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  • Push notification failed...

    My @group mentions are failing with the error "Push notification failed! Please try again later".

    This has been occurring to me and a number of other teammates for some time. However it doesn't happen to everyone.

    The feature has become critical for an officer role. Has this bug been acknowledged?

    Someone else raised previously, however this post is > 30 days old:

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    I've even logged it in a support request .... clearly they don't listen to us


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      Hey folks, if you sent in a support ticket can you let me know when and what your IGN was? In cases of non-critical errors (critical as in the game is crashing or you're being blocked from playing somehow) our team generally looks for some kind of plurality of reports before filing official documentation. If it looks like just a one-off, it could be a device issue, and diverting engineering resources to it takes away from trying to resolve other issues that we know are impacting a larger number of players.


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        I sent in a support request yesterday, IGN john16309. In my case, half my war reminders gave me that message. We had 2 wars going; in 1 instance it failed for a team member in 1 war but worked in the other. For the others, neither war contributions list allowed me to send a notification.


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          I have logged a support request under the same name. It used to be solid but after an update it consistently gives this error for multiple team members


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            Just to add - regarding my support request - the support worker seems to think this issue was fixed in the last update, and keeps posting me generic replies related to that. Is is still an ongoing issue.


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              Can you please post screenshot?

              Is it the pop up telling you the list of teammates that have their push notifications turned off?