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Allow users to sequence bookmarks and Active Dragon Roster

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  • Allow users to sequence bookmarks and Active Dragon Roster

    It would be great if a user could manually organize their bookmark list and active dragon roster to an order which makes sense to his/her own desires. As it is, the lists are somewhat random (and in bookmark case sometimes even change). Please like this suggestion if you agree so PG will modify game.

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    Dragon roster isn't random. It goes Hunters - Sorcerers - Warriors, "strongest to weakest" in each classification.
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    • ZOregonduckz
      ZOregonduckz commented
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      LOL, yes i am aware of the ordering of the roster, which is why I said somewhat...For me, I would like to sequence them in an order different that what the game does, ie, H, S, W by strength..
      I would challenge you to tell me how the bookmarks are sequenced.

    • War fan
      War fan commented
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      The bookmarks are sequenced randomly, although at times, it seems like the most-used migrates to the top, then gets "tossed" down if not used for a bit.

    • TheRedDelilah
      TheRedDelilah commented
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      I only have a small handful of bookmarks so I don't really care. It's not like it's hard to scroll on your boommarks since it's not timed.

      If you want to customize your roster in the meantime, just take dragons off it.

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    Speaking of the dragon roster, didn't we ask PG to change back the size of the roster so we can see more dragons again? Maybe that would even partially solve the OP's problem.
    My roster has a ton of hunters and only 1x sorc (+Ryuu) and 1x warrior. Although the warrior is among my top 3 strongest dragons (power-wise), I can't see it in my roster and have to scroll to select him which is quite annoying tbh.
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