiting a response to my newest offer. ☕️😎 I'm anticipating a lateral move within my company to your neck of the woods. That should make it even easier. 🍻

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          Thank you Amoeba.
          "The only winning move is not to play" first Wargames, and now War Dragons

          Check out my Base/Fortification Event Planning Tool


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            Updated to latest with mytics.
   - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


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              Updated to emerald and event dragons.
     - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


              • ITIL
                ITIL commented
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                Hi Amoeba, could you also update the fire and ice turrets? They were updated a while back to require builder hut reqs on the fire turret and lumber amounts. @ /main-forum/116859-upcoming-fixes . Thanks for maintaining your site!

              • NukSooAL
                NukSooAL commented
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                Also incubator requirements have apparently changed incubator 8 for sapphire and level 9 for garnet

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              ITIL They should be updated. The page generator compiles all the data wholesale so all updates will be reflected together.
     - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


              • Rakic
                Rakic commented
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                Thanks for your service Amoeba

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              Amoeba can you go work for Pg and fix our game lol


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                Your are the man Amoeba !


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                  Apparently you can get compensation (your speedups back) if you have had to speed up your incubator for an already achieved dragon tier, but as always "Support" 🙄😂 do it on what they a case by case basis, so you may get it or you may just get annoyed at them lying to you about "no compensation is ever given" 🤷🏻*♂️

                  They should have made players aware of the changes ahead of time and used their News and messaging in game, so it stands to reason people are annoyed at having to upgrade incubators again for the same tier they are already in.


                  • vin28
                    vin28 commented
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                    I think you chose the wrong thread, this one is for amoebastudios updates. You should make a new thread in bugs and feedback.

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                  Amoeba you're an absolute legend. the game wouldn't be the same without your amazing site as a resource for us.

                  I was wondering about some of the spells listed under the Legendary Emeralds on

                  Prochis lists Explosive Shield instead of Shield Blast
                  Kyrule lists Frozen Tomb instead of Tectonic Bomb
                  Deci lists Freeze instead of Earthquake
                  Ferga lists Intimidating Roar instead of Seismic Screech
                  Slax lists Desiccating Sand instead of Noxious Vines

                  I thought this might be due to the fact that all 4 are new spells and perhaps not currently in the listed options to add to dragon profiles, wasn't sure. Just wanted to mention it in case it was an oversight.

                  Thanks again for all your hard work.

                  Support guys!!


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                    Updated to latest emerald mythics. Thanks to those that notified me.

                    Haven't had a chance to look at the other issues here and there. Will take a look when I get some cycles.
           - Making players' life easier, one fragment at a time.


                    • TheRedDelilah
                      TheRedDelilah commented
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                      Thanks love <3

                    • ITIL
                      ITIL commented
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                      I was looking at what happened to the old A&A x Ursa = Jul, but

                      A&A Parent Page shows A&A x Ursa = Ursa (90%) & A&A (10%), while the ways to breed Ursa page doesn't show this pair? Does it just need another breeding matrix update? (unless I'm reading it wrong)

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                    Hi Amoeba, great thanks for your work.
                    I am wondering that is it possible to compare/track the changes of breeding between different versions?