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When is the Hot Fix coming?

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  • When is the Hot Fix coming?

    We all know the update is causing major issues with people crashing and war issues among other things. I haven't even been able to log in the game in the last 24 hours. I could right after the update but now all I get is a black screen with the background music playing or, and I got lucky a few times on this, I get the new runic chest screen but can't X out of it or visit the event page.

    Can we not get a thread from PG letting us know the status of the hot fix/new update to fix everything so we don't have to go through the hundred complaint threads to find it.

    ---- Well I reinstalled and finally got in. Even screen wasn't up but chatted for a little bit then against my better judgement exited and tried to get back in. And now I'm stuck out again.
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    Hopefully soon as I have to force close whenever I want to return home. couple this with the loss of bonus meter, my score is going to really suffer... PGJared ? any word on this?


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      Calm down, they have to have some meetings and internal discussions for a while first...


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          I seriously hope it's "all hands on deck" trying to get this out because the game is almost unplayable today for me. Something has changed in the past 24 hours on PGs side because the crashing has become much worse today. I can barely go 5 minutes without the game crashing....but at least I'm still able to log in. Ugh, this is quite beyond frustrating.


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            my understanding from other posts is that an update was already submitted to Apple for review. There’s a bunch of variability in how quickly they review, and sometimes their response is that we need to make changes and resubmit for review and wait again.


            • Dakhunter
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              So per my comprehension, this new patch is only available for iOS? Or it will be sent out to both android and ios?

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            Y'know what...

            Put Apple on the damn phone, I'll talk to 'em...

            "Hello, Apple? Yeah. This is SuavGlav, from War Dragons? Pocket Gems, that's right... Yes I am aware, but that's a conversation for another time-- look: we got people with eye pain and migraines over here. Yes... 3.60 was bright orange... People chucking all over their phones and they can't even tell the difference! They've got to hold their phones up to the light at an angle to see what's screen and what's lunch! ... I don't care about other apps-- are you hearing me? People. Are. Throwin'up. Now you get someone over there to review this hotfix so millions of people can safely eat again! ...Well that's fine, you just get it done... Thank you."

            *Hands phone back to CL*

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            • Chromat1
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              ROTFL!!! Hahahah see this is why the forums are the most fun part of the game XD

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            Dakhunter android google play store has no review process. When Apple approves the iOS version we release the android version same time.


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              The Update should be releasing presently.


              • Sparky
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                Hi PGJared thanks for rolling this out. I have more info about the game hanging when trying to fly home. It seems it only does it now if I have used the "attack next" button one or more times to attack and then when I hit return home it hangs on that splash screen and never starts to download the files it normally shows with the progress bar. Then I have to force close and clear the app data to get back in. Hope this helps isolate the issue further.

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              Thanks for the quick turn around. I imagine supporting a large number of devices is a challenge.


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                Update is now out!


                • Nate2003
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                  Are you apple or android?

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                Still nothing on Android


                • AndrewSaken
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                  Android update is good now

                • Dakhunter
                  Dakhunter commented
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                  Still no update for me 😫

                • War fan
                  War fan commented
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                  Updates release to various countries at a different rate.

                  So someone in Europe might get it before someone in Australia (for example).

                  Eventually, everyone will get it.

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                Update to iOS has made the game WAY more stable and allowed me to turn up the graphics once again.
                That was a frustrating few days but I guess it's really highlighting my addiction to this game.

                Gotta give credit to PG for getting this sorted quickly....BRAVO!


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                  Update has done zero for me. I still get a black screen or a split second of the the actual game before it freezes. Going on day two of not being able to log in.


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                    Update didn't do anything for me. My game is still freezing/locking up. The weird thing is after it freezes the phone still vibrates as to when someone is attacking, so the game is still working in the background even though the screen is still frozen. IOS 11.1


                    • TheRedDelilah
                      TheRedDelilah commented
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                      I had that issue with my iPhone 6 plus as soon as I upgraded to iOS 11. Honestly don't know how to fix it, as I got a new phone anyway.