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Fantastical Job PG! Tiny Suggestion

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  • Fantastical Job PG! Tiny Suggestion

    You guys have truly outdone yourselves. Loving the amount of work and manpower that went into getting all of this content to us in a timely manor.

    My Suggestion is this. Is it possible to make the world map look less like a bunch of kindergarten kids drew it up and then one of the kids dropped a steamy turd nugget all over it? It's like covering a pile of turd with more turds.

    I do hope you take my suggestion seriously

    Yours truly

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    It truely does look horrible. Too much orange. Can't make out colors of most anything. Defense banner is so small and blends in. Hard enough defending when it was large and never shows up. Were people drunk stoned or both while thinking these dynamic changes were a good idea?


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      Don't mind the look but the new bugs it's brought to the game is horrendous. Beta is a no no, just crashes game, can't open mail and took 2 hrs just to get into the game. The usual restart and uninstall oh and it's your Wi-Fi, which I think not worked before update and last 4 years we've had it. Instead of rushing out these updates check for bugs. Suppose have to wait weeks for a fix as I'm not a diamond league player and don't spend enough to be listened to.