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  • Bye WD

    I have joined the many others who have quit now and you know it feels good to be done. This isn't War Dragons anymore, it's not Pocket Gems who I used to have at least some respect for. I am no longer enjoying the game or anything PG has done with it recently. Here are my main reasons for quitting War Dragons

    1. Continued terrible support from PG - This one is of the most infuriating issues, because it seems like PG just doesn't care most of the time. With issues like gold chests refunding for extra fall event sigils. PG claims to have made a flat exchange rate for that, but we are players. We talk to eachother. It only took a few seconds for us to realize that was entirely not true and almost everyone received a different exchange rate than the other person. Some were hurt by this and some benefitted from it. But when PG was approached about this they denied it and said it was a flat amount for everyone. Little do they know, we know the truth. This terrible support from PG has just been getting worse, and that is only if the many issues with it. If you don't just get one of their typical copy/paste responses, they will end up brushing aside your problems and try to tell you that you're wrong.

    2. Ignoring community feedback - Where do I even start with this one? From completely ignoring the amount of hate there is towards boats, not even taking a second look at any player requests, and just simply acting like they know the perfect way to run the game and there's no other way to do it. We don't want the World Map, aka boats. Yet PG refuses to acknowledge the overwhelming discontent towards it. There are an enormous amount of amazing player requests being made here on the forums, some of them that can help out the game a lot, all of them being ignored or cast aside. Please tell me what the point is of these forums at all if you don't take the feedback into consideration?!?

    3. Banning - PG has a history of falsely banning legitimate players. Recently two high level diamond players, both very large spenders were banned by PG's auto cheater detection because they simply built their dragon perches too fast. Both of these players are not cheaters and only big spenders. Yet PG bans them... What a wonderful way to promote spending am I right? Let's ban people who spend a lot because we don't know the difference between a cheater and a spender. Then on the opposite spectrum of this, there are clear cheaters I have seen who never even get touched. There's somebody level 63 going around right now with all the Garnet dragons maxed, he's been reported for weeks and still not banned yet. There have been players in the game who have clearly intentionally exploited major glitches for personal gain. But do you want to know how PG responds to people abusing glitches? They say that because everyone can technically do the exploit, then it's fair game. I was told that their reasoning behind not banning people who exploit glitches was because then they would have to ban everyone who has accidentally used the glitch. That is literally the most stupid logic I have ever heard. Glitches happen, that's alright, it's not your fault. But when there are players using these major glitches to win wars they shouldn't be able to, PG just looks away from it and does not care.

    4. Bugs and Glitches - War Dragons has been known for the amount of glitches it has. It seems like I can't even play for 5 minutes without finding a glitch affecting the game. From glitches with collecting prizes in events, to spells not working properly in attacks. Do you know how frustrating it is to be in a war attack, and then your crumble to dust spell only does HALF damage to the towers. When really we all know that the spell is intended to kill the towers completely. Cloak is also glitched beyond repair, invincibility shield has its glitches too. The list is endless but none of it is being fixed. Every update the game gets, more glitches are released. It has become an unplayable game.

    5. PG forcing things on us to push in revenue - PG knows this as well as all of the top tier players... We weren't ready for new towers and new dragons. PG had even explicitly said that they would increase the time between tiers. But look what they did, we had 4 months I believe between sapphire and Garnet. That is simply not enough time and PG knows that. But as time has gone on, they have become more and more greedy. The amount of currencies we now have is just ridiculous. Most games I play have maybe 4-5 different currencies at the most. PG has so many it's just mind boggling. Black pearls, ice shards, fire shards, wood, food, elemental totems, rubies, inner fire, energy, miracles, siege weapons, etc... And what is the primary way of squiring these currencies? Yep you've guessed it, gold chests. Gold chests rule this game, if you aren't buying them you aren't progressing. Yes we now have the season rewards and those are a nice bonus, but they're not near enough to actually make a dent in how many egg tokens we need for garnets, or how many speed ups we need for level 44 towers. They turned this game into a game of gambling with the gold chests

    6. I am simply just getting bored - Wars have become stale. Events are stale. It's the same events over and over. We have been on this ridiculous one month rotation of breeding and building events for nearly 7 months now. No new events have been introduced in a very long time. And well of course all current events are still littered with glitches and conceptual problems all over. But why does that matter? At least we can build boats now and sit around and do absolutely nothing in the world map.

    We have given you the feedback PG, but it has been ignored. That is why you're losing all of these players. It will continue to get worse as we continue to get ignored. Fingers crossed I don't get banned for posting a negative thread about PG, I know jared has been strict about that. Good luck to all of you, and Rest In Peace War Dragons.
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    Great post man. Hopefully PG actually reads this shit.


    • Drexion
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      They always read posts it's whether or not they choose to address it...they don't usually address these posts

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    Good post Wes. You Highlight so many good points and have done the game a favor by taking the time to tell PG why you're quitting instead of fading away silently like dozens have done. Maybe something will change as a result... here's hoping.
    "The only winning move is not to play" first Wargames, and now War Dragons

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      I hope I'm not going to come across as some PG shill, but please allow me to play Devil's Advocate:

      1. From the header, it looks like you are putting the gold chest exchange complaint squarely in the issue of support. In that context, I will not argue with you. Support is really not very good. Jared seems to be trying to work on this, and it would help if people actually used that subforum for what it was intended... I will withhold my judgement on that for a bit. That being said, I don't recall ever hearing that the exchange rate for gold chests would be flat. While it wasn't transparent before it happened, after the fact they clearly came out and said that it was scaled. Like I said, if support was saying something different, then that is a support problem and I will back you there (they seem to have an astounding lack of knowledge about the game).

      2. Boats is tough. They (PG) claim to have a lot of support for it within the beta community. However, they have not released poll numbers or the survey that they claimed to send to people. On the other hand, the latest I saw about discontent was a poll of about 45 people that said they hated it. When there are ~50 x 50 = 2500 players in the beta, 45 people on the forums bitching about it isn't going to be very persuasive. As for the player requests, yeah they certainly flat out denied many of the ones from last month, but as I said before, I saw that coming. They never promised to implement the requests. If someone had their request denied, then I would recommend they come back next month with something toned down and see if that get's their attention. (Full disclosure: mine was one of the ones that did not get flat out denied last month)

      3. This, I mostly cannot comment on. I have not been wrongfully banned, nor have I known anyone who has been wrongfully banned. I have reported 3 cheaters through the support system and I think two of them here on the forums, too, but I never bothered to check to see if they were actually banned. As to your last comment on banning people who use glitches, I personally must take their side. Unless you have a fool-proof way to separate those that do it on purpose and those who do it on accident there will either be too much banning, or not enough. Their logic is quite sound, if not popular.

      4. This I will half support. Part of me thinks that people have given up on the support ticket idea. Instead, they come here and post their grievances with this bug or that. The problem is that (presumably) there is far more information available to their engineers if you report it through a ticket, and provide as much detail as possible. It should be well understood in this day and age that if a bug can't be reproduced, there is very little PG can do about it - much like taking your car to a mechanic. If the car behaves normally while there, the mechanic can't diagnose the problem because... well there is no problem for them to diagnose. Coming here on the forums and saying, "RSS protection is bugged, please do something about it!" really doesn't give someone who's looking into this sort of thing a lot to go on. All that said, I agree that there are too many persistent bugs in the game. I was hoping that the "beta" was more along the lines of a group of players getting access to builds before they put them up for everyone so that they could squash bugs before they became a serious problem. Instead, they have advanced access to a huge new feature, while the regular updates keep rolling out with bugs.

      5. This I will agree with, to a point. They've actually come out and realized that garnet was way too soon (I think it was more like 3 months after sapphire, not 4 months). They used metrics to gauge when the new tier should come out that turned out to be not that great. I must give them credit for admitting their mistake and hope to see more level-headedness in the releasing of new content in the future. If they do it again, I will be right there with you (or not, because you are no longer here... why am I writing this again?). As for the multitude of currencies, yes and no. While there are many, MANY, event specific currencies, they are almost always restricted to dropping within that event. This IS much like other games, it's just harder to stockpile for an event or two because one currency doesn't necessarily cross over to another. Add to that that there is only one REAL currency in the game (rubies) that is then exchanged for others, and the fact that they have recently greatly boosted the ruby payout in individual prizes for the last couple of events and I can't agree with you completely.

      6. Can't really comment on your experiences here either. I am not bored (yet). I think there is quite a bit of variety in the major events: KotH, CtW, ToW, Island race, dragon games (meh), the miracles one, probably something else I'm not remembering. You are correct, however, in pointing out (with exaggeration on how long it's been going on) on the two-minor-event (breeding and fortification) rotation. It sucks. PG knows it sucks because they've commented on it. They used to have at least 3 minor events, but feeding was universally abhorred, so they took it out. They've said XP will be making a comeback at some point next year. I imagine they are trying to level the playing field a bit because that event HEAVILY favors high level players.


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        Sabin76 In a support ticket the dev we talked to claimed there was a flat exchange rate for ALL people from fall sigils to gold chests. Which is a lie because it seemed almost random exchange rates.

        With boats they can ignore all they want and produce skewed surveys all they want. That won't stop that it's a major reason why so many are quitting.

        And yes the problem with innocent people getting banned has been around for a long time and is just ridiculous. Shouldn't be happening in a game like this.

        With glitches and bugs. There's only so much we can do as players. We report them, were given a vague response and indefitine timeline as to when they will be fixed, and most don't get fixed at all. Biggest problem for me is that almost every update they refuse to test new things and changes they've made, and new bugs are always introduced.

        My problem with all those currencies. They're all acquired through chests. Maybe here and there with season rewards. But it's through chests.

        And last one is just my opinion and how I feel about the game. I don't think they've made any good changes to the game recently other than adding in season rewards and maybe the invader with boats? Otherwise I just don't have the motivation to log on at all.
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          1. Good, we're on the same page, then.

          2. Repeating it doesn't make it true. While PG have been secretive about their support for the boats, the "outcry" is far from overwhelming, and functions a hell of a lot more like an echo chamber.

          3. But there's a contradiction in your argument. You say that banning innocent people is wrong and shouldn't happen, but in the same paragraph talk about something that will make people who accidentally use glitches (i.e. innocent people) get banned.

          4. Agree here. Support's responses suck. On the other hand, there's a huge difference between reporting a bug like this and reporting a bug like this.

          5. But how else would it be? All of these games are based around a gambling design. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is how they really make their money.

          6. Like I said, not much I can say about your experience. That sucks, but sometimes people just need to move on.


          • WesMan
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            Sorry maybe I was unclear. I meant that PG said something similar to "If we are to ban one person for intentionally exploiting glitches, then we need to ban all people who have accidentally used them" that is the reason I was given as to why they don't ban people who exploit glitches

          • Sabin76
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            No, you were clear. I think I may have been unclear, though. I am saying that PG would have to decide where to draw the line (there currently is no line, apparently) and the problem is that if they are too loose, people will still complain about cheaters not getting banned and if they become too strict, they will be banning "innocent people" which is what you were complaining about right afterwards.

            Facts are facts (i.e. how many times an exploit is used), but intention is very hard to prove.

          • WesMan
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            I agree its very difficult to draw a line in something like that. They way I see it, and how successful game companies I have played with in the past have dealt with it, is banning those who they know for sure are using it intentionally. There was plenty of evidence and proof for a few people, banning them would send a message to others who are doing it intentionally that they aren't safe. And maybe they will stop

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          Excellent post WesMan I agree 100% and I am finding myself logging on less and less each day. In my view PG have decided to accelerate short term shareholder returns at the expense of the games long term future. While they can do whatever they want I am not convinced the decision will make them more money - I suspect many of us would never play another PG game ever again knowing how they treat heavy spenders.


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            Wes - Thanks for all of your efforts and contributions to try and improve the game. I know they mostly fell on deaf PG ears but the players agreed with most of them and I am sure many of them would of enhanced player experience.


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              Sorry to see you go, man. Pretty safe to say that these reasons are the same for others who have already gone and those who will be soon. Pg knows this and has known long enough to change, yet here we are.


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                I will also be taking leave of the game for a while, potentially indefinitely. The biggest reasons are real life ones, mainly I'm just busier with friends and family and adult responsibilities, but it's come down to me thinking, "Man, I could log on for thirty minutes right now, but do I want to? It's the same old things. It's boring. I could spend my time doing something more fun or more productive."

                I've already left my team that I belonged to for a year and a half. I love the members of that team to bits and for the longest time, almost a year now, they were my reason for logging on and playing, but even they weren't able to keep my interest peaked enough to stay.

                For someone that has played this game for over a year and a half to quit, that says something. Same goes for you, Wes. I've known you a while. You love your team. It's almost heartbreaking to see such a longstanding player exit stage right, but that's what PG has done. The game has staled and the players are disappointed. There's a not so fine line between being a business and being a broken, seeming solely money hungry system and PG seems to have crossed it with this game.

                So along with Wes I say my farewells. It was fun for a bit. I had a nice time for a while. Peace out, WD.


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                  i'm not a hard core player but let me tell you about my weekend / week.

                  Firstly, I can hardly ever get into the game and when I do there is always something missing .. no dragon on the screen, no dragons at the bottom of the screen, the towers don't blow up, I can't join battle runs, I can't back up in war or get back up. The game crashes. Nothing lists in my bookmarks, it can take over 10 minutes to dump resources .. it just goes on and on and on.

                  Wasted resources, wasted money, wasted opportunity ..

                  and today I notice that I lost x5xp on a run that didn't even count for XP .. what's that about ?

                  If this wasn't a team game and if I didn't feel loyalty to the team i've been with since I was level 8, i'd be out of here too .. how about you FIX THE PROBLEMS so that we can avoid the game.

                  There is something wrong with your server/server connectivity .. all day i've had issue and i've used 3 separate methods of connectivity that hasn't changed anything ... de installed and reinstalled the game, tried another iPad, used adsl, 3g, 4g .. used optus and telstra ..... nothing fixes it.

                  and yet support just tells me it's my issue .. they don't even troubleshoot.



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                    WesMan - are you the same Wes as from Dreadnaughts??


                    • WesMan
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                      Yes that is me Gaza

                    • Panda
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                      He was and may have quit the game, but he's not welcome here anyways.

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                    WesMan - heck thats some massive names in the game to pull the pin from Diamond then

                    You would think the game is cooked when 2 highly regarded and influential players like Amoeba and Wes from the #1 team in the game call time out.

                    If possible are you able to share some insights from the general feeling of your team to how the game is going? I think it is fair to say your retirement should be sending shockwaves through the PG community.


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                      PGJared - Appreciate if you can provide the community with some feedback on the direction of the game. Wes would be the 8th L300+ player to retire in the last 2 days. L300 is over 10k USD spent - I spent 5k to hit 150 and the levels slow down so 10k is probably a massive understatement.

                      Seeing guys that have put 100k+ USD into the game has me really concerned about the future and I am worried about spending more. I dont think you guys can sit in the sand and pretend like everything is running smoothly.
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                        Is this going to be similar as to when panda quit then came back 3 days later? 😂

                        Just poking fun Wes. All the best.

                        And to add to Gaz point; I currently help run a couple of lvl 300+ who've quit the game also.