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Viewing Resources Before Collection

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    PGJared EggToken

    What's the status? Were you given enough of a reason to move forward with this? Please add to megathread.

    Also, communication in the various threads about production building protection has lagged a bit. There seem to be conflicting views, both inside and outside PG, which just makes the whole thing very confusing.

    Quick rundown on protection dialogue (because this request assumes farms/mill protect a certain percentage of the maximum amount that can be harvested, much like storage)

    1. Farm/mill protection is assumed because in-game research implies it exists, and Amoeba's own file-mining provided evidence to back that up.
    2. No one complained that it didn't work for a period of time.*
    3. Production boosts come out and people who use them notice they get raided down to zero (both storage and farms/mills).
    4. Protection during production boosts is fixed, at least for storage.
    5. People complain that protection is still not working for production buildings.
    6. PG says production buildings never have protected anything (contradicting points 1 and 2)
    7. I run tests which show that (at least for me at my level with no production boost: 78 with farms at 23 at time of testing) PROTECTION ACTUALLY DOES WORK on production buildings as indicated by point 1 (contradicting point 6 and, to a degree, point 5).


    • Kittens
      Kittens commented
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      It's very dodgy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, seemingly completely at random. I've been both raided to 0 and attacked a lot of times with no losses (obviously showing a lot, judging by the number of attacks coming in). It works for me more often than not, but it's very annoying when it doesn't (and always seems to fail at the worst possible times).

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    I would like to be able to see how much I have without harvesting...and along with that return things to the way they were two years ago - players could NOT see what you had as it was being produced, only what you see in the upper right corner before you harvest. Ergo, if you empty everything befpre you log off, you have zero... and when you come back it still shows zero...that's what everyone else should see!


    • Sabin76
      Sabin76 commented
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      Forgive me, but you are going to have to clarify as I only started playing last July. Are you suggesting that production buildings shouldn't be able to be raided? Or that attackers simply shouldn't be able to see what is in them on the attack menu?

      In other words, imagine you are below storage protection limit. You log off with nothing in your production buildings (perhaps you just collected and sent RSS out or spent it). Someone attacks you 6-7 hours later because, I dunno, you are good XP or something. If they kill your production buildings, will they get nothing (as was shown to them in the attack menu) or whatever was in your production buildings (minus the protected amount) even though it showed zero?

      If it's the former, I can't get behind that at all. Production buildings should be raidable (if you kill them, and only after they have produced over their protected amount). If it's the latter, that's a little better, but then the question is "why bother?" If an attacker can't see what they could raid then there will be a larger problem with the optics of the RSS shortage (as you won't be able to see all of the RSS that are actually raidable). People would complain more because they won't know if a 0/0 person on the attack menu will actually give 0/0, or a hell of a lot more because their production buildings are actually full. I wonder if this suggestion comes from the fact that attackers can see how much we have produced, but we can't. I imagine that if we were able to see how full our own production buildings are, this would be a non-issue.
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    Imo storage protection is all we need.

    If there would be farm protections as well this would only shorten raidable food out there.

    It's already too low so don't make that problem worse with that stupid protection idea.

    Remember this game is called "War dragons" not "Log in fart, empty your farms feed a dragon and log off"


    • Warlord
      Warlord commented
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      It's definitely better thx to the 25% food boost and Lv 35 farms of OTHERS.

      As posted below protection of farms is only good for those who don't raid and rather sit back and chillax. That's not my understanding from a war game

    • Sabin76
      Sabin76 commented
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      Protection or no, the amount of food in the game is not going to change... in other words, the shortage doesn't get worse or better with protection (and I'm only advocating for the protection that is already in the game code, nothing more like total protection). And besides, if you are at the point where even full farms can feed a dragon (even including storage protection) then your dragons are under-leveled.

      At level 83 (current for me), the highest food consumers are my orange legendaries. Next level they will require 270k+ to feed. My current storage protection is just under 45k. My production building protection (if working correctly) would guarantee me 17k (25k with elite) giving me at a minimum less than 100k to work with. My cheapest dragons, food-wise, are my gold legendaries, which needed 140k food to go from 5 to 6. Clearly, I can't just log in and feed a dragon.

      Taking a look at level 178 for comparison: Frostbiter needs 940k to level from 27 to 28. Storage should protect just under 120k. Max level production buildings would protect just over 30k (45k with elite), giving a total protected amount of ~165k, essentially nothing. If the production buildings protected everything, that would be ~380k... less than 1/2 of a single feed.

      In conclusion, protection would NOT turn War Dragons into a "log in fart, empty your farms feed a dragon and log off" game.

    • magyus
      magyus commented
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      For weeks, my entire roster is full of dragons what I can't feed. My (level 55) storage can only protect up to 110k food, and each of the dragons require between 400k and 1M in food. Every time I get my food levels up to 200k+, I get raided and it's gone.
      I'm experiencing the same angst and frustration as Sabin. I've spent a lot to support PG in return for how much enjoyment this game has given me, but the ridiculous situation of food shortage has prompted me to stop spending. This last event of Conquer the World marks the start of the withdrawal of my support.

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    I think knowing the amount is irrelevant if protection doesn't work. It'll get stolen regardless if it's being produced or in the storage. Protection needs to be fixed AND also protection for storage needs to be increased. 40 days worth of speed boosts per upgrade wasted to upgrade it pretty much all for nothing, need to give people a reason to want to upgrade it rather than it can hold more just for others to steal but doesn't actually benefit the players who have their storage at higher levels and waste speed boosts to get it there. *Sigh


    • Warlord
      Warlord commented
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      Higher protection means less to raid. It's those hits of 100k and more what we find when others sleep and their farms are full.

      So be careful what you wish for.

    • TwiztidKitty17
      TwiztidKitty17 commented
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      I find 1 100k hit maybe once a week or not at all, so personally I find little to no food and I play ALOT. I'm lucky if I find 1 30k hit a day. Once I get to 200k, I'm hit by a lower level and it's all gone, I have to use rubies and buy food packs to feed my dragons because they need 700k or more per level. There's no food in my matchmaking anyways so a little bit of a higher protection wouldn't affect MY gameplay at all. 😂

    • Warlord
      Warlord commented
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      When I log in after sleep my farms give me 200-400k incl the protected 117k I always have when I log off. That feeds a breeder or helps a team mate when he's around the same time I wake up which is often the case.

      I have 8 garnet experts and I mostly fed them by killing 300-400s who always have a shit ton sitting.

      The food raidings make at least fun again and every change in protection would cause me to find 2-3 additional targets which means 6-10 mins more where others can hit me undefended.

      On my alt which is a Lv 90 I find 36-80k hits purely from matchmaking and his dragons require 160-220k food (gold legs and platinum epics). NS takes out bases 110 levels above my alt so feeding isn't a problem.

      But if you enable additional protection you'll mess up the system which seems to work now at the end of the day.

      And this system was ducked at least for my main account since September 2016.

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    Why can't they just increase the production of farms and mills so that higher levels can actually level the dragons they have? For higher levels like myself, you can't find rss in match making that often. So we rely on our farms and mills. They should have made it harder to upgrade the mills and farms but increased the production of them. Just my opinion.


    • Mechengg
      Mechengg commented
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      Did you log into the game during the past 24 hours? They have increased the max farm/mill level from 35 to 45. Should help with this.

      Also what does this have to do with viewing resources before collecting them?