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  • Glitches

    Since the last update I've been having lots of problems. I have been kicked from battle runs and even from the game. It took me several times to login as I was either kicked or told my email or password was wrong. The past three days have been very frustrating. Also when I went to purchase a package in the store it says that it is being blocked by my provider Rogers. I asked them about it and they deny that they do this practise. Even when doing my egg runs I've been kicked out of the run several times. I hope you can find the problem. And yes I have reloaded the game many times over the past few days.

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    Maybe a game ID would speed the process along. Team name can help too.


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      As Marvin said, providing your in-game name is really helpful in getting stuff like this looked into. Also, what device / OS are you using?


      • Dethrill
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        Editing a comment
        Sorry I missed mentioning my IGN. Dethrill is my name and I'm using a temporary phone as mine is being repaired. The phone I'm using is a Sony 4.