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Greetings Dragon Lords! Over the last few months we've done lots of work behind the scenes redesigning the forum and will be migrating over to our new forum software in the coming weeks. During this migration, the forums will be set to "read-only" and posting will be disabled. We expect the actual migration to take between 24-48 hours. Please watch for additional Announcements soon with more details!
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Disable NC and CC during attacks

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    Even without "hacking", it's pretty easy to remove all identifying information from your device. After of all the complaints against mobile platforms about privacy/tracking in regards to ad networks & marketing, the mobile platforms have made it a priority for any user to be able to anonymize themselves. Even without any special software.


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      Hi Castix. I don't know what you're referring to as "the old cheat". There were a number of cheats which popped up at the same time shortly after we launched War Dragons. If you have specifics of a cheat and you'd like to help me close it, obviously I'm all ears.

      i don't base any of my security work on changing the client codebase. Everything is done serverside.
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        I'll have a chat with Jared before that but if all goes well I can show you how the client manipulates the server and where

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      To be honest:

      Maybe someday soon I will have closed every single cheat that I'm aware of, and the new problem will be learning about more cheats which I don't yet know about which I need to close.

      Currently, I'm aware of many many active cheat vectors, and the rate at which I can close them isn't as fast as I learn about new ones. The bottleneck isn't yet learning about new cheats I haven't closed; I know about them, I just can't close them quickly enough without causing service disruption or lots of incorrect false positive sync errors and/or bans

      A lot of the work I'm doing is building frameworks for making it easier to secure our game at an architectural level. Hopefully I'm building foundations which increase the pace at which I can secure more stuff in the ufture.
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        You need a minion, CL, though finding/training people can really suck sometimes - good luck

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      Maybe PG should employ Castix, he could be your new workmate CampusLifer :P Don't a lot of good security engineers have hacker backgrounds!


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        Originally posted by DirtBanga View Post
        Maybe PG should employ Castix, he could be your new workmate CampusLifer :P Don't a lot of good security engineers have hacker backgrounds!
        Reminds me of the time Apple hired the Jailbreak developer...