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Patch Notes v3.60 Feedback

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  • Patch Notes v3.60 Feedback

    Since I haven't seen any official feedback thread, let's collect all the feedback here.

    The original Patch Notes can be found here: War Dragons v3.60 Pre-Release Notes
    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

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    Dragon Punch as the author of the Pre-Release Notes:

    UI Changes and Updates

    Why would PG add a bar for rubies and tokens? It's not a resource that you can "fill up" to a certain maximum like you do with food/wood.
    Wouldn't it make much more sense to adapt the new UI to your upcoming launch of Atlas and just add a third bar for gold next the food and wood?

    Then you can just keep rubies and egg tokens on the right side of the screen without giving them this much room and graphics. Noone ever clicks on egg tokens to directly buy them as this is the worst deal of all, and noone click on rubies when you have a huge store icon on the left side that can take you to the store to buy rubies/value packs/elite account.
    MareZ ~ lvl20X ~ Garnet Tier Dragons

    Important Threads to find everything you need


    • MareZ
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      PGJared tagging you here because Dragon Punch doesn't seem to post anything besides official announcements and you're collecting feedback now.
      I posted after the announcement but before the patch went live. Seems like this problem was serious because defense banners overlap with RSS bars and it's hard to see the protected RSS amount due to the food/wood icons overlapping part of the resource bar.

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    The serious question is, will this update fix somewhat the crashes and huge delay on Android? Or maybe it will once again kill off somr of the old Android devices


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      I really really hope that BUGFIXES were simply not added to the list.... and programing things no client asked for but NOT doing things everyone is waiting for like fixing major bugs seems odd.


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        New UI is rather underwhelming to say the least.


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          Game looks then like a movie of 1950.

          Why hearing to our suggestions (make weather effects, different season themes, etc)?

          I got it. It's wasted time to make suggestions here.


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            The UI changes seem pretty useless, and even a bit ugly to my tastes.


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              Now you understand why there's no official feedback thread...


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                colors are pretty hideous. looks like a lot of useless programmer time went into the new UI changes that could have been used on anything else.

                not sure why they wanted to change from squares to diamonds on the dragon overview page.

                same with changing squares to circles in the quest tabs...

                or black circles to orange highlighted gaudy things that will be floating over buildings now.

                Overall, unimpressed with these changes.


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                  So, the college intern 'programmer' designed a new user interface, while what appears to be the only qualified programmer is busy messing around with beta / Atlas.

                  No wonder the multitude of long standing spell and game glitches never seem to be addressed.


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                    I wonder if CampusLifer would be able to tell us what changed in the background (along with these changes) so that we may understand the reasoning behind the update.

                    I prefer the old layout due to the clean simple approach but if we are going to have to get used to a new Atlas UI in the map portion of the game and this needed to be re-arranged for a particular reason this may make sense to roll out he new UI across the entire game prior to the rollout of Atlas. I'm ok with change as long as there is a good reason behind it and not just "because we think it needed a different look".


                    • Shenanigans
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                      Likely has to do with iOS 11 if I had to guess

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                    I like the current UI. At least fill in the white space between the circle outline and the diamond outline. I don't know why, but it bugs me so much, lol. Maybe because it adds unnecessary visual complexity that distracts from the main purpose of the button, communicating the action. And I just realized it looks like they stacked a rune inside a glyph and that reminds me of the lack of runes...........


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                      My take on the new UI: I hate the base view UI. It's very gaudy and distracting.

                      That said, UI people are not server back end or game play people. So doing UI changes is not taking time away from spell bug fixes and so forth. It's a very different skill set. So cut them some slack.


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                        • Font: While it may be more readable, it's unbalanced and bulgy, especially when it comes to numbers, which might be what's making it off-putting.
                        • Image elements vs text are sometimes misaligned - attack power in the roster, multipliers in the stars, etc.
                        • UI: There are too many extra lines. If some extra lines were removed or at least faded, it'd look less cluttered (lazy edit examples below). The first one shows both options in one image.
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                          So how is it possible that I have no update available?