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Unable to upgrade Necrix

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  • Unable to upgrade Necrix

    I'm unable to upgrade necrix after acquiring 2 obsidian dragons from breeding. It's asking me to upgrade my den to lvl 2 even though it's maxed.

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    PGJared CampusLifer PGDave - can we get this looked at please?
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    This has happened with others too, saw reports on several different divines not being able to level and requiring a den level 2 to upgrade further.


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      We've investigated the issue (Thanks for your report!) and it seems there is a text bug.
      Below is my first attempt to identify the problem.
      HairyMidget Is your case similar? I would like to observe your screenshot if you have any.



      • HairyMidget
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        I would love to but I don't know how to upload screenshots

      • Pulse
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        Either attach to new reply or use dropbox or google drive to share a link can work!

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        Pulse Why isn't your name green? I thought that this was a troll post at first, haha.

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      Pulse Hope this worked
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        We got together a plan to fix this! Thanks for the screenshot.
        No promises but we are trying hard to fix it by this afternoon by prioritizing this issue