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Viewing Resources Before Collection

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  • Viewing Resources Before Collection

    In the December Player Requests one of the top-requested things was for players to be able to see how many food or lumber would be collected before they collected it. This is something we're looking at, but we'd like to know a bit more. Mainly, what's the major benefit of this feature for you? How often would you use it? How would you like to see that information presented to you?

    Please go as elaborate or in-detail as you want here. The more information the better.

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    It would be useful to see how much you have protected (if farm protection ever gets fixed). If you are protected in your storage and don't want to collect until your farms protection is filled. Like if you are waiting on rss gifts to come in.

    Imo, I think farm protections need to be fixed before this is even considered. I honestly don't see a real point to it


    • PGJared
      PGJared commented
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      Farm protection is something that's already being discussed internally. This is being considered because it was a popular item brought up during the player request thread.

    • Frequincy
      Frequincy commented
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      Technically it was the only one PG wants to show interest in , but its nowhere near needed in game play so its one feature we truely can live without

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    The main benefit is so you dont collect more than you can hold. ( i.e you can ship out excess RSS to team mates ) before you collect and not waste valuable rss.

    I think a text box under farm/mill woulr be sufficient. But I also agree with Goober - fixing RSS protection and the 1k ruby production buff should be part of this fix.


    • Robert M.
      Robert M. commented
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      You can't collect more than you can hold. The farm or mill will say "Storage Full" or something similar.

    • War fan
      War fan commented
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      I think he means more than your storage can protect. This is easily done by picking one rss producer and suddenly having too much.

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    I would use this ALL the time! Props to this being voted on top 👍🏽
    Now to answer Jared some:

    1) If requesting rss from team mates. I want to know home much is in my farms(without collecting) so I know how much more to ask for.

    2) If I can check on my farms rss(without collecting them) then I know if I am getting attacked just for resources(meaning if defend is gonna be close I know to jump out and dump rss) or if I am being attacked just at random(so I can stay in defend just to have fun and give the attacker a harder time).

    3) ***Probably should have put this as number 1 because is my TOP REASON*** let's say my storage protection limit is 100k. What I try to do most of the time is keep my storage right at protected limit. Meaning, I may collect one or both farms to put me at this limit. What this does is makes collecting and sending resources to teammates more of a strategy. For example, during a build event when its hard to get(or find to raid) rss for 700k builds. If I get my storage to its protection limit by collecting farms, I then can wait until my farms reach protection limit, or I start getting attacked to then send the resources to who needs. However, if I cannot see what's in my farms, to collect them right at the time to put me at "storage" protection limit, then I am going to get raided more and just fast collect and bounce the resources out of my farms.

    3A) to go a bit farther, basically instead of sending smaller amounts(from a fast collect and bounce) to team mates during a build event, I can send larger amounts. 100k from storage protection(once I collect farms to put me right at this amount), plus the farms once they build or I start to get raided.


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      PGJared i do understand the basis behind it and I do know it was in the top 10, I just mean the main reason to have it, basically all the reasons YellowMonkey said, relies on farm protection actually working. I'm just saying I don't see the point of even adding it until protection is fixed or adding it at the same time that it's fixed. Just a side note to it is all.


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        I see no use or benefit of it for my play strategy.
        I thinking "dumping" RSS during a battle is an inverted way of screwing the attacker. It's cheap since attacking is the focus of the game. I would rather see RSS "locked" in when a battle is started. If it says you can win 1000 lumber/1000 meat... They should be required to keep that amount till the battle is over. And you get the matching % of how much you destroy I. E. 100% destroy, 100% reward.
        I don't pay much attention to what is protected so that is a moot point to me.
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        • PodunkPrincess
          PodunkPrincess commented
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          Never said my opinion was the only one or the right one.
          Raiding is a main part of the game, so yes, if it is unprotected, we have every right to "just take it".
          Again, I said I had no use for this feature to be added.
          And yes, I know things would be locked for everyone including me. Why would I expect special treatment?

          This is just MY opinion.

        • AcrobaticAttackCatSnacks
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          I think where the real problem of "locking" in resources would be abuse.

          Let's say I have a secondary acct. All I do with it is farm and collect. Then when I have 1-400k food or lumber saved. I tell everyone on my team, we count down and all fly at once.
          Likely not the whole team but, say 20 people are on. Suddenly all 20 team mates are locked in and we all walk away with 70-100k of rss. Then we fly again and again.

          Pretty easy to see the abuse of the system. I can't imagine what they may do to the internal system of the game. Producing and handing out 20 times more resources than what is actually there.

        • Kittens
          Kittens commented
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          An even bigger problem to rss being "locked in" would be preventing feeding. Since right now, you can feed a dragon when you see the "defend yourself" banner comes up. With that system, you'd be automatically screwed, even if you had all the food in hand to do the big feed.

          Checking someone's online status before you attack is a small price to pay for actually ever being able to make a large feed or build.

      • #7
        I see two ways it could be done, at the moment if our storage is under a certain limit the log or meat isn't floating above so we already have the feature set where we can click on it and see how much is there to collect. It's only once the item floats above that we lose this ability. So simply remove the immediate collect once the item hovers.

        The other option would be to float the mill/farm value under the item so we don't need to click at all to see it.

        If you are working on this feature, would it be possible to consider being able to collect a portion of what's in our resource building?

        When and why would I use it, to know how much I can send to others or how much I need to ask for when I am feeding my dragons.


        • #8
          I think it's as simple as a double click. Or requiring two clicks to collect. First click to view available, second click to collect.

          Sort of like it already is now. If you collect your farms and mills, then click them again before meat or lumber icon appears above said farms and mills, it gives you the option to move tower. Upgrade. (If apliacable) and it shows the amount the farm or mill has. Which you can then choose to collect or not.
          Once the icon appears above the farm or mill then it's an auto collect.

          To me, it seems backwards. Why would I want the option to see how much is there when it's a very low amount and have the choice to collect or not but after a certain amount is produced, not be able to see amount and forced to collect? It's entirely backwards. Shouldn't it be easy to reverse those actions?

          As to how i would use it or why. Not really sure. I just like clicking on things. If I could read the amount without collecting, it's just one more thing to do I guess.

          Maybe from a team pwrsepective, if someone is trying to feed a dragon, team mates could check their farms and see how much they have, tell the group, and then only those that need to collect and transfer do so. Rather than the team mass collecting and sending more than is needed or worse yet, everyone collecting and it not be enough to complete the feed. I assume it would just be a more structured way to manage team food.


          • #9
            I think many have touched on the one big issue necessary before this is done if it can be done, all protection needs to be fixed. Without the protection in the farms and mills working this would be pretty much useless.

            As as for using it, assuming protection is working, it's as simple as being able to maximize our protected resources while we are playing and farming. If I'm trying to feed a dragon 500k food I can look and see what's in my storage and how much is protected. Now if I can do the same with my farms without collecting it then I will know exactly how much is protected while I farm more or my team transfers me more. Then I will only collect at the point where I have enough that I can use it quickly without it being raided.
            What, me worry?


            • #10
              As for the "how", all you would need to do is make it act the way it acts when the farm/mill has very little in it. I tap it, and I get the info screen and the green box on the right says "collect 110". Seems simple to me from a programming standpoint.


              • #11
                I would certainly use it frequently and find it useful.

                That said, of all the many, many higher vote count December requests (with the boats being sunk easily number one, receiving 4.5 times the number of votes of this request in only one of their many other player request posts within the request thread), *this* minor issue that received far fewer votes than so many others is being singled out?


                • YellowMonkey
                  YellowMonkey commented
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                  I would assume it is because compared to most of the top voted requests, this is a relative fast easy fix. Numerous threads players complain about things that should be fast to fix/implement/change and the fact it takes months and months before they are.

                • Doc
                  Doc commented
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                  Hey, sinking the boats permanently is as easy a request to implement as they come. Just hit the delete button on the idea and toss it in the trash can where it belongs.

              • #12
                And here I was beginning to think you had forgotten about this! To paraphrase from the first time I requested this there are three options:

                1. Provide a graphic right under where the floating resources are that is a bar not unlike the storage bars. Have it fill up over time. Differentiate between protected and not, similar to the storage bars as well. (This would get my vote simply because it makes sense to me to match the style of the storage building)

                2. Give a number amount just under the floating resource either as a lone number or as a fraction out of the total amount.

                3. Force a double click to collect in all cases, not just when they are low. (I actually don't like this option much, but it's probably the easiest to implement)

                As for the protection itself... I do not agree that fixing protection NEEDS to come before this. If anything, adding this feature would show a large number of people that resources should actually be protected in farms/mills and the number of tickets PG gets when resources aren't protected will go up. Since they have said that (one way) they prioritize bug fixes (is) by seeing how many tickets they get for a specific bug, this might go a long way to getting it fixed. On the other hand, I had never noticed the protection bug myself until I used a production boost. RSS in farms/mills does seem to have some form of protection under normal circumstances as far as I can tell, though I haven't run rigorous tests on it. Since I would argue that the vast majority of players play without production boost up most of the time, this feature would already be helpful even if the protection while boosted is busted.

                Now as to WHY I wanted this feature? Several reasons, most of which have been stated already:

                1. Maximize the amount of RSS protected. Pretty straight forward. If/when farm/mill protection is fixed then this is a pretty big deal during RSS events with production/protection boosts up, and certainly not insignificant otherwise.
                2. When getting attacked, I would know if I should/could collect from my farms and dump, or just dump and leave the RSS in my farms/mills.
                3. I would also have a much better idea on if I could start that next building or feed that next dragon before collecting, or if I'd need to go on another perilous run with tons of RSS in storage.
                4. There have been maybe two times since I started playing where my farms/mills were maxed out. In those rare cases, I would immediately see that they were and so something about it.


                • PGJared
                  PGJared commented
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                  Sorry for the delay on posting this. I definitely didn't forget.

                • TheBulldog
                  TheBulldog commented
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                  To help you out. Nothing in your rss buildings is protected. If you have 100k in there and get hit by an attacker with 2 backers you'll lose the lot.

                  Fix rss protection to allow all rss floating in rss buildings to be protected. Like it used to be. THEN you might consider adding in knowing what's in there because as it currently stands if there is 50k in them or 300k in them you are always better off collecting than sitting then there to be stolen.

                • Sabin76
                  Sabin76 commented
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                  Then I think some clarity on when RSS are taken from storage and when they are taken from farms/mills is in order. Must an attacker destroy the farm/mill in order to raid the RSS from it? If they do destroy it, do they get it all no matter what they steal from storage? If either of these is correct, is the (often incorrect anyway) value shown to an attacker on expected RSS payout including RSS from farms/mills?

                  If neither of those is correct, how is what's taken from storage vs what's taken from farms/mills determined?

                  I know for a fact that I've been able to collect immediately after an attack, so I know an attacker doesn't automatically take all RSS from farms/mills (however, I did not go back to check to see if they left the farms/mills, nor do I remember whether I was under storage protection limit or not).

                  If I may, TheBulldog what tests were done and what evidence was collected?

              • #13
                Just fix protection. It matters little what's in your rss buildings when none of it is protected.


                • #14
                  I agree with Bulldog. I don't see any harm in doing this but the purported benefits w/o a protection fix are largely edge cases.

                  Also, I get that you said you'd poll the community about this request, but I'd be nice to see periodic updates about other, far more important requests you guys agreed to work on. Like, you talked about adjusting token payouts by league I guess to account for spiraling dragon token costs, I'd be nice to hear what you guys are considering so you might get feedback ahead of time instead of just rolling it out in a future update.

                  One last item for consideration PGJared : I had the #2 request last month but it was misconstrued as "slow down dragons/tower releases" when Pixxel read it on stream. Understood that you had to get through 10 requests last month so you had to shorthand some of the requests, but in my case something was lost in translation.

                  I requested (i) more tokens to account for the accelerating pace of dragon releases (was sort of addressed by another request further down the list that month) and (ii) more speedup availability (I proposed a new 24 hour clock--priced competitively--no point if it's a worse deal than the 12hr) to account for the new tower levels and the massive jump in construction times for the high level towers. The latter point was not addressed at all. Do you think you could respond to it as part of the December requests? Would appreciate it.
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                    I was unaware that rss protection in the mills and farms was broken, that certainly needs to be fixed. However, assuming that rss in farms and mills is protected, I'd rather be able to get more information about rss without having to move them about. Are resources in mills and farms visible to attackers?


                    • TheBulldog
                      TheBulldog commented
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                      Whatever is in them can be stolen. So in essence yes they are somewhat visible to attackers.