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War Dragons Data usage

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  • War Dragons Data usage

    I've noticed that WD have been using a crazy amount of data since September. My previous usage was 700-800mb for the months of January - August. But September it has risen to 8gb!!! And 3 days into October it has used 1.4gb already! This is rediculous!
    Is anyone ​​​​else having this same problem?

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    Yes, me too, 4,3 gb in 4 days... maybe the new beta map?
    Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.


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      Matcava you might want to close this thread and link to the already existing one here
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        Ok, MusclyBruv you can find more information about your question in the Marez's link.

        Closing this one.
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        Winners find solutions, losers find excuses.