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Game Lag

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  • Game Lag


    I am not sure why this happens, but since yesterday I think there is something going wrong in the game.

    People didn't get message I send them, or I didn't get message of the other people.

    Friends didn't get the gift I send them, etc.

    PS: I also see this message issue yesterday on coachjpop stream, he didn't get message from a user.
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    Yes, it is terrible. My whole team is not getting RSS emails. We aren't seeing replays from war attacks from several hours ago, etc...
    The only way we even know we were attacked is because we can see that our name has been marked off of the war list.
    I hope PG is on this.


    • Spooky
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      I got that annoying base destroyed animation literally 6 hours after the attack that occasioned it (was online repeatedly during that time period, no animation)

      Also similar issue with delayed RSS xfer notices and other mails.

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    At around 8 AM CST, my team finally received the chat notification that someone declared war on us the night before and it would begin in 5 minutes. By the time it finally came through, both teams had near 200 flames. LOL.


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      I’m having this issue too. I lodged a ticket.
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      • Lutrus
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        Where'd you lodge it?

      • awboj
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        Lutrus in game support