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Android -> iOS, please PG!

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    Definitely you're right that if only 1-5 people complain about this, there's probably like 10x more people who aren't saying anything and silently suffering. To be clear, I obviously really wish this functionality was available. I understand how much it impacts people who want to change platforms -- it definitely sucks. Unfortunately, we need to prioritize first working on the things which we think impact the highest number of people with the most depth of improvement possible.

    On a relative scale, I think "1-5 people asking for this a month" it's a good way to measure how much impact this feature will have when you compare it on a relative basis to the amount of people asking for other features. In comparison to 5 people, there's literally 100s of people per month asking for some other things (e.g., loot at food economy at high levels) -- and they probably have a similar multiplier of the % of people who speak up vs silently want the feature. I have to assume the 5x vs 100x ratio is representative.


    • SpotTheDog
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      Then stop adding new features and fix the bugs.
      Ignoring users only means your ability to pay devs goes down.
      Do you really want to lose the amount I keep pouring into this game per month? I want to keep playing but as soon as my Samsung tablet goes boom, if I can't migrate I will just buy an iPad and play something else.

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    I'm an android user. I'm not currently looking to upgrade my device, but when that time comes, guess what I can't add to my list of options: iOS devices. That is if I want to continue playing this game. But because a mobile game will not dictate what necessary-to-modern-life device I purchase and push comes to shove, it's adios WD.
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      Originally posted by Codex08 View Post
      I'm an android user. I'm not currently looking to upgrade my device, but when that time comes, guess what I can't add to my list of options: iOS devices. That is if I want to continue playing this game. But because a mobile game will not dictate what necessary-to-modern-life device I purchase and push comes to shove, it's adios WD.
      Maybe they should add a "Salvage Account" option to the Salvage Shop they are working on so you're reset to lvl1 with a bunch of Rubies or Value packs that you can send to your new iOS account or to your friends if you quit the game
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        I second the idea that creating a duplicate account on the other platform from scratch become an option we could pay for. I have had two teammates with the same issue since Christmas alone - one quit entirely, and one started a new account. If it happens as infrequently as CampusLifer says it does (which I have no reason to doubt), then PG won't be crippled by the number of requests they get for this.


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          Okay, so a year or so after the initial inquiry, at least from what I saw, where are we on this issue?

          I generally play on my Android Smart Phone, but would like to play on my IPad and cannot. I'd really like to be able to play on both devices. On my IPad while I'm at home sitting on my couch, on my Android Smart Phone when I'm on the go, or at work, or on break, etc...

          The problem with you stating that you only receive 1-5 inquiries about this a month is that the vast majority of the players of War Dragons are not members of this Forum. And as I can attest, if/when they do make an inquiry regarding this type of issue in-game, the help center directs them to this forum. And the problem with that is the Forum Administrators/Support here are TERRIBLE. It took me over 3 months to be able to gain access to this Forum.

          I KNOW this is something that the majority of players actually want. And you would think that PG would want to make this happen. I know players that would play the game much more if they could access their same account on different platforms. The more time a player spends on the game, the more money they are likely to spend!!!


          • TheRedDelilah
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            Just a note - accessing the game on multiple devices can actually glitch out your game and roll you back. Blessing in disguise that you haven't been able to do so recently.

          • NUM1PHAT
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            Yet another Bug that they need to fix. I am not trying to access on multiple devices simultaneously. I do not bring my IPad with me everywhere, it stays at home. And while at home, I'd like to play on it. My Samsung Note is with me when I travel and at work. There is no reason that I shouldn't be able to log out of one device and log into the other. It shouldn't cause a "glitch". If they had a Test and QA department or process worth a d@mn, we wouldn't see half of the garbage that they have been putting out.

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          He answered the question indirectly but the bottom line is it doesn't make financial sense to them to invest into doing this.

          From a business stand point they are betting they will make more profit by investing their man power in other parts of the game such as new shiny stuff and take the risk of losing those customers who are switching platforms.

          By no means do I agree personally with this method, but at the end of the day they are a business and it's all about the profit, and PG really nickel and dimes as we've experienced in the past.


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            ​​​​​​​Considering no one in their right mind would ask to go from iOS to android so the issue would really be to just bring the character data over to a blank character template on the iOS side. If anyone does ask to go the other way, tell them to try it out for 10 minutes on a new character and I promise you won't have anyone looking to move in that direction. All the responses that I have seen from PG talk about apples proprietary code which shouldn't be an issue when moving accounts over to iOS from android. Are you saying you can't quickly query SQL on the android side and spit out a csv file with all relevant character data then map the fields into the database on iOS?
            I have two very high level accounts on android and refuse to start from scratch. I just deal with the fact that the client runs slow as hell and while defending my base I should expect the dragon to really be an island ahead of where I think he is. I use a low level alt on ios to defend my bases half the time because losing 5 super shots is preferential to hoping the android client can figure out where the f**** the dragon really is on my base. If you put the two devices next to each other, it is pathetic to see how out of sync the two clients are at any given point.


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              Again, I really wish this already worked. I'm sorry it doesn't.

              Yes, we prioritize our work based on: how many people it would effect * how deeply it would matter to that set of people * how quickly we could implement it. So something which effects 100% of players, effects them very deeply, and can be implemented very quickly is the ideal project.

              Notice that no one has brought this up again in the last six months --- in contrast there's like 4x very active threads just today talking about things like broken spell bugs. I realize this project effects some people very very deeply, but unfortunately the % of people asking for it is less than 1% and it would be a huge amount of very dangerous work.

              If this really does become one of the most regularly requested projects, we definitely will prioritize working on it. Clearly it's something which matters a lot to people in this situation, so if we start hearing that it's a significant % of our player base we will prioritize the project to make it possible.
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              • CampusLifer
                CampusLifer commented
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                I agree this forum is a biased sample; our tickets in helpshift show similar findings.

              • NUM1PHAT
                NUM1PHAT commented
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                Again, your findings mean nothing. Most people inquire about several issues, like this one, in League Chat and Team Chat BEFORE they submit a Trouble Ticket. I am positive that if PG were to put out a working Survey with the following question: Would you like to be able to use your Pocket ID on both iOS and Android?, you would be shocked by how many YES answers you would receive.

                But, this requires PG to put together a working Survey, which we've already seen is something they cannot quite get right. LoL

              • SpotTheDog
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                That's because people don't even bother asking on the forum because you've already said it's low priority to you, and when someone does speak up they are shot down.

                This stupidity of the latest android update just reinforces to my my desire to leave android behind. And if that means WD too so be it. I've spent a lot with PG but apparently that doesn't matter.

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              I have brought it up in multiple threads and I know I have seen others in the last six months. This specific thread may not have been "bumped" since then but it was definitely mentioned on more than one occasion by many members. Also since I know you are watching this one, has any solution been found for the constant crashing by android devices since the last update. It isn't device specific issue it is client related as you can see from the "small" list of devices I own that are all experiencing this issue.


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                Here's a novel idea, create an iOS account & pg should be able to give you same resources credits & dragons. I have an android & it's garbage in comparison to the IOS account. I want them merged so to speak.
                PG doesn't do a good support service but I can try


                • GodofNoobz
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                  PG made it pretty clear in this post that's not something they are willing to do.

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                It shouldn't be much different than when they have to restore a character due to data corruption but they don't seem inclined to try it or make any effort to help people in this situation as GodofNoobz pointed out. I have even offered to pay for this migration and still couldn't get any help.


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                  Read something recently about next Apple update will cut off Ipad4 and Iphone 5? Autumn ish time. Can anyone say if this game will be still playable when they do that, on Ipad4?

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                  • MareZ
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                    In case you're referring to Apple not supporting those devices with iOS updates anymore: That should not change anything if the game already runs on them.
                    If you're referring to the iOS 11 update that will make 32 Bit apps stop running: War Dragons runs on 64 Bit since v1.50 according to the patch notes so no need to worry here either.
                    Originally posted by CampusLifer
                    Version 1.50 Notes
                    • Add 64 bit integration required by apple.

                  • JSG
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                    Thanks, it runs currently on my device so guess it will still after changes. no need to abandon game due to it yet then.

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                  Originally posted by SpotTheDog View Post
                  I've invested a lot in my account... but want to switch my tablet to an iOS device. Sick of Android.

                  There should be nothing stopping me from migrating my account to an iOS device... I am a game dev myself and unless theres something really warped there should be nothing stopping a migration from one to the other.

                  Or, maybe I just stop playing, walk away and PG loses (yet) another paying player?

                  Please PG, give me some good news, and help me stay in the game?
                  The OP's heart-rendering petition for cross-platform support, in this case from Android to iOS migration, resonates with me. All the techstack and tech considerations aside, a game like WD that is geared towards "hard-core" gamers who "invest" heavily in the game deserve cross-platform login support. I recent purchased Galaxy Tab S3 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM expecting better War Dragons performance. But Galaxy Tab S3 is brought to a crawl with micro stutters and texture corruption/artifacts when playing WD on it. Cross-platform support, to me, as much as to the OP, is a Priority 1/Severity 1 issue that needs to be resolved, not just another P2 or lower Enhancement Request.

                  Please note that the device was checked with Samsung Support for hardware issues and was given a clean bill of health.

                  You can check out screen captures here:


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                    When people are experiencing issues, the first line of support is NEVER the PG Support team. Players will always ask their teammates first. If their teammates do not have the solution, then the player may contact support. Since most people who have played this game for a while know that you cannot switch platforms, they just complain to their teammates about how dumb that is.

                    As a former officer and a common participant of league chat, I can say I have seen people ask about this hundreds of times. And someone with experience tells them that they cannot transfer accounts across platforms. In fact, iOS performs so much better and I play this game so often, I would honestly switch to an iphone just for the superior performance of this game. I know I cannot do that though. But I would if I could.


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                      I wish they would fix this.